Trump Sells Jet

Donald Trump

( – Amid the unprecedented leftist judicial onslaught against him, and burdened with over $500 million in legal fines, Donald Trump has divested one of his two private jets to a significant Republican benefactor, according to a report.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) documents confirm that the transfer of the 1997 Cessna Citation X occurred on May 13, The Guardian reports.

The exact sale price remains undisclosed. However, private aviation company evoJets estimates the value of a Citation X to be between $8.5 million and $10 million.

The FAA records do not specify an individual buyer, but attribute ownership to a Dallas-based holding entity, MM Fleet Holdings LLC.

Investigative reporting by The Daily Beast links this company to Mehrdad Moayedi, an Iranian American real estate developer based in Dallas. Federal Election Commission (FEC) records reveal that Moayedi contributed close to $250,000 to Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign and has also donated substantially to other political campaigns, including Ted Cruz’s Senate re-election and the Republican National Committee.

Trump’s promotional materials still list the Cessna Citation X as a “rocket in the sky,” praising its capability to access smaller airports. Trump retains ownership of his primary aircraft, a Boeing 757 adorned with his name, and a number of helicopters.

The proceeds from the jet sale are likely to assist in managing Trump’s extensive legal financial obligations.

Earlier this year, he expended over $200 million settling fines from two civil litigations. The first, a defamation lawsuit by writer E Jean Carroll, resulted in an $83.3 million judgment against him.

The second, a civil fraud case, concluded with a $454 million penalty.

In March, an appellate court in Manhattan consented to Trump paying $175 million—a fraction of the $454 million—as the fraud case proceeds through appeals.

Trump has disclosed possessing about $500 million in liquid assets, with additional wealth tied in real estate.

Despite successfully securing appeal bonds for both cases, which would be refunded if the appeals prevail, these represent only a portion of Trump’s ongoing legal challenges.

Trump is concurrently engaged in a criminal trial concerning undisclosed hush-money payments during the 2016 election and is navigating through three additional criminal proceedings.

Altogether, the former president is contending with 88 criminal charges and incurs substantial legal expenses in his defense.

The New York Times reports that Trump has spent in excess of $100 million on legal fees related to these cases.

While he has primarily financed these expenses through political action committee donations, these funds are depleting.

Although Trump could utilize his 2024 campaign resources for legal costs, increasing legal expenditures could diminish the funds available for voter persuasion efforts, the report says.

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