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Trump Impeachment Trial Will Start Soon

Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said Friday that the House will deliver its impeachment article against former President Trump to the Senate on Monday,” according to The Hill.

“‘Make no mistake, a trial will be held in the United States Senate and there will be a vote whether to convict the president. I’ve spoken to Speaker Pelosi, who informed me that the articles will be delivered to the Senate on Monday,” Schumer said from the Senate floor. [emphasis added]

“A spokesperson for Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) confirmed the timing of the delivery.

“Under the rules for an impeachment trial, the article moving to the Senate triggers the start of the trial at 1 p.m. the following day, except for Sundays. But Schumer, in his floor speech, said he is having discussions with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) about the timing and length of the trial.”

For more on this story, go to The Hill.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Based on what you know, do you believe the Senate should convict former President Donald Trump of Incitement of Insurrection? Why or why not?



  1. Maggie says:

    Pelosi and Schumer are so afraid of; and hate President Trump so much they just can not stand it. They believe they can get rid of him by impeaching him? It will never stop him. He will come after them now, no matter what they do because they have started something they should have left alone. Trump is not a person to just walk away from a battle that he has not finished; he will win this war just like all the other wars before. He did a great job for our country and the Liberals have made him look like an enemy; it is time they are proven the true enemy to America. There are still those of us that are backing President Trump; and we know he will rise again. Trump For America! He is true; To the Red White and Blue!

  2. GG says:

    The most ridiculous impeachment in the United States constitution and history career politicians don’t know the constitution. Please send out impeachment and set up trial send out the impeachment proceedings to the Biden he is the criminal here . Seems to me that political games are being played here . Americans have right to know how far is Biden’s impeachment and how come Pelosi non of you talk about this

  3. KIKI Lane says:

    How can the senate impeach a civilian if they can who to say they can do the same to any person that has walked this planet, I thought they could only impeach a president if they were still in the office not after they left, I thought it was all written in the constatution If I’m mistaken then how come when they tried to do the same to another president they stopped after he left office ?????? Something is not right here. is the hate for the man so great the senate is imposing their own laws, if so what will save us from their wrath?????

    • USA first says:

      They cannot impeach civilian – they are delusional anything that would take away attention from Biden will do – Biden has been impeached by the congress woman Greene of Georgia and no one talks about it WHY? Biden’s money laundering schemes from Ukraine & China marriage between Biden’s must be prosecuted in highest level and brought to justice immediately- this is the real news not the President Trumps accusers.

  4. As a true Patriot that has served his country in Vietnam,I believe it w/b a waste of time/$ & Disrespect to “POTUS” Trump to go down that road again! The left will never respect/accept him as is their choice,however,”Liars figure,figures don’t lie! By reviewing just comments today,Trump is truly best we’ve ever had & that’s a fact! My Folks instilled in me you don’t have to like POTUS,however always respect him. Google all of his accomplishments since elected,i.e.,the man ran on his promises & succeeded! I say suck it up Leftists cupcakes & move on!

  5. B carol says:

    Biden will bring more and more immigrants into the country to vote for him in the next election. The man calls for unity, something he ignored when President Trump was our President. Talks to the American People like we are idiots. It’s a shame it is going to take the next 4 years for those who voted for him to realize the huge mistake they made. In the mean time the whole country will suffer. All Biden is interested in is power which puts a lot of money in his pockets.

  6. I couldn’t believe that something like this can happened in this beautiful country, which was row Model to the all world?????
    It is shame how embarrassing thinks whent to say ” Good buy to the one President for he’s four years in office ???
    The respect to President regardless of all thinks how well he did, HE WAS OUR PRESIDENT FOR FOUR YEARS.
    I believe that he did very good Job in world biggest disaster.

  7. Roberta M Bell says:

    I can’t believe that the Democrats are trying to impeach Trump. They should impeach BIDEN NOW before the undoes the best economy that we have ever had. Granted the economy is in poor shape now because of Covid but that was and is not Trump’s fault. Biden has been in office just a few days and he has undone so many of the best laws that this country has ever had. If Biden gets his way we will be a third world COMMUNIST country in no time. I am a Christian but have had un-christian thoughts about Biden. Trump is not the most soft spoken or politically correct but I would rather have a man that has his faculties about him and knows business that the demented Biden and Harris as our top leaders.

    • David Cullen says:

      I agree, l think President Trump was able to accomplish so much (more than ANY other elected official in history) for the American people was because he only had America and “WE THE PEOPLE” in his heart and mind and certainly NOT how much can l make on this.
      He was rough around the edges but he thinks like us and says the things we would like to say.
      As far as l am concerned he has 4 more years coming and l’d be pleased and proud to put him in office again.
      The Left and their witch hunt impeachments are a danger to America and the American people by dividing us further and keeping us apart.
      Quid Pro Joe Biden needs to be impeached and removed as do Pelosi, Shifft, and the rest.

  8. Phillip Owens SFC Ret says:

    In typical Democrat fashion they exchange words to convey their true meaning, they claim they will hold a TRIAL, when in REALITY IT WILL BE AN INQUISITION!

    This is my prediction and only time will tell if I am correct or not!

  9. Spence says:

    Impeachment is for the purpose of removing a person from office. Not fora person who has already left office! To impeach former President aTrump now is unconstitutional and illegal! Pelosi and Schumer are so intellectually dishonest, hateful, mean-spirited and power-hungry it is pathetic! They are the ones who need to be impeached!

  10. Bill says:

    are the really standing that close together without face diapers?

  11. If supreme court has any decency within it,(3) months will suffice taking this extremely dangerous cabinet down. I know I speak for all americans that know that the (4) years Trumpster was Our Potus ,our country was best it’s ever been!
    This regime in there now has desires to convert us into Argentina where all their people “r” servants of socialism! A committee m/b established to impeach Biden & take his notorious son t/b held accountable for Bharizma. Once initiated,we need to block this insane impeachment driven by the “DUMMORATS”,reverse it & remove nazi’s Pelosi & all her pets!

    • Semyon Y Valshtein says:

      I think people like
      Pelosi, Schumer create a lot of problems, they don’t care about America and Americans, their stupidity will bring USA to total disasters. Its time kick their asses out

    • Sug says:

      What a mess , the dems have reallly showed their asses this time. This absolutley ridiculous
      Impeachment shitt , is the crowning cap that truly shows just how treasonous the dems are!

  12. Carol Neyhart says:

    I think the Democrats are being exploited by the radicals in their party. He is no longer the President and you are trying President Biden from getting his cabinet confirmed plus any legislation he wants passed. Also they are being worse then children, maybe in two years things will turn.

  13. Barbara Tyndall says:

    Antsy panties and Chuckie wucky need to have shock treatment and a thorough Lobotomy. These are not human beings and need to be relieved of things that bother them. How could they ever have a good day or good night’s sleep?

  14. Mark Haines says:

    In our judicial system isn’t there a thing called ‘due-process’? How can any court issue be brought in a 2-week period? Doesn’t there have to be a fair and afforded time in which both sides have the proper time and verifiable evidence brought forth. This is as congruent as the Salem witch trials and the Spanish inquisitions I would have to say, wouldn’t any sane and fair-minded person? If the American people allow this to occur without protest then our land will cease to be truly free!!!

    • David Cullen says:

      Not when the Demonrats are in it for power and money.
      Pelosi is worth well over $100 million dollars, how did she make so much on “Member of Congress” salary???

  15. Tom D Merrell says:

    President Trump did nothing wrong. These communists just make this up and try to do everything their way. We have proof President Trump won the election, we have proof he did not insight a riot, and we have tons of proof that Joe Biden committed treason and his son was paid millions by Ukraine and China. The left are communists, and they have taken over our great country.

    • Korean Vet USMC says:

      The dumbocrats are trying to keep Trump from running again in 2024. The idiot they installed by fraud, will show how very stupid they were and it will take Trump or someone with intelligence (I excluded Biden from that category) to get this back country from SOCIALISM.
      This country started down the slope to destruction when the democrats did away with the draft(LBJ). Truman fired MacArthur in Korea and left the dictator in place.
      The question I have is “WHAT have the democrats ever done for the good of this country?” I can’t think of anything can you?

  16. You know when the hell are we going to get rid of this worthless shit in our govt enoughs enough when are you worthless shits gonna quit with your middle school bull shit and start working for the people and country instead of your part bull shit if ya ask me youral criminals on both sides

  17. David Ballard says:

    From what I have been able to read, Trump did not incite anything. In fact, he called for peace and calm. It is my understand that the incursion into the Capitol building was pre planned days before Trump’s speech. It is also my understanding that the Congressional power to impeach is limited to sitting presidents, not applicable to regular citizens. Trump is now a regular citizen and not subject to Congress’ impeachment powers. Pelosi’s article of impeachment hasn’t yet been submitted to the Senate for trial therefore it is moot as far as impeaching citizen Trump. IMHO, to attempt to impeach Trump at this juncture would be unconstitutional.

  18. I think it’s terrible what the democrates have done to a man who has done such a good job and you are so afraid of him that’s why you want to impeach him again. Everything he said he would do when he became President plus alot more for the citizens of the USA. Pelosi you are the worst Speaker of the House. You said you were from a Catholic family there is no way a Catholic person would treat the President of the United States. You are a very sick person and you will face God one day and he would never put you in Heaven the way you treat people. You let hungry, homeless people go without a stimulus check for 10 months because you Hated Trump so much you didn’t care about people needed help. You have lied through the whole year. I pray to God that he puts you in purgatory for the way you treat people. You should be so ashamed of how you treat people of the USA. I don’t think you would treat you children or grandchildren the way you treat the children in the USA.

  19. Tom says:

    It seems to me your mandated is not Donald Trump, but to eliminate covid-19 virus and improve the labor and issues that is trying to destroy us from within. Not spend our tax money on frivolous things as your fighting the progress or refusing to cooperate in the improving our national imagine. Biden came into office asking every one to support unification of our country,but all we see is continuation of dem’s anger against one man. All your doing is playing a kids game(politics) not drawing the country together,stop accepting pay checks for your non effectiveness

  20. Pat says:

    Its all a waste of money and precious time that should be spent on important things for the people of the USA. It is a witch hunt, he did not incite nothing he is a true patriot and a peace maker. Unlike the angry left that are not concerned about any of the rioters that burn destroy and harm and even kill people. They do absolutely nothing about and even condone it! What hypocrites they are when they say that they want to unite the country and all they are doing is making things worse. They all seem to be making up their own rules their own agenda’s and this is not right or fair to the whole country, it is making the USA look very bad to the rest of the world and making our country unsafe!! They need to wake up and listen to the people not just the left ALL of the people for we are all Americans not diploreables or any of the other names they choose to call American citizens. Shame on them! We really do not have a president right now, he will be guided by others for he mentally can not do the job. We were not counted as voters our votes stolen from us. MY OPINION….

    • Sally A McCombs says:

      He should not be impeached at all – this is awful – they HATE him so much they will do anything they can to show their hatred. Nothing was done about the riets, across our country all summer long and now they are blaming President Trump for the 4/6 riet that was planned before the day of his speech and by non-trumpers. This is a huge show of HATRED. This man showed nothing but love for our country and worked so hard for the people. not to mention taking no salary.
      The election was stolen from him and anyone who cannot see that is blind.

  21. Patricia Abel says:

    From the video that I watched he did not incite anyone to riot. I also read that at least one of the trouble makers was a “paid” rioter. So, it is my opinion htat it wa a set up from the word go to do just what they are doing . . . attempting to impeach Donald J Trump/ If you ask me it is a little hard to do after the fact. I wonder if isn’t time to do something radical. I personally don’t want to live in a country run buy communists.

    • Justin Kyle Danielson says:

      President Trump did nothing at all to insite the Riot on Capitol Hill! It was all a set up by Obama, Pelosi, and the rest of the Democrats! They insited Riots all summer long all over the country, and there was more than one video of Democratic politicians insiting riots!!! Pelosi, the new so called VP.
      Its time to stop the Democrats from destroying this Country!!!
      Time for military to take control of the country, arrest all the Traders in office and past Presidents!!!!

    • richard orr says:

      Another WITCH HUNT Just to spend tax payers money.
      Can’t wait to kick some on both sides out of office.

  22. Phil says:

    Ha pelosi you stupid bitch,quit the bullshit.,and stop spending millions of dollars of the public’s tax know that yourself,and all those communist democrates need to stop the stole the election,and when investigated ,you will all go to Prison.

    • USMC Korean vet says:

      Stallworth said compared Trump to Hitler, I would compare him to Benedict Arnold. If this idiot had a brain he would be very dangerous.

  23. Brendon says:

    No it’s as plain as day it’s all about making sure he doesn’t run again,the Dems are scared of him, and it’s I.can smell the fear off of pelosi here in Arkansas,pres Trump did nothing ring,I have eyes I seen what they seen,it’s the final waist of money on the president, and may a thousand camel fleas infest all hairy parts of all Democrats,ploisi and Schumer are rat bastard, and should be made to pay all the money back that they have waisted over the last 4 years of the taxpayers money, it’s not there’s,it’s for the betterment of the country! And they’re the reason why I’m voting for term limits,and me personally, give them all a big fuck you for being so lazy in 2021, with only 101 working days scheduled,and I vow renewal for the u.s. if they try to implement communistic ways I won’t have it!!!!

  24. Shirley A. Turner says:

    I think they need to take a look at some of their own party if they want to talk about inciting a riot. Take Maxine Waters, Pelosi just to mention a couple. I think they are completely deaf and do not understand English. President Trump has done more in 4 years than they have done in the lifetime that they have been in office. What they have done is get rich off the American people. Lets see if Biden takes a salary. Trump worked non stop without taking a salary except the require dollar. Pelosi’s husband had business dealings with China, Swallow or whatever is name is sleeping with a spy, Finstien’s driver a spy. It looks like they owe their soul to china. I think all of them need to be impeached as well as the whole Biden family.

  25. Michael McAmis says:

    Biden says that he wants to unite the country. This won’t do it. Its still fresh in the minds of the 75 million voters that voted for him. Is Pelosi and Schumer trying to under mine the Presidents comments?

  26. W says:

    So it’s okay to immediately violate Trump’s first, fourth, fifth, sixth, and fourteenth amendment rights with this KANGAROO COURT SHAM of an impeachment?? I guess when you suffer from a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, you throw the Constitution straight out the window when it suits your dementia. Those that voted to “impeach” him need to be removed from office for their complete failure to adhere to THEIR oath of office. Enough is enough and this needs to stop immediately!! You cannot legally remove a person from a position they no longer occupy. Are these idiots so afraid that he will run again in 2024 AND SOUNDLY defeat them?

    • Melody D Dietz says:

      This “impeachment” is as groundless, actually moreso, than the last “impeachment” against President Trump. I do not believe it is even Constitutional to try to “impeach” a President who is no longer sitting. Let’s waste some more of the American people’s money, right Pelosi? How do you plan on uniting this country with ridiculous antics like this. President Trump did more in four years for this country than all of you Democrats put together over your entire careers. Shame on you all if you go along with this. How is this going to make the 75 million voters who wanted President Trump elected, especially after stealing the election?

  27. Deborah Jean Chisolm says:

    Waste of time and money. Why can’t she just moved on. Bullies. Besides you can’t impeach a non sitting president. Please keep spending our tax money for over the top crap, instead of putting your time to good use.

  28. Brad Tipton says:

    Donald Trump is now a regular citizen, not a sitting Federal Official. Therefor impeachment is a moot point and will have no legal effect on him noq oe in the future. The time spent by the House and now the Senate is a waste of time and taxpayer money. The insane House and Senate leaders are not listening to the experts on Constitutional Law, they are simply carrying out a vendetta.

  29. Wendy Meredith says:

    Impeachment is a waist of time and money! I cannot believe that they are still going after my President Donald Trump. I can never trust another election. It is so blatant that the election was stolen. Nothing Trump said incited any riot. Those people are grown adults and could make up their own minds, I can’t believe that the national guard was under that much scrutiny are they that afraid, probably because that is something they would have done.

  30. Honest says:

    “ice Crean Nancy” ~ Why do you just pound the gavel? You should do something worthwhile, Like Supporting America !! You are a worthless piece of TRASH and so are Your Demorats like SHUMMER AND SHIFTY SHIFF~~You need to get a real job because YOU have shown your ass way too often ~ Give it up and let Americans Live like we are accustomed To. You smell like Ben and Jerrys COPERNICK ASs ice cream

    • TrueAmerican says:

      She needs to be kicked out for all of her wrong doing and be thrown in jail along with the Clinton’s & Obamas!!!

  31. paul says:

    those who stormed capitol had plan without trump speech,no impeachment,out of office now,

  32. Stephane says:

    This is proving that there is NO spirit of conciliation within the swamp. Left or right, the HATE of the OUTSIDER who did well by the people, for the people, with the people, is too profound to obtain any reprieve of said hate. The corruption of the swamp is too deep. Mc connell has shown his colors: TRAITOR to his party, and the country. We know that the left, allied with soros, the destroyer of Capitalism, the DEMONic frontpiece of the socialist globalist movement in the US, is against all forms of US leading the world. Because there is nothing for them in that. After one year, at most, of the senile biden chinese pawn, the people of the US will be ready to defeat the DEMONRATS and the RINOS.

  33. Bob says:

    The DemonRats want to say they believe in science and trust science. But they won’t hear a word about statistical and mathematical impossibilities? Yeah, it’s the elite hypocritical cream of the left crop denying science when it comes to election results and ballot-counting. Heaven Help Us. We need to come together as Republicans or Patriots and make sure every last one of those bums has voted out at the next election. Only overwhelming numbers will offset their cheating schemes.

  34. Bob says:

    Day 3 of the Insurrection, and instead of trying to get their heads out of their Collective asses, they want to start an impeachment trial on somebody who’s no longer in office. So glad to see that one GOP Rep filed impeachment papers against Biden today.

    • Nelson Russell says:

      You have to remember, the Dumocrats still control the House…so the will vote Biden’s impeachment down. What a shame, the Bidens can still be investigated.

  35. Valerie S Goldstein says:

    Worst of all is that the people had a taste of what it was like to have a President who cared about the people, and did the right things for our country. I am so griefstricken to watch an imposter, illegally put in as President, as he literally destroys what has been built, and we just watch as that happens. It’s unbearable.

    • Sandra says:

      Not to worry. God will intervene! GOD is in control and will not let a demonic president take America.

      • Very True.
        Wait to hear what the witnesses have to say folks. I hear that Polesi might have a case against her very soon. Failing to protect the security of the Capitol I have heard plus. Biden that is a sore soon to split wide open he won’t have time to mingle in any Trump impeachment or Harris. The fun is just getting started soon. Folks. Have your coke and popcorn ready.

  36. Warner Macbeth says:

    There should not be any impeachment or trial. It is and has been nothing but a total waste of time and taxpayers money. We have paid for 4+ years of Nancy Pelosi and her cronies to do nothing in congress except try to impeach president Trump. They haven’t succeeded and never will legally. They couldn’t legally or lawfully win a first impeachment they won’t a second and the Chief Justice has already said he won’t even sit for it as it’s not legal or lawful as he’s not a sitting president. So they can’t even legally do what they’re doing this is just another Pelosi Whitch hunt on Trump she just hates the man and I’d jealous of how awesome he is.

  37. Brett Sears says:

    I think this must be proof that “looks cannot kill,” because I’m sure Pelosi and Shumer would have been vaporized by now. I cannot think of a group of people more universally loathesome than Democrat politicians and the RINOs who are the other half of the scam that has now got an illegitimate President in there busily ruining the country. If somebody doesn’t do something soon, I don’t really know what people are going to do–this is just too much. Is that what is desired, for the people to do what the cowards will not? Keep pushing us.

  38. karen says:

    You are putting the wrong people on trial, Our government is full of wicked men only caring about their personal gain. Trump is my President 2020. God bless Trump for standing for the people, not the dirty politicians who need reckoning.

  39. Diane Kirby says:

    Mark it down for sure if the Republicans decide to go forth with the impeachment it will surely divide the party and if Trump is convicted a new party will come forth even if he can’t do it there will be someone who will. True conservatives will not stand by any longer and see our country be torn down by the leftist. You can bet that unless our right to vote has been taken away in the next term election our voices will be heard loud and clear on Election Day. We are sick and tired of the double standards of the Democrats!

  40. Ed Babcock says:

    Congress has perverted what is in the Constitution, Trump has had charges brought against him and has not got to defend himself, have prevented him from free speech,and is trying to destroy him! This administration has already committed treason themselves, they have incited riots themselves, have threatened Trump, the Republican Party,Christians, and anyone who voted for Trump! They have destroyed the economy by shutting down the pipe line, they are not for the American people they are for themselves, their own agenda, and total control of the people! They preach healing the country, but are destroying it!

  41. Melanye Puckett says:

    No Impeachment. President Trump is out of office. Continuing this line of action, shows Pelosi is very petty. All focus should be the Pandemic, The Economy, Direct Stimulus Payments for AMERICAN’s, Eviction Concerns. The Elected Officials have forgotten why they are there. Let’s remind them NEXT ELECTION!

  42. Ed Babcock says:

    Congress has perverted what is in the Constitution, Trump has had charges brought against him and has not got to defend himself, have prevented him from free speech,and is trying to destroy him! This administration has already committed treason themselves, they have incited riots themselves, have threatened Trump, the Republican Party,Christians, and anyone who voted for Trump! They have destroyed the economy by shutting down the pipe line, they are not for the American people they are for themselves, their own agenda, and total control of the people! They peach healing the country, but are destroying it!

  43. Joan Taylor says:

    There should not be an impeachment trial. President Trump may be outspoken, but he did not incite the riots. This would only further divide the country. The radical democrats and media have been trying to condemn President Trump since before he was elected. He is what the people wanted – a non politician. Leave him alone. No impeachment! That is very hateful.

  44. Sandra L Timbrook says:

    No the President should no be impeached! Pelosi and Shumer are the once that need to be removed from office. All they have done for the last four years is work against the President cost the taxpayers millions of dollars. The way I see it they are not needed. President Trump has been the best president that we have had for the working class people.

  45. mike says:

    president trump did nothing to deserve this impeachment. this is foolishness’ to continue on with this. this is not going to bring unity . it just make trump supporters angry. i agree Pelosi needs to be put out of office she is the one that should be impeached. we have those in the democratic party that have not the American people interest. I pray that this impeachment will fail.

  46. Robert says:

    When are these two morons going to stop spending the taxpayers money on absolutely nothing you stupid s*** don’t know your ass from your elbows you both need to step down and walk away from your jobs you’re not even doing your job forget it he’s out of office there’s nothing you can do

    • Thomas W. McIntosh says:

      Amen Robert! Those two long should have been retired and out of Washington DC.

    • James Lincecum says:

      From the legal beagles I have listened to in the past few days, they can NOT try a civilian for anything. They are blowing smoke up a duck’s hind end with their threats. And at the same time costing us money for NOT doing their job.

  47. Keith says:

    All politicians need to be aware of the implications of making them responsible for the actions of their followers and supporters, it is also important to note that liberal lawmakers are pushing to make anyone other than the actual perpetrator of the criminal act responsible, i.e. gun control. The Chuck Schumer words to people outside of the Supreme Court building is a perfect example of words that were more threatening but did not lead to a riot, so where is the cut off and when do you blame the politician? Another example is the shooting of congress people at the ballpark by a Bernie Sanders follower, these two Senators better be careful of their vote because it will mean they are liable for the acts of their followers even if you did not directly call for violence! And does violence need to happen? If they threaten a job or try to purposefully impact another branch of the government than they are responsible for sedition or extortion, or in Joe’s case quid pro quo in Ukraine. I am surprised but not amazed by the idiocy of liberal lawmakers lack of forethought on this issue. But in the end, impeachment is the dumbest thing they could do to Trump at this time, as it will only excite his followers rather than bring peace to an already burdened country from the past 9 months of riots that seem to be forgotten by the liberals that refused to even ask for peaceful protests from the BLM! It will be up to the people to make sure the liberals are held accountable for their lack of words of peace. Which by the way, MSM and the Liberals in congress never gave to Trump – he had 4 years of defending himself rather than trying to get policies in place. Now we should provide Joe with a similar affect, four years of lawsuits and protests and impeachment threats! I can’t wait for a GOP congress person to claim, ” we are going to impeach the M*****F***er”!

  48. mike says:

    Since they are going to try and impeach Trump while he is out of office Obamma should be impeached also

    • Ram3500 says:

      Your absolutely right. They’re trying to take attention away from hunters illegalities. Go for Trump? You better get ready for Obuttma impeachment over the Russian hoax

  49. Karen Van Wyk says:

    These leftist THUGS are the ones to be convicted!
    AMERICA loves President Trump and nothing this hag pelosi tries to do will change it!!!

  50. Ken says:

    These two idiots are going to start a war if they keep going after Trump. The American people are already upset over the stolen election. God is on our side and it appears to me He is ready to drop the hammer on the people trying to destroy America.

  51. ricky prewitt says:

    All they want is to mess him up and waste money that we the people need

  52. Donna says:


  53. Sue Bartoli says:

    No he should not be impeached for the fact that he didn’t cause the riots at the capital!! It was a complete set up on the part of the demonrats!! They should however impeach PeeLOUSY, schumer, pedo jo, mcconnell, schiff, Obummer, and the clintons and many more!! This is a farce!! We are not stupid!! Pictures don’t lie!! Do you really think we are blind?

  54. Mike says:

    How in the world can anyone impeach a President after he/she leaves office. I have read the constitution over and over and cannot find any legal way to impeach. The impeachment is designed to remove a President from office, not to punish a private citizen. The Supreme court needs to rule on this ASAP.

  55. Chuck says:

    This entire impeachment bullshit should have never been started. They need to stop before they make this Country even more divided. Pelosi is a hateful bitch that should have been called out on her actions long ago.

  56. Linda says:

    Constitutional scholars & attorneys are saying a private citizen cannot be tried for impeachment according to the United States Constitution, and Pres. Trump is now a private citizen. But then, when did the Constitution ever matter to Nancy Pelosi? Pelosi is off her rocker and Congress, both houses, needs to quit kowtowing to her.

  57. James Hutchins says:

    We The People demand pelosi and Schumer resign from office now or they will be censured and impeached for Treason and Sedition against the American People and the Constitution.

  58. Chuck, Schiff and Pelosi should all be put I the same prison cell, so that they can continue to Impeach themselves!

    The need to be tried by People Jury, and if convicted of treason and threats against the President!

  59. Donna S Mayfield says:

    Absolutely positively NO! President Trump did nothing wrong! But both of them are on video INCITING violence along with numerous other representatives. They are not representativing Americans! They are out to cause more devision and set on an agenda to impeach and use our tax dollars on a sham because they dislike him. Impeach Schumer and Pelosi!! They’re traitors!

  60. Amberdawn Richmond says:

    NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. That is part of our constitution.
    If they attempt to impeach Trump, they are going to piss off the 81 million ppl who where silenced through stolen election.
    Not a smart move, congress.
    YOU ARE FIRED! Collect your shit and get out.

  61. DANNY CLAYPOOL says:

    Pelosi and Schumer should leave well enough alone they got what they wanted (Biden/Harris) in the white house. They wouldn’t be doing this if they weren’t afraid of something they have done that would get them in trouble. I think Pelosi and Schumer need to be tried on grounds of harassment and inducing panic on the American people.

  62. Thomas says:

    I do not support any impeachment of President Trump for inciting a riot. This based on News Media report of his speech. If his speech meets the minimum requirements for Impeachment(I would like to see proof of the minimum requirement as outlined in our Constitution). If his speech meets the minimum requirements, then we should also impeach Nancy Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Maxine Waters, Nadler, K. Harris, A.O.C., etc. for inciting riots against our states, citizens, businesses, federal building destruction and murder.
    According to our media, FBI knew this riot was planned since they knew about days before 1/6/21. So who planned it?

    Reportedly, Trump was upset with the “Voting Fraud in 2020 Election”. If the impeachment is predicated as part of spreading “lies to the American People”. then an audit by impartial parties(not FBI, CIA, Supreme Court or any government entity) viewed by representatives of each party chosen by American people from each state, should be performed.

  63. Angela D Burkett says:

    This impeachment is against the constitution. I am so sick of this. All Republicans need to ban together and fight this. If Donald Trump starts a new party, I will back him.

  64. Loretta says:

    President Trump didn’t do anything to be impeached for. Pelosi has always hated him and will make up things to suit her agenda. It’s a shame that our country has come to this. They only care about power for them selves. They do not care about the people of the United States. She needs to retire and fix her state of California.

    • USMC50-56 says:

      the only persons that need to be impeached are Pelosi and Schumer for wasting mine and your tax money and congressional time. These idiots are so afraid their idiot in chief BIden will screw up so badly, that trump will return to straighten all his screw ups like he did with Oboma. Democrats have only one platform SOCIALISM where they control all of your thoughts and money.

  65. Van Stanley says:

    Definitely NOT, President Trump is not guilty of these charges. If there is anyone who has incited an insurrection it is Nancy Pelosi and Chucky Boy for causing the American people to become angry over the constant harassment of our great president. I can’t help but wonder why these two idiots are allowed to continue to be employed. Fire these two and the world will be a much better place, better yet put them behind bars where they belong. They have wasted tax payers money long enough. They are inciting hate for the Democratic Party!

  66. Alison says:

    This is not about the 6th. It is about your hatred of Trump. Leave it alone and do your job for the American people. If not for them you would not be where you are to do all these ridiculous things! Sit down and shut up about Trump!

  67. Robert says:

    Pelosi and schumer are true haters and republicans are afraid of them why won’t they help the american people.The election was stolen nothing done about it why vote anymore now we have the Biden crime family no more freedom.

  68. Ruth Sykes says:

    President Donald Trump does not warrant being convicted of insurrection. Those leaders were trained rioters and our President did not have anything to do with them, President Trump only encouraged supporters to “keep fighting” for freedom of speech for one. There were thousands of supporters at the rally and a few. Hundred, maybe, that caused trouble. Congress is wasting so much time that needs to be spent on important issues. Leave the Trumps alone in peace for a shile

  69. Kathleen Scott says:

    I would like to know as a president of the united states is sworn in to defend ,protect and defend the constitution of us , if not upheld should be impeached, because biden I feel has not done anything bit sell out america god help us

    • Diana says:

      Biden is the one that should be impeached now he was elected by Fraud he is already putting people out of work and Trump had nothing to do with the terrorists riots held by BLM and ANTIFA, that was orchestrated by the democratic traitors!!!!

    • R M Laws says:

      Biden, Took away from Sanders WHO was GOING forward really as the candidate but, Biden just STOPPED Sanders, because SOMEONE else, stepped into the powerful to becomes into the POTUS AFTER Trump’s get pushed out in 2021. Biden’s is the 46th as POTUS 2021, BUT, his verbally & smiling plus speaking out the INFO but, his a GOOD microphone, because, I imagine, that, the reality is the EX-POTUS, 44th. Why? Well, because he really WANTED to be the Third POTUS & spoke about that effort to find it a LEGALLY possibility quickly but it didn’t & a (R) became the 45th.

  70. William Scott says:

    The democrats are so jealous of what President Trump accomplished for America. He will go down in history as the greatest President of our time.
    Listen dumbcrats, be careful what you wish for. You will be sorry.
    Remember, he said, You ain’t seen nothing yet.
    Your President has done so much damage in 2 days. What will America be like when he leaves office? But what can we expect from a senile old man!

    • Diana says:

      You are absolutely right, I am so afraid for this Country with the senile traitor in office!!!!

    • BOBBY CARVER says:

      Hopefully we will have him impeach by the time he is in office less than a month

      • USMC51-56 says:

        No need to impeach Biden. The democrats will have him declared unfit due mental incompetence, via 25th amendment, and the real liberal VP will take over. She will then pick a new vice president, possible Hillary,or heaven forbid Maxine Waters. This country will be worse than Russia

  71. ROSA says:


  72. Mickey says:

    These two are nuts. Pelosi and shumer. They should be the ones being impeached. Trump did nothing wrong. Another. Waste of tax payer money. With the circus. Republicans. Stand up and Fight for what is right Also. McConnell. Should be last term Turncoat

    • BOBBY CARVER says:

      Pelosi is out of her mind in trying to convince herself that Donald Trump is Responsible for the riots at the Capitol on January 6th Bitch you need to wake up and Resign Before you have a Heart a heart attack

  73. They just want to try and impeach him again so he can never run against them again. They are so afraid of Trump and they hate him so much! What they are doing is terrible and probably unconstitutional. All the GOP congressmen & senators had better vote against this stupid act and so should all democrats that are honest and not corrupt – if there are any (republicans and democrats) left! If they do this, I am hopeful we can vote them all out in 2022 and 2024!

    • Diana says:

      Until we see justice with the election I will never trust elections again, it is rigged in their favor and will continue to be. It is a One Party system now that is what communism is!

      • Alberta. Day says:

        We all know what they are capable of, but what wold they do to regular citizens like us if we don’t agree with every. thing they do? Pelosi is snake, just like Obama,Bush,clinton, Harris and Biden.biden doesn’t do anything without the rest of them,telling him how and when. Leave President Trump alone.. You have done enough to him and his family. Go crawl back under your rocks.

    • Brett Sears says:

      And of what use is our vote? We see how that works out, don’t we!

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