Truck Driver Defeats Senate President

( – There is no better indicator of how angry and fed up Americans are with elitist professional politicians than what took place in a previously unheralded election in New Jersey last Tuesday.

This defeat of a Goliath by a David will forever be known as the Garden State Shocker.

After all, it’s a shocker when a hard-working truck driver defeats a state Senate president.

To say New Jersey Democrats who have controlled statewide politics for years were stunned when Edward Durr, a Republican who makes a living as a working-class truck driver, defeated New Jersey Senate President Stephen Sweeney – a Democrat – in the state’s third district would be the understatement of the 2021 election cycle.

Here’s how Mr. Durr described himself when he was interviewed back in August when no one thought he had a chance of defeating Sweeney: “I was never really a big political person. I’m very blue-collar. My father was a carpenter, I did carpentry, and then I gravitated into truck driving — that’s what I do for a living. I’m a truck driver.”

By the way, Mr. Durr only spent $153 on his campaign, and $67 of that went to Dunkin Donuts.

Clearly, Mr. Durr is a humble and gracious man. And, isn’t that we need more of in our elected representatives at every level of government across the United States of America? Humble, gracious, down to earth, working-class Americans who know what it’s like to toil every day trying to scrape together a living.

Wouldn’t our nation be in far better shape if we had more folks like Mr. Durr in political office?

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