Trump: ‘This Is Like a Love Fest’ (Video)

( – Making a bold trek into deep-blue New York City and State, presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump declared that the city looked like a love fest while pledging to make it great again.

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“Hello to all of the incredible, tough, strong, hard-working American patriots right here in the Bronx,” Trump proclaimed during a rally at Crotona Park. “I’m thrilled to be back in the city I grew up in, the city I spent my life in, the city I helped build, and the city that we all love: New York City.”

Trump boldly told his thousands of cheering supporters, “who says we’re not going to win New York?”

“We’re going to bring safety back to our streets,” Trump declared. “We’re going to bring success back to our schools. We’re going to bring prosperity back to every neighborhood and every borough of the greatest city in our land.

Injecting a typical New York flair, Trump skewered Joe Biden as “incompetent” and criticized the Democratic leader in his stronghold, New York. Despite trailing in polls, Trump has notably narrowed his polling gap in the state.

“What a crowd!” Trump remarked as he faced technical glitches. “This is something. You know, we wanted to keep it small. This is like a love fest.”

Trump committed to collaborating with New York’s Democratic leaders to restore the city’s former glory despite his contentious relationships with local Democratic prosecutors.

Trump also reiterated his commitment to empowering police to address the crime issues in Democrat-dominated areas and emphasized his focus on safety and affordability for New Yorkers.

“Most importantly, we’re going let New York’s finest do its job, transit cops do their job,” Trump emphasized. “We’re going to make it safe.

“Most importantly, for the people that are before me today, we are going to make life in New York affordable again. It’s gotten totally out of control.

“The minute Crooked Joe Biden shuffles out the door, I will rapidly rebuild the greatest economy the history of the world,” he concluded.

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