Trump Protesters Storm U.S. Capitol – Reclaiming America

Trump Protesters Storm U.S. Capitol

Breaking Now: Trump Supporters who gathered for the Save America Rally have stormed the U.S. Capitol in Washington DC.

Parts of the Capitol have been breached.

The Capitol is on lockdown.

Tear gas is being deployed.

This is a breaking story and will be updated…



  1. Terrie Wyatt says:

    What did they expect? We’ve watched while Black lives matter and Antifa destroyed this country for months, now someone is Finally fighting back. We knew there would be war over this. Good people will rise up and fight.

  2. Ken Frazier says:

    You know that the truth is going to come out and all this talk about getting rid of president Trump better wait until it does. The democrats have been trying to impeach him ever since he took office and and haven’t stopped. I predict that Trump will be re-elected after the impeachment of either Biden or Harris within the next couple of years. MARK MY WORD.

  3. Theo says:

    It was not Trump supporters. Those who broke into the Capital building was a group brought in to agitate. What the Trump group wanted to do was show their concern with the dishonesty in voting. This Antifa group was paid by the Democratic Party to cause disruption and chaos.

  4. Hal Lemoyne says:

    TRUMP protestors did not hurt our US Lawmakers or our US Capitol Federal Buildings

    at all

    it was and still is liberal demoncrat paid agitating rioters

    dressed as TRUMP supporters that damned and even killing a woman

    it was and still is US US TRUMP supporters that protested peacefully

    and WE were/are still repeatedly blamed for all the all the deadly riotous actions

    and President TRUMP needs to bring every hateful deceptions to an end


  5. Julia Ogden says:

    WAKE UP! The “storming of our Capitol by Protesters” is BS! DC Police ALLOWED Antifa “actors” to enter the building, dressed at Patriots, to BLAME TRUMP, OUST HIM AND ARREST HIM! It’s more BS to destroy our country! And guess what? Trump is free! They didn’t catch him and Pence, the POS TRAITOR, went ahead and certified CHINA JOE in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT…IN THE DARK…KNOWINLY BETRAYING OUR COUNTRY! Won’t the POS and his cohorts be so surprised when they find out SIDNEY HAS THE EVIDENCE, ROCK SOLID, OF O’BAMA STEALING TAX PAYER MONEY AND PLANNING, PAYING FOR AND IMPLIMENTING THE STEAL OF THE CENTURY! With help from Italy’s former PM Remzi! Oh yeah, they are so HUNG! #THISISTREASON

  6. Bill says:

    It seams like the democrats don’t like it when riots comes to their side of town..

  7. FrankAboutIt says:

    It’s not very clear what the intent was for those who made entry into the Capitol building.
    Was this a test run for a more violent entry that’s brewing ?
    And, of course, Trump Supporters are already being blamed for this “Protest”; but were the most active members in this melee really, actually, Trump Supporters ?
    There are numerous articles circulating about the anger and the rage Antifa and BLM feel toward their Democratic Communist Party agents, handlers, supporters and directors because right now Antifa and BLM members are feeling seriously disrespected by the Democrat Communists. After all, these Domestic Terrorists helped the Democrat Communists unlawfully and illegally steal the 2020 election. They expect a great deal more in return than the scraps and bones they’ve been given thus far.

  8. Holly Dutton says:

    In light of what has happened since the 2020 election until today, Wednesday, January 6, 2021, all that I can say now is that to hand over a great country to corrupt, unworthy successors is to surrender the country and the rest of the world to unprecedented and total disaster.

  9. Cj says:

    I WANT A COMPLETE. “DO OVER” of this election!!! We were lied to and CHEATED on every part of this disgusting mess!!!

    • bruce says:

      Hi, happy new year, it’s just not feasible, just eliminate election votes in these 6 states as a warning for future elections that misconduct will not be tolerated which will keep President Trump in office by 100 points.

    • Catherine Snyder says:

      This was going to happen – just suprised that it didn’t happen sooner. It is just the beginning and it will continue until the democrats realize that their way is not for us and we will not stand for it. I see them shaking in their shoes and they should be concerned. Rest in peace democrats …

  10. Williams East says:

    This, Revolution,should have taken place, in every City, big & small, across this Country,by every Trump Patriot,Armed, they should be storming the Capital,Congress, and every other institution,in D.C.and shut it down. If the police, national guard try to stop them, they should go through them, like a hot knife, through butter, yes people will get hurt, even killed,But This Is War, between Patriots, and Communist, Socialist, who in tend to take over this Country, and Destroy,this Democracy.Give Us Are Country Back, or No Peace.

  11. Brad Tipton says:

    Those that breached the Capitol buildings are most likely BLM and ANTIFA “plants” who want to make it appear the Trump supporters are violent and do not abide by the law. The truth should come out when this is fully investigated.

    • Paul Sullivan says:

      That was Hitler’s ruse as he rose to power, blaming the other side for the violence!!

      Lets not get too bent up about an over-enthusiastic protest. Public protest is part and parcel of a civilized society, whether by the right or the left.

  12. Frog says:

    Now you see what true Americans want. Hooray!!!

  13. Robert says:

    Did they really think that the people were going to sit on their asses and take a slap in the face from the people who are supposed to be behind us we have the right to bear arms against our government

  14. Cathy Schmick says:

    Oh it’s ok for BLM and antifa to raid loot,burn cities ,but now that peaceful protesters are voicing there opinions without violence .its ok that our election was stolen ??? Really! It’s ok to give millions and billions to other countries . And they’re saying this is abhorrent .

  15. Mary says:

    The supporters are as mad as trump no sense
    Trump will cause another war if he is not put out
    And to now blame big pharma good god is the man mental he should take more water with his pills

    • Cheri Knowles says:

      Who in their right mind would want to just sit back meekly and let communist deamonrats take over our country by stealing the election! Even the mathematics screams fraud because never before has someone won so many counties and ended up loosing the election, ask the odds makers its just about impossible!

    • Mar says:

      We the people are standing with our Patriots in D.C. They are having a peaceful protest like BLM and Antifa. They are just protesting for our freedom of speech and all of our Great Constitution said. They have to take everything to make the left and rinos listen. Stop the fraud. Stop stealing our Constitutionals rights. PATRIOTS you’re doing well. We stand with you.

  16. Ken Frazier says:

    You know, I know and H*ll the whole world knows that President Trump won by a landslide. However, My recommendation would be that Vice president Pence serve as POTUS until a investigation is made and the true winner takes office.

  17. Jacqueline R Carter says:

    President Trump has been the best President we’ve ever had in years. Let him finish his job. Even if it is a 2nd term. He’ll finish his job. The economy was at it’s best before. The covid came from China and not the President!!

    • Corri says:

      FACT: CoVid came from China. BUT, Trump allowed it and continues to allow it to spread unchecked in the US. It’s painful to admit both of these facts. Yet they are facts.

      • Vern Fisher says:

        Prove it.

      • Cheri Knowles says:

        Yeah show me the so called proof

      • bruce says:

        Yes, you’re right, but if we stopped this country or any country from operating the world as we know it would collapse. This nasty bug did just what it was meant to do, keep us distracted as the Socialists tried to usurp the power of the president. This is how China had a stockpile of needed medical supplies.

      • Breaker 19 says:

        Corri Maybe he should have done like Obama and the H1N1 virus. Wait 6 months and 1000 had died before he did anything. Trump put in place a travel ban when the first case was found here. he had factories manufacturing ventilators, more than we needed, built hospitals, so many part of them wasn’t even used. Sent hospital ships to NYC and other places and they were not needed.
        Trump allowed it to spread? My God, He did everything he could to help stop it.What did he do to let it spread?

  18. KEVIN says:

    Media blaming Trump?? Its not the corruption
    Not the lies fake lmpeachments
    None of that makes people mad?

  19. Where were the cops during all the riots & burning? Oh….that’s right they were for the Demos!!!

  20. Adam Muzer says:

    sounds like the revolution has begun!! time to drain the swamp

    • Connie says:

      yes… but how much is from true patriots and how much is from antifa infiltrators

      • portia wadsworth says:

        That will surface as the story unfolds. Trumpers are finally teling the media, the validity of election fraud, etc. the TRUTH; maybe the only way it makes an impact! We are true Patriot Trump voters, Biden & Harris. The numbers don’t lie. Photos and videos will hopefully identify the perpetrators that created chaos, not the peaceful, sincere protestors 😇

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