Trump Slams ‘Abusive’ Judge

( – Expressing deep frustration and even anger with the judicial system and the judge he’s been on trial before all week, former President Donald Trump didn’t hold back when slamming one of the judge’s decisions.

Specifically, Trump described the judge’s refusal to delay his defamation case with writer E. Jean Carroll so he could attend his mother-in-law’s funeral as “abusive,” highlighting the growing tension in the courtroom.

In a post on Truth Social, Trump revealed his request for a one-day delay to mourn with his family was denied. “The Judge, angrily, and somewhat surprisingly, said NO,” Trump wrote, underscoring his view of the judge’s bias and rudeness. He painted a picture of being caught in a ‘crooked system,’ as the trial, which began on Tuesday, seeks to determine defamation damages owed to Carroll.

Trump’s sense of duty to the trial, driven by what he sees as a “seething and hostile Clinton-appointed Judge, Lewis Kaplan,” was evident in his posts. He accused Kaplan of suffering from “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” a term often used by Republicans to describe perceived irrational criticism of Trump.

Despite the tragedy of his mother-in-law’s death, Judge Kaplan, last week, denied Trump’s attorney’s request for a week-long adjournment. Kaplan’s reasoning was based on court operations, offering Trump the choice to attend either the funeral or the trial. However, he did propose a pause in the trial if Trump’s testimony was the only remaining component by Thursday, allowing Trump to attend the funeral.

Trump’s frustration boiled over on social media, where he lambasted Judge Kaplan as “totally biased and hostile.” He reiterated claims of the case being rigged, particularly due to his status as a leading Republican presidential candidate.

Trump also called for Kaplan’s recusal and renewed his attack on Carroll’s allegations, which date back to a claimed 1996 incident in a department store dressing room.

Firmly denying any wrongdoing and portraying himself as the real victim, Trump lamented the impossibility of a fair trial under Judge Kaplan. “I am the one who was damaged,” he asserted, countering Carroll’s request for at least $10 million in damages for his denials of her 2019 public accusations.