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Trump Supporters Attacked While Dining

What does it say about America and traditional American values when peaceful supporters of a political party are attacked while trying to eat at a restaurant?

As recounted by the New York Post, “Trump supporters were bombarded with fireworks while dining at a Washington DC restaurant following Saturday’s “MAGA Million March” in the nation’s capital — one of several outbreaks of violence at the demonstration, according to reports.

“Footage from the encounters shows a small group of Trump supporters sitting outside an eatery near the White House when a large crowd surrounds the patio and exchanges words with three diners, a video posted on Twitter by NBC reporter Shomari Stone shows.

“Other diners begin to leave as counter-protesters can be seen hurling debris — and then fireworks — into the patio, lighting it up with sparks and forcing the last three Trump supporters to walk away…

“Elsewhere in the city, anti-Trump protesters also threw liquid and other items as the pro-Trump rally broke up, while others snatched Trump flags and hats as the demonstration wound down, Insider said in a report.”

Watch the video and share your thoughts in the Comment Section on this page. Is this sort of attack acceptable in America?



  1. Normand Doyon Sr. says:

    what are you Art and Honest saying? You both can not read as it was the Trump supporters that was attack. So in my opinion the Biden supporters should be arrested and fined and placed in jail.

    • Penny says:

      I’m a Democrat and I agree with you it’s the ones who are supporting Biden that are in the wrong and should be arrested. But it seems every time Soros gets them out to burn loot and murder innocent citizens doesn’t matter if they are Trump supporters or not. I’m sick of BLM and Antifa destroying our Country time to stop them all before they do destroy everything. Now they are telling Biden he owes them a part in the White House for their votes I can’t believe he will let them in nobody’s life matters but theirs. And Soros has already put his people in the White House once Biden gets in this is the man who said he would destroy America and it’s people.

  2. Art says:

    It says that the people feel that the people feel that Mr. Trump cares not for the people, is self-centered & does not share the same values as most Americans.

  3. Honest says:

    Sad these losers are NOT arrested immediately

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