Trump: Biden Was ‘Bought Off’ by China – Reclaiming America

Trump: Biden Was ‘Bought Off’ by China

For the first time since he left Washington, DC, former President Donald J. Trump took the stage before an audience in North Carolina yesterday and denounced Joe Biden. Many political pundits and Trump faithful believe Trump is eager for a rematch with Biden in 2024.


“‘America’s being demeaned and ­humiliated on the world stage, our freedom is being overtaken by toxic cancel culture. Our border is wide open, illegal immigration is skyrocketing at a level that we’ve never seen before,’ the former president said,” according to the New York Post. [emphasis added]

Trump also went after President Biden’s family connections to China, first made public in a series of reports by The Post in October 2020.

“‘Sadly, the current administration is very timid and frankly corrupt when you look at all the money they’ve been given as a family by China. And instead of holding China accountable, the Biden administration shut down the US government’s investigation into the origins of the virus shortly after taking office. What’s going on?’ Trump said. [emphasis added]

“‘We must never forget that Joe Biden and his family took millions of dollars from the Chinese Communist Party, they bought him off, he flagrantly lied about it to the American voters. If you remember it was a big deal at the time and all of a sudden it was canceled. They didn’t want to talk about it. The big tech and the fake news media didn’t want to talk about it.’” [emphasis added]

For more of this report, go to the New York Post.

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