Trump Reaches Out To GRIEVING Mother

Donald Trump

( – Feeling for all the Americans that have fallen victim to the illegals Joe Biden has let into the country, former President Donald Trump recently expressed his condolences to grieving mother Patty Morin.

Patty’s daughter, Rachel, was a mother of fivе who was attacked while jogging on a hiking trail in Bel Air, Maryland.

She fell victim to Victor Antonio Martinez-Hernandez, a 23-year-old illegal from El Salvador who has been charged with first-degree murder and rape in connection with her dеath.

Patty disclosed that she had not been contacted by anyone from the Biden administration following the incident, marking a stark contrast to Trump’s outreach.

“I am deeply touched by President Trump’s kindness and concern,” she said. “He was genuine and truly wanted to know how our family was coping.

“He asked about Rachel and showed honest compassion for her untimely death. His words brought comfort to me during this very difficult time,” she added.

This situation garnered media attention during a press interaction where CNN’s Jim Acosta questioned Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas about the administration’s responsibility in such cases.

Mayorkas responded without naming Rachel Morin, stating, “Jim, first and foremost, of course our hearts break for the children, the family, the loved ones, the friends of the individual who was murdered — the woman — the mother.”

He went on to say, “Jim, a criminal is responsible for the criminal act. The criminal who committed this heinous act should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law, and forcefully so. That is my response.”

Patty criticized Mayorkas’s remarks as overly political and impersonal. “It’s a completely political statement … It totally depersonalizes her and makes her an object.

“No one has contacted me personally and as far as I know, no one has reached out and contacted anyone in the family. … to categorize her as a statistic, it just shows how impersonal they are and how they don’t value life,” she elaborated.

Adding to the criticism, Morin family attorney Randolph Rice commented on the broader implications of border security.

“They just seem to be disconnected completely from what is happening at the southern border and how it is affecting Americans,” he stated.

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