Trump Loses The GOP?

Donald Trump

( – Despite former President Donald Trump being the most powerful figure in the GOP — wielding significant influence over Republican-leaning voters — signs that Trump’s firm grip on the party is loosening continue to appear.

While Republican strategists and operatives don’t deny Trump possesses unrivaled influence over the GOP and its voters, they are beginning to question how long that influence will last.

A veteran Republican consultant noted that despite predictions of a “mass exodus from Trump,” the party wasn’t experiencing the exodus.

Instead, the consultant pointed to Trump being “less of a factor than he was two years ago or four years ago,” adding that now “There’s more leeway to go your own direction.”

Nowhere is this “leeway” more evident than in several upcoming Republican primaries in states across the country.

In Georgia’s gubernatorial race, Governor Brian Kemp has managed to outraise and maintain a lead in the polls against Trump-backed former Senator David Perdue. Kemp’s managed to keep this lead despite Trump asserting he would oust the Georgia governor.

Senate races in Alabama, Alaska, and North Carolina point to much of the same, given that none of the Trump-backed Senate candidates have been able to pull ahead with a significant lead.

The consultant weighed in on this, saying, “I think even a couple of years ago, it would have been a lot riskier to stay in a primary against one of his candidates,” before emphasizing, “I’m not saying his endorsement doesn’t matter. There’s just a path forward without it.”

Data corroborates this. In an NBC poll released in January, 56% of participants said they were more supporters of the party than Trump. Only 36% view themselves as more supporters of Trump than the GOP.

This marks a significant shift from a similar poll in 2020 when the support percentages were almost inverted. In that earlier poll, 54% of participants felt they were more supporters of Trump, while 34% felt that way about the GOP.