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Trump: ‘They’re Trying to Rig an Election’

Just moments ago, speaking from the White House Briefing Room, President Donald J. Trump addressed the nation and stated that “they’re trying to rig an election.”

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  1. Todd says:

    Ballots delivered in the middle of the night?

    Votes are only for Biden

    Votes are also for Republican Congressional and Senate seats

    Something is amiss

    The demorats must have learned these tactics after witnessing countless fraudlulent elections in many banana republics

    What a shame that they would do anything to get their way

    May God be with Trump and his challenges.

  2. Corri Rider says:

    Trump is reading directly from a script. What? He can no longer make fun of Biden using a prompter. Reality seems to finally be getting to Trump and he is grabbing at straws, almost literally – he seems to be so out of breath in this video.

  3. Rick says:

    it would be nice to see all of Trump supporters march on Washington DC and demand every ballot to be checked for legality!! We should grow a set and do like the Democrats do, and inflict our outrage so it is remembered for decades!!! The Republican Party must stop being so timid when it comes to seeing our Constitution being used as toilet paper and our rights being taken away from us and our children for decades to come!

  4. Ann says:

    President Trump will be reelected! There is so much voter fraud it is obvious the democrats are scared. Many will end up in prison for their crimes against the country and the president when they are found out. Its a Supreme Court decision and it will be settled there. God help the ones who end up in jail……they are enemies of our great country. God Bless President Trump and God Bless America.

  5. Kimberly says:

    I agree. He’s a winner either way. Works round the clock without the appreciation he deserves. Instead nonstop attacks. Former president started trolling him the day he got into office. No prior presidents spent their retirement bad mouthing the current president. Shameful and pathetic!

  6. Armida Fernandez says:

    It is a privilege to be a. American citizen and we must support President Trump in order for us to keep our liberties for ourselves and future generations!
    Thank you Mr. President!

  7. Cherie Davis says:

    If he can be patience abd have a front guy. He can win just like Bush did. It is not possible that the Republicans did well and the Presudent didn’t. Again the corrupt media is facilitating this fraud. During Lincoln’s election , they knew it was critical and the media was crooked then so Lincoln had them all locked up and he won and the right thing happened. The bibke says that God said that “ those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who curse Israel will be cursed” we can only pray and be diligent and wait fir a fun investigation. With that the President will get 4 more years though American doesn’t deserve it. Never before have more people around the workd prayed for a Presudent as is happening now. Nor has China, Iran and Russian joined forces with Soros to get rid of the President. The China virus was sent out to do just that. Blaming the President fir the virus abd the consequential economy. Almost every country in the world is ecoeriencing the same thing. Many much much worse but no one is blaming their workd leader except for China. That’s how much propaganda, indoctrination and media deception and censorship have domination a society to lazy to care about truth. If Harris gets to be President because make NO mistake that’s the plan then America will get what she deserves. It will be horrible. Communism and globalism ( look for the “ great Reset” or Buld back better” not Biden’s saying.) means that America will be disassembled snd our riches abd resources redistributed first to the worlds elitists and then to the masses.

  8. MARK says:

    Every single mail in vote should be verified to be legitimate i don’t care how long it takes or how much money , this is too important to ignore, only then will the peoples vote be heard, If theres no corruption verification shouldn’t be an issue., We need a movement or a march to demand our right to know the real results, we need to organize, this email needs to go viral, someone please pay it forward ,I don’t know how to make that happen.

  9. MARK says:

    If joe biden gets in i hope the republicans give him the same treatment they give trump,Immediately impeach him and keep his hands tied with corruption issues. It won’t take long for the people to learn to hate kamala and she will lose come election time hopefully to Pence or a trump son, We need to take back this country a.s.a.p before the dems destroy all of our jobs and children.

    • Cherie Davis says:

      I wish you were right. Biden has committed treason against nation in a pay fir play abd Quid Pro Quo in threatening to withhold aid if they didn’t stop investigating his son. He should be in jail with Hillary and Ibama. The left DID rig this election. We can’t pray for justice. I am trying to do my part. As a vet I pledged to defend my country from all enemies foreign and domestic. Never thought I would see the day when they are working together to overthrow our government. Makes me sick. But God is in control abd fir this countriy’s sake I pray the media chokes and the courts prove this. The ejection in 2016 was rigged against him as well but no one dug because he won but why do you think to this day they should have won?

      • Breaker 19 says:

        The problem is if Biden wins and is impeached, Kamala will be president. If we get rid of her, Pelosi will be president. I don’t know which would be worse.

    • Grace says:

      We can impeach Biden right after he is elected. We have proof he collected hush money from China a Ukraine. We know he and Obama shipped jobs to china. They tried to impeach Trump for noting, no proof of any crime.

  10. Connie E Cook says:

    They screwed Bernie Sanders so why wouldn’t they screw Trump!

  11. Barbara says:

    We all know how much corruption is in our government, cheating at anything is every day business to most politicians. There are those that will deny it, but when it finally proves to be truth, no one is surprised. Every citizen that doesn’t live under a rock, knows how important this election is, a prime time for the most corrupt to do their dirty deeds. It’s amazing how so many votes came in for republican senators and representatives, but NOT for the republican president???

  12. joan dinnel says:

    prayers to donald trump and all his supports. hopefully you will be back in 2024. I really worry about you not being inn office I don’tg want my kids and grandkids growing up in a socialist or communism country. you did all you could so don’t feel bad. we all feel as bad as you do

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