Trump Jr. Takes a Swing at DeSantis

( – Donald Trump Jr. took a swing at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for his hesitation during last week’s debate when asked if he would support former President Donald Trump even after a potential criminal conviction. On Breitbart News Saturday, Trump Jr. stated, “Ron’s not capable of making a decision.”

In the debate hosted by Fox News, moderator Bret Baier asked the eight Republican primary participants if they would continue to back Trump as their preferred choice even if he is legally convicted.

Vivek Ramaswamy, an anti-woke entrepreneur, was the first to show his support, quickly followed by prominent figures such as South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, and North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum. DeSantis’s reaction, however, was noticeably slower, causing a stir among observers.

“Ron’s not capable of making a decision,” commented Donald Trump Jr. “He was looking for his donors, or maybe he was looking for his consultant, Jeff Roe, who’s made $50 million off of him this cycle just racking up money. They’re not going to do anything different.”

Donald Jr. highlighted his perception of DeSantis’s inability to gauge the mood in a room. “He couldn’t answer the most basic question or read the room. He had to look around and see what people are doing. That’s the difference,” he emphasized, pointing out what he believes to be a consistent flaw in DeSantis’s approach.

He recalled his past support for DeSantis, saying, “I spent three weeks on the road with Ron DeSantis in ’18 to get him elected. I’ve opened for him literally dozens of times. Like you see him in long form, it’s not there. He can’t read the room. He can’t figure out what’s going on. It’s the same canned response.” Furthermore, he expressed his view that DeSantis’s interjection during the debate seemed orchestrated and not genuine.

He further observed that DeSantis’s tardy gesture of support during the debate seemed to displease several donors.

Describing the reaction in the room, he said, “I could read the room, when that happened when he wavered, and he’s looking around, and the hands went up. … You could hear the groan in the room. It was like, it was legitimately palpable.”

He ended with remarks on how he perceives the media’s stance on DeSantis. “You know, Fox News desperately trying to, they go right to the DeSantis ad and then ‘DeSantis won, DeSantis coming up with Trump in the polls.’ Like literally none of that’s been reflected anywhere–anywhere, and I see all of the polls. That’s what I do at this point,” he stated. “Even in a donor thing, there’s still some grassroots people in there. All of them, they get it. They saw it, and I think it’s over,” he concluded.