Trump Loses Major Battle

Donald Trump

( – Georgia has become a battleground between GOP luminaries and groups and Trump supporters, as the former tries to help Governor Brian Kemp fend off a challenge from Trump-backed former United States Senator David Purdue in the race to be sworn in as Georgia’s next governor.

So far, Kemp has received the backing of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and has been the recipient of $5 million from the Republican Governor’s Association. The Governor is also slated to attend a fundraiser that former President George W. Bush will be attending.

Kemp remains one of the strongest contenders in this year’s primaries to beat a Trump-endorsed candidate, according to recent polls, and this outward show of support is only likely to improve his chances.

Despite Georgia gearing up for a major upset to Trump’s propensity to pick winners and losers, Republican strategist Doug Heye believes the Georgia race reveals something different.

“The one thing we always lose sight of because we want to focus on The Donald is the candidates themselves,” Heye said, adding, “With Kemp, you’ve got two factors: one, he’s been a successful governor in the state, and two, he’s running against someone who voters have already rejected.”

But a Kemp win may also be the most troubling for Trump, who promised to exact revenge on Kemp after the Governor chose to accept the state’s 2020 election results, thwarting calls from the former President to help him overturn his election loss in the state.