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Trump Will Form ‘Patriot Party’?

If Donald Trump formed a new political party – the “Patriot Party” – would you join?


President Trump has talked in recent days with associates about forming a new political party, according to people familiar with the matter, an effort to exert continued influence after he leaves the White House,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

Mr. Trump discussed the matter with several aides and other people close to him last week, the people said. The president said he would want to call the new party the “Patriot Party,” the people said.

“Mr. Trump has feuded in recent days with several Republican leaders including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.), who on Tuesday said Mr. Trump deserved blame for provoking the deadly Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol. Polls show Mr. Trump retains strong support among rank-and-file GOP voters.

“The White House declined to comment.”

For more on this significant story, please go to the Wall Street Journal.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section. If Donald Trump formed a new political party, would you join? Why or why not?



  1. Spencer & Sharon Whitley says:

    Most definitely. We would like to stay in the loop, and would follow Trump. He has been one of the most transparent presidents this nation has ever seen. He tells it like it is!!!

  2. Sharon & Spencer Whtley says:

    Most definitely. We would like to stay in the loop, and would follow Trump. He has been one of the most transparent presidents this nation has ever seen. He tells it like it is!!!

  3. Barbara morror says:

    I have been preaching a maga or patriot party since the censorship. I would be first in line and so would at least 75,000,000 other patriots and TRUE AMERICANS!!! WE do not need a socialist party nor do we need a weak lily livered party who is afraid to stand for our rights and our constitution. Make America great again with President Trump at the helm!!

  4. Ken Klein says:

    Yes, count me in… It’s time that the “Patriotic Americans” have an opportunity to become part of an organization that is truly for the people and not for the betterment of the “career politicians” ego, power and greed trip. As a senior adult I have seen a severe deterioration of our government in so many ways. Something needs to be done and very soon so that our future generations have an opportunity to enjoy this great country as I had the pleasure to do in the past.
    With that said, I would like to take part in the formation of this new party. If there is a spot for a “True (middle class) American” to help putting this together I am here.

  5. M. Hite says:

    I would absolutely join.

  6. Sandra Brunk says:

    How do you begin to establish a new party? Does this origination have a board, officers, bank account, etc.?
    Do you start at State Level and then organize the State Levels together as a National?
    Are there By-laws written that the group must go by with each state contributing its ideas.
    I know you have to have some one who can write up these by-laws like men who had the Constitution written.
    So, to get this organized by the mid-term election, this needs to start organizing now.

  7. Edna Roberts says:

    For sure,I’m old and I have been thru a lot of Presidents starting with Eisenhower.President Trump was the most intelligent of all we have ever had. No should be in office without a
    Business Degree or that
    have had a successful
    Business. We really need to clean the swamp once and for all.

  8. Gary Marler says:

    I am 1000 percent for Donald J Trump he is a no bull shit president

  9. Rita C says:

    We need president Trump. He is a godly man. He has done more for this country and the people/ Americans than anyone else. We love you!

  10. Patricia A Carney says:

    If President Trump decides to found a new political party call the Patriot Party, I would be happy to join this party and continue my support for Donald Trump.

  11. Patriot says:

    Damn right we’ll join!!! Sick of weak so called Republicans siding with the ‘unified ‘left!!! And that’s the reason they took over yesterday!!!! Do we need to spell out patriotism and unity to y’all. Well trump already knows the definition and we’ll be honored to be joined with him once again.

  12. Ann says:

    Me and everyone I know would join the Patriot Party.. Go TRUMP!!

  13. Karen Van Wyk says:

    Yes I would
    The Republicans do not stand for freedom
    I will join the Patriot party.

  14. Suzanne Varnell says:

    Most definitely! I can not believe how there are traitors in the Republican Party such as Pence and Moscow Mitch. I have always been a Republican and I am ashamed by some of them and their actions against President Trump. He is still my President within my heart! Biden NEVER!

  15. Richard Hull says:

    YES…I stand with Trump. Patriot Party for “PATRIOTS ONLY”. No Rino’s allowed

  16. Judy Frye says:

    Yes I would join. Trump has made America great as it once was. He did everything he said he was going to accomplish back in 2016. He made us proud to be Americans once more.

  17. Judy R. says:

    I’m in 110%! Where do I sign up? President Trump has done more for America in 4 years than most presidents have ever done in 8 years.

    I’ve been a registered “Republican” for many years, however, after the 2020 election farce, the GOP running away like little whipped pups with their tails between their legs, the demonRats clearly cheating and proud of it, I can no longer be affiliated with the “Republican party” nor can I support them. McConnell sold them down the drain. Pence was a disappointment, as so many others have been. I will be re-registering as “Independent” and the GOP had better not ask me for any money as they have in the past. I have supported the GOP for a number of years, however, NO MORE!

    I’ll support President Trump in whatever way I can. I volunteered on his 2016 campaign and what an exciting time that was. I look forward to volunteering again. We all know President Trump is the true and rightful president, however, we will just have to be patient until all of this gets worked out, and then we will be able to celebrate President Trump’s triumphant return to the White House. Have faith people. God has his hand in all of this and God’s timing is NOT our timing. God’s timing is Perfect. Be patient. Wait on the Lord and he will direct our paths.

  18. Benedetta says:

    Sign me up

  19. David Young says:

    I am IN. Where can I sign up?

  20. Marilyn says:

    Until something is done about this rigged election and an end out to it ever happening again, the Dems are going to stay in control!!!

  21. Kimberly Franks says:

    Yes sign me up no matter what you will Always be my lifetime president MAGA. Go Trump 🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  22. Peggy Saemisch says:

    We are looking forward to a new party that represents real Americans, all colors and sizes. So discussed and disappointed by the Republicans, who look like a Rhino but act like a mouse. Maybe we could get the handful of non-Rhino Republicans turned into the Patriot Party?
    Georgia must get rid of Dominion Machines or voting will never be secure.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Hey! Just think, we had over 75 million votes for Trump….and that number is growing substantially. I’m in for the long haul to support OUR RIGHTFULLY VOTED PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP! LETS ROLL!

    • Ellsa says:

      Peggy, you are so right. Cheating must stop! Just look what cheaters,prostitutes for money has done to us. Our so-called leaders and we are being trained like ‘Pavlov’s dogs’ to accept communism!
      You bet, I would join President Trump’s new party. These two (Dems and Rep) have gone rogue.

  23. Sign me up!!!! I am so sick and tired of these “namby pamby I’m afraid to stick up for my country” so called Americans. Our forefathers had the right idea……just go for it! Problem today is that everyone is afraid to fight like our forefathers but, it’s the only way to get anything done. Please tell President Trump thank you, thank you, thank you.

  24. Maureen Smith says:

    Most definitely. I’m all for President Trump and would absolutely vote for him. He’s honest, fights for the American people, keeps foreigners (possibly terrorists) out of our country and has created a borderwhich has been needed for a long time. You can’t have a country without a border!! He tells it like it is and as I always say you can like it or not, just get over it!!

  25. Kathy Gilkey says:

    I would love to see a Patriot Party.Im all in for it..Its time for big changes and that is one of them..

  26. Sara Stroman says:

    I would join the patriot party, and I think with Biden already showing he doesn’t care about minorities or their community,(firing a black man to be replaced with a white man that identifies as a female) will have more of them #walking away. A party for the people could end up becoming the majority party.

  27. Kathy Gilkey says:

    I would love to a Patriot Party.Im all in for it..Its time for big changes and that is one of them..

  28. Gayla Pruett says:

    Yes i would join him he the most honest and caring PRESIDENT we’ve had …loves our country and the people we need it now not 4 years from now …he can’t leave us in their hands right now…they very dangerous

  29. Murhel Carlson says:

    Yes I and my husband would go with a new patriot party because what the Republicans showed these last 4 yrs and not doing anything about the fraud, obamagate, and etc there is no way I can go with their baseless spineless party.

  30. Nancy says:

    No, I don’t believe it is advisable to start a new political party which would splinter the Republican party. With the majority of the Republican voters in support of Trump, why would he attempt this and give validity to the Democrats who say he has developed a ‘cult’. Those of us who are conservative Republicans walked hand in hand with Trump because he espoused and fought for the basic principles we seek: limited government in both size ad scope; unalienable rights with free speech, freedom of religion, equality for all; sanctity of life; the rule of law; constitutional adherence; balance between states and federal rights; power and rule of the people—those governed; and the importance/well being of the ordinary Americans (those some call living in the fly over states or Hillary’s abominables). Trump has been an incredible President for America. He must not tarnish his legacy trying to establish a third political party. He should continue to be influential and viable by working to maintain his and Republicans’ core values and good works until he can run again in 2024!!!

    • Randy Coombs says:

      Tired of the Republican party have voted for starting with Regan no more need to pull the plug most of them don’t believe in there platform they are just there for the free money

  31. kenneth Frazier says:

    Where have you been people? This has been all over the web and been approved by a large majority of of American’s. I saw very few against it. Look for the the Republican party to be replaced by the Patriot party

  32. Kim says:

    Most definitely! God is in control! I believe that the truth will come out for all to see someday. I was hoping sooner, rather than later though. I love President Donald J. Trump! Best President ever! He followed through on all of his promises. He protected us & kept us from getting into another war. We had the best economy. He loves this country & the people & the constitution! He is a true Christian! Continued prayers for him & his family. Looking forward to when he is in office again. Hopefully soon! The media, the virus & the crooked, fraudulent Dems rigged this election! So sorry to see him go! God bless you President Trump & God bless America!

  33. Cv66RoofRat says:

    Oh, and yes, I’d be proud to be a member of the “Patriot Party” and proud to stand behind my President, Donald J. Trump.

  34. Stephen says:

    I am a conservative first and republican second, and I believe all efforts should be made to take out the Rino’s and “moderate/liberal” republicans in the house and senate in 2022. There are many republicans who will not switch, lazy, so let’s just grow the party with the blacks, latinos and conservatives in the democrat party. I am finding more young people are conservatives.

  35. Cv66RoofRat says:

    All Democrats and RINO’s are Globalists. They are striving to bring about a One World Government ultimately under the United Nations control. It’s called the New World Order. The plan is laid out in the UN’s “Agenda 21” and “Agenda 2030” plans.

  36. Nancy Waldren says:

    I’m in – 100%!

  37. Roy Gherke says:


  38. ANGEL LEBRON says:

    I will join the new Patriot Party in fact I knew this was coming for at least 1 month, it’s needed, the Republican party and GOP are no longer for the people nor protectors of our constitution they are only for their pocket and there’s definitely no honor. there’s 75 million of us that I’m sure are going to the new Patriot Party, the question remains as to whom are the true patriotic leaders that will go. It’s a farce to say that this new party will falter, this party if anything will take the seats away from the traitors starting with McConnell. They have alot to worry, this isn’t over it’s just starting!!

  39. Duke Mecartney says:

    Yes most Republican Congresspeople and Senators are either do nothing placeholders or RINOs most are not acting in the interest of the people or the country RNC can’t seem to get viable Candidates or establish any unity

  40. I will join the patriot party. Let’s get started now and take back the house and senate in 2022, and the whited house in 2024. It is a shame that we have so many republicans that will not stand for what is right. Let’s vote them out of office along with democrats.

  41. Yes, we would join a Patriot Party. We would need to do it in a way that we could still vote for “good” republicans… meaning that in the primaries, we would have to have a way to vote for people like Matt Gaetz and even Rick Scott (who surprisingly stuck with Our President, Donald J Trump) here in Florida and would support people like Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz and others who are awesome Republicans who have stood with President Trump faithfully. We would also want to be a part of “primary-ing” any Rino’s, replacing them with patriots in areas that the Patriot party is not confident of a victory.. so we would need educated on how to accomplish the goals of getting specific areas to be Patriot Victories and the Presidency… while not spending money in areas that there are GREAT republicans.

  42. Jane Bass says:

    My husband & I absolutely would switch from Republican to a new Patriot Party & I love the name & what it stands for. We appreciate you & your family so much & all the crap you endured from the Deep State because of your love for our country. Thank You for being the best President this country has ever had & standing on the Christian Principles our country was founded upon.

  43. Macus. Smith says:

    Yesista d with President Trump and America wewant freedom of speech and freedom of religion

  44. bruce says:

    We’ve tried this with the Independent Party and it failed miserably. I personally would march side by side with President Trump, but who is going to be the foundation? We need people with the constitutional savvy to maneuver amongst corrupted Democrats and lackluster Republicans (the swamp).

  45. Debra House says:

    Yes, its time for a new party.

  46. Judy McGinley says:

    I would absolutely join. Please keep me posted as to your progress.

  47. Ryan says:

    The Republican party does not have 75+ million voters. Our true President Donald J. Trump does! I have never voted for a Democrat in my life and never will. But I will not vote Republican again either. What ever party Trump starts I will support will all my heart till the day I die!!!

  48. judith seijas says:

    yes I be part of ‘Patriot Party’ thank you for all the things you been doing

  49. Rick says:

    Count all of us in!!!!

  50. Jerry Eaves says:

    Edke may be right about the conservatives never winning an election as a third party. BUT, I think the Republican Party that President Trump was part of is just as dead. The traitors like McConnell and Graham drove the final nail in the coffin. Our only hope is the Patriot party. It may take a few years to convince some who are not socialist but still identfy as Democrats, because their parents were part of the old Democratic Party, the join the cause. But hopefully, those who truly love this country will prevail. I will be joining the Patriot party if it comes to fruition. One thing is for sure, I never want to be associated with the likes of McConnell or Graham again. I’m through with the Republican Party one way or anothet.

    • Joan E Ogg says:

      Will never vote for the Republican party again–never. Note: Never voted on the left. There has to be a new party!

      • Please folks, keep on voting, don’t forget we don’t have to vote for demonicrats or reptilicans. We have the alternative of the write-in vote. So we all can still vote for President Trump no matter what, don’t forget this fact please.

        • Yes, I definatly would and will join the new Patriot Party that President Trump may start. I will not be voting for any of the current parties, they are. ALL too corrupt and evil, plotting to make America a COMMUNIST nation. They must somehow be stopped, so I will be voting for President Trump either thru his new party or thru a write-in vote. It must be done to try to save America for future generations. Thank you for reading this post.

        • Robert says:

          I agree. HEAR HEAR! There’s already too much controversy and division going on now. i am a die hard republican and would vote for Donald J. agaain. just put his name in your voting ballet. the problem is the voting rules itself. we need to go back to the rule of showing voting cards and valid ID’s……..if you don’t have it, you don’t vote!!!!!!

  51. Thomas O'Neill says:

    Yes, while the world is playing checkers, he is playing chess.

  52. Bobby says:

    I would definitely be up to joining the “Patriot” Party. The Republicans have displayed they have no “Cajones”, or a “Spine”. The Democrats have displayed just how much they are concerned with their constituents, they are only interested in “Power”. Maybe a new political Party would be for the betterment of this country and the Constitution. The sooner that “Patriot” is formed, the better.

  53. Diane DeBruhl says:

    Absolutely! My entire family would join the Patriot Party! My mother would too! We are mortified that the Demoncratic party is in charge now by STEALING the election and we are terrified of what it means for our wonderful country!!!

  54. edke says:

    One thing for sure, if a third party Patriot is formed, they will never win an election. It just destroys any chance of Conservatives winning an election.

  55. Benny Angelo says:

    We going to need to work on getting back this country

  56. Cheryl says:


  57. Nancy Courtney says:

    I am considering it as I want to belong to a political party that has a pro-life platform and cares about the people, including the babies born and unborn and all stages of life. I also want the evil of Pedophilia to be exposed and Justice be the rule of a moral people.

  58. Andre Vassallo says:

    I am a registered independant. I have been waiting for a vialble third party to join. I voted for President Trump twice. I would hope the new party would be a little more Idealistic and embrace enviromental concerns a little more.

  59. Joyce Medford says:

    I will join the new political party.

  60. Greg Pantos says:

    The wacko biden one nation in liberty…not liberty and justice for all..there is going to be no liberty..for all… Just liberty for non the cartel or like terrorist from other countries and illegals in this country… Just face it we are done… To many democrats socialist.. This country will become a communist country.. And Americans can not do anything.. They will be arrested and put in jail forever. But when the Chinese communist come in .. You better learn their language ir be shot. You better do what they say or be shot… This is the future of America…

  61. Elizabeth W Wells says:

    Yes! I will follow the President who LOVES America, and that is Donald Trump. He did great things for our country and the Democrats and some Republicans will undo it!

  62. Charlottelee Smith says:

    Yes by all means we will stand by president Trump in everything he does we all need to stand for what is right and I do not agree with what has been done it is evil by evil and I pray for president Trump and his family and I’m praying for our country

  63. Janice says:

    Yes, I would join. There’s no voice for me and millions of other people like me. I feel like we have a one party system now because the Republicans don’t represent us. They don’t fight for the people who elected them. They line their pockets just as much as the Democrats do. The Democrats don’t allow free speech or differing opinions and the Republicans agree with them. We need a party to represent us.

  64. Elly says:

    Count me in! We need a new brand, a new party and more real Patriots, like President Trump to weed out the corrupt politicians in Washington. We need a fresh start in this country. Donald Trump needs Senators, Congress members and staff to support this movement to wipe out the current establishment and start fresh. He needs loyalty in the Media and he needs trustworthy social media to crush the current systems in place. Our media and social media should be for everyone, without threats of censorship. Thank you for including me.

  65. Justin Derrick says:

    I’m in heart and soul!

  66. DAVID RIVERA says:

    75 million voted for President Trump!the democrats stole, &cheated .dominion fraud machines ,myself &family Trump 2024.add another 50 million after 4 years of ripping off the people .

  67. Lee Morgan says:

    Count wife and I in! Will follow president Trump. The true president that has done more for our country than any other. The most honest president…always ahead, always correct, and always honest with the American people! Still ready to flush that toliet called DC!

  68. Carolyn Coburn says:

    I definitely will sign up! When?

  69. Sandra says:

    Yes! Sign me up!
    I will always choose good over evil. The country is going to get very dark with Biden in office. Trump will be the light of America!
    I hear April 2021 will be an awakening for Pro-Trump Supporters and Christians. Stand firm.

  70. Patriot Veteran says:

    If Trump backed, where do I sign up? And it MUST believe in term limits and changes to how they are paid and compensated, no voting yourself raises and compensation/pension benefits and they have the same health care the people have.

  71. John cook says:

    Absolutely and my entire family! We have to stop communism

  72. Katherine Simmons says:

    I am definitely all in, something has to be done, because the Republicans in office are just as corrupt as the DemonRats, they are all part of the swamp, too interested in maintaining their lifestyles and dirty dealing to care about this country and the people in it. It is a disgrace that the DemonRats were allowed to blatantly cheat, and nobody in Washington seems to care. They have allowed a criminal, that sold this country out to become president, and a whore that got in office on her back and her knees, to become vice president, and who will soon, be president, when they ship Dementia Joe off to a home. We are walking around with a huge target on our backs, because these two unprincipled idiots will sell us to the highest bidder, and our enemies are just licking their chops. The corruption in Washington has to be stopped and we need to get our country back.

  73. Sam Seccurra says:

    I would join in a heartbeat. I’m fed up with the Republican Party and how they have no backbone to stand up to the “Dumrats”. At least with Trump as our leader, we will know where we stand.

  74. Sheri Blalock says:

    Absolutely 100% yes! I WILL support
    President Trump

  75. Isaac Southwick says:

    Not only would I be willing to join. I would be willing to run for office in this party. I have considered myself an independent my whole life, but if there is a party that I could identify with, it would probably be started by President Trump. Not always have I been a fan of everything he has said, but his actions have always spoken louder than words. I am a patriot in my heart. God, Family, the USA (Constitutional), in that order. I believe if he does, he needs to get the Libertarians and Constitutional Party to unite with him.

  76. President Trump, is the Best President, since President Lincoln! As an outsider he came in to accurately call people out who have been stealing from the American people for years! He tried to get our country going in the right direction, however had to endure the Lefts BS for almost 5 years! It was so pathetic the Democratic politicians should be ashamed of the selves!

  77. Loretta Cogar says:

    I’m independent & vote for who I believe has the best family values and believes in GOD & this Country, also that they will do as they said. DJT was the best President we’ve ever had. He carried out most all the promises made to the American People working for the people through the adversity, theft & hatred that was thrown at him. Yes I would vote for him again.

    • I support President Donald J. Trump wholeheartedly and would absolutely bite ft him again!!! I would be very happy to be part of the Patriot Party. I am so sck of the weak spined Republicans and the DEMONcrats!!!!

  78. Paul Goulet says:

    [email protected]#k yes I would join! In a heartbeat! Because I am a Patriot!

  79. Catina L Wilson says:

    Unless the Republican party pursues rectifying the fraudlent election, I will most certainly pursue either ousting those that are there, or switching to a fresh new party.

  80. Kenneth Jones says:

    NO Trump’s new party will only split our opposition making the Dems stronger

    • ~roy says:

      Kenneth – Is that your final answer?
      You seem to think an idea, once manifested, stays the same (is static).
      Have you ever seen a group of sincere, vibrant, and motivated individuals with a shared vision turn into something more than a movement?
      Is the glass of water you see half full, or half empty?
      Do you ever swim at the deep end of the pool?
      You are not alone in being cautious.
      Perhaps you see a better, more effective idea for rescuing America?

  81. JEFF R. says:

    YES SIR, YOU HAVE 110% support!!!
    Lets make America Great for the 2nd time.

  82. Rod says:

    My whole family is in…

  83. Charlie says:

    Yes I will.

  84. Shonna says:

    I am in! The dems are a bunch of wicked, unGodly people and the Reps are joining them as well seems like.

  85. Russ says:

    President Trump has my support if he runs for office again. One of the best Presidents that the USA has ever had.🇺🇸

    • Kh says:

      Everyone that commented is right. Trump was the best ever President! If he doesn’t run again I plan to never vote again. My vote doesn’t matter,we can see that with the last election.


    I AM IN! In the mean time why don’t we start a grass roots program to impeach mayors and governors that did nothing about the riots. We would need petitions by state. Then we also go after congress and senators on a national level for those that paid bail on violent protesters. That alone is a large Democratic list.

  87. Tammy says:

    Definitely count me in…sick of the corruption!

  88. Mar says:

    Yes, yes, yes. We are waiting for Trump to do that. Count me in

  89. Robert Miller says:

    My wife and I are both in

  90. Patriot-For-Sure says:

    A New Political Party of this Nature…. This will show JUST HOW MANY TRUE AND FAITHFUL AMERICANS THERE REALLY ARE …..That actually got screwed over with a Fraudulent Election.!! Sure hope this Political Party gets off the ground and rolling……Just might bring back America and Keep America Great.!!!

  91. Chester Havens says:

    I will join
    I will stand with him.

  92. This is the MOST EXCITING thing I have heard for awhile!! Trump is certainly THREE Steps ahead! There will be millions of Americans that will be right there with him! The only thing that changed Today Jan 20, 2021. Is that both Parties are Rotten to the core and let this happen! Time the American People took a stand for what is right!! God Bless President Trump and our Great Country!

  93. Vicki Reynolds says:

    Of course without question I will join. Let’s get it started asap.

  94. Linda Jay says:

    I will definitely join President Trump’s Patriots Party. President Trump is the BEST PRESIDENT EVER OR EVER WILL BE! GOD BLESS HIM AND HIS FAMILY. LOVE YOU PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP! ❤️🇺🇸🙏🙏🚂

  95. Perks says:

    Where do I sign?

  96. Melissa A Graves says:

    I STAND WITH AMERICA. The standing parties no longer STAND for the people. Will ABSOLUTELY sign up.

    • Ronelle e Kumjian says:

      I agree. This would be the only route to take and if it does not go, then I switch to independent. Both other parties are not concerned about our republic.

  97. Angela says:

    Definitely, in a heartbeat! Love our true legal President Trump!

  98. Im on board an so are my sons and Husband. Count the Garcia’sin

  99. Deborah J Clare says:

    Bring it on, I would definitely sign up for the “Patriot Party”. Let’s go!!

  100. Rhonda Templin says:

    Yes, I’m on board to join the Patriot Party! The other two parties no longer reflect American values.

  101. Linda Ewing says:

    YES! We stand with President Trump all the way in what ever he does
    He will always be our President.
    Something needs to be done with this rats that are taking over the country we can not let the radical left and repubicans run this nation

  102. Larry o says:

    I think that would be a gift to the democrats.and im not in a giving mood.we need to clean house in the pri maries.

  103. Frank Brumley says:

    Sad to say! The Republican Party and our justice system has been infiltrated and corrupted by the anti America democrat party. I’m afraid that their corruption and deep state has deprived we the people of a fair and honest government. A new powerful party holding to the patriot American constitutional values must be generated as soon as possible. The Republican Party now must be left behind. It no longer hold total we the people values! Again sad to say.🥺

  104. Herbert Onash says:

    Sign me up . This is a say day when fraud Trumps Good .

  105. DEENA RUTH SARIA says:

    sign me up

  106. Morrie says:

    I hope he does. I would join immediately! Maybe alot of moderate demorats will join as well once they see what the Rat party and Biden/Harris do to our country in the next 2 years. If this is a way to get rid of the Rhinos I’m all for it!

  107. Shelia Howlett says:

    Sign me up!

  108. Barbara Morroe says:

    I will be first in line for a new party with PRESIDENT TRUMP AND REAL PATRIOTIC AMERICANS WITH VALUES!!!! LET US MAKE i.vAMERICA GREAT!!!!!!!

    • Susan Hobson says:

      I feel that this is a great idea. Both Republicans and Democrats have failed the people. It is evident that they are weak and are only looking out for themselves. They have stacked the government with has beens who weren’t worth spit on there best day.

  109. Jerry Emerson says:

    yes, faster than it took to dive a WWII diesel submarine

  110. Leon Lurie says:


    • Maria Fekete Lavicska says:

      Yes, sing me up, please.
      I would like the president, who does something, like Mr. Trump, and not just says something. Thank you for you this last four years.

  111. Diana says:

    Count me in no one party system we need a true American Party no corruption!!!!

  112. J. A. McCaslin says:

    I hope he doesn’t, HISTORY repeating itself, Teddy Roosevelt tried the same and it didn’t work.
    He should work to reform the Republican party

    • I agree with cooler heads. The infrastructure is in place, just need to primary out the weak [There’s a reason the saying is “The land of the free and the home of the brave,” because our freedoms are based upon Patriots being brave].
      The Left has awakened a sleeping giant, let’s not play into their schemes to “divide and conquer” us.

  113. This party should have been created from the start.
    Yes, count me in!
    Thank You very much!
    “The people…are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.”

    -Thomas Jefferson, Letter to James Madison, 1787

  114. John Rodgers says:

    Both parties are corrupt and top heavy with self serving politician. Term limits are sorely needed.
    We need a strong 3rd party that is actually electable to remove any 1 side from control.
    We need a party dedicated to following the constitution, putting America and the middle class 1st, promoting personal responsibility and the rule of law while serving the nest interest of our citizens.
    I would join a party and leave Republicans if such a party came to fruition.

  115. Donna says:

    I feel that although a great idea, a new party would only split up the Republicans into two much less powerful groups as I doubt any Democrats would join up. Therefore, the Democrats would reign even stronger. I would like to see the Patriot Party replace the Republican Party!

    • Donna says:

      And most definitely Term Limits need to be put in place for both the House & Senate as well as cutting off all the Benifits that they carry with them for life. All Members of Congress should carry their own Medical Insurance!!! They are Public Servants, not Royalty!!!

    • Louise says:

      And most definitely Term Limits need to be put in place for both the House & Senate as well as cutting off all the Benifits that they carry with them for life. All Members of Congress should carry their own Medical Insurance!!! They are Public Servants, not Royalty!!!

    • My dad had a small business he grew for decades, which was well-respected in our town. When he sold it the buyer required he be able to keep the name as changing the name would confuse old customers.
      Same thing here. Keep the name but under “New Patriot Management.” Will save a lot of headaches.

  116. Scott says:

    I predicted he would do this! I’m all in! RINO’s need not apply!

  117. Wayne says:

    When Republicans had control of gov they basically did get nothing accomplished. We need a party that is for the people who love our Constitution and do everything to protect and follow it. If tha Patriot party would have enough enthusiastic Congress people to make a difference I would definitely support it but we do not need another failed party like the Republicans. I would need to see how they would handle social media.

  118. Stephen Cooke says:

    We would both join immediately. It is sorely needed.

  119. Steve S says:

    We the people are no more!! Let’s get back to being an AMERICAN. I’m in!!!

  120. Ryan says:

    I would not. Because with no actual resistance. The domestic terrorists of BLM and Antifa would successfully loby to habeb”Patriot Party” designated as a criminal organization and hate group.

    • Confer with the commercial professionals, don’t be novices trying to “reinvent the wheel.”
      Remember when Coke changed the name of one of their top products–which cost them millions to do so–and had to trash that program as the public is so easily confused.

  121. Frank Becktol says:

    Yes it is time the career politation can not be trusted they are soft in their jobs many are there to turn a dollar our founding fathers were honorable they pledged there lifes and liberty and most importantly their sacred Honor They believed in GOD

  122. I’m so happy that President Trump is finally leaving the hell hole he and his family have been living in for the past 4 years. He deserves a better life ahead of the next 4 years until he can return in 2024. The sickness in the so called American Washington government is afflicting serious harmful division in our country. We are in serious trouble in this country under a Biden Presidency. Beware of the Communist agenda ahead. Biden is illegitimate and not my President. I am so disgusted with our voting process and do not trust it. If Trump starts the Patriot Party, I will certainly join it. America cannot trust the political parties in place. The citizens of our country need to take back control instead of Congress and the Senate. We need to vote them out. Today is a very sad day

  123. Laura says:

    Yes 100%- we need a new party for what the people stand for and believe in! Too much corruption and distrust with the parties we have. I’ll be glad to change my status to the Patriot party!

  124. Ken says:

    I would consider it with conditions. Primary would be to see ALL the evidence claimed to back the fradulent election that no judge in any state, to include the US supreme court, petitioned would even consider. Facts, dates, transcripts, subpoenas, affidavits, et all. Secondary would be to hear a viable rationale as to why this effort failed and how the creation of “The Patriot Party” while sounding good will do anything other than dilute conservative votes to benifit demoncrats?

    • Merlin Christensen says:

      I agree! Back in 1992 Ross Pero ran as a third party for president. He only succeeded in diluting the republican votes thus denying George H W Bush a second term as president and enabling Bill Clinton to be elected president. Rather than a third party we need to unify the republican party. Right now it seems like we have three branches, the traditional branch, the Lincoln branch and now the Trump branch. Bring all three together and we will have a party that can and will defeat the democrats.

    • Merlin says:

      I agree! Back in 1992 Ross Pero ran as a third party for president. He only succeeded in diluting the republican votes thus denying George H W Bush a second term as president and enabling Bill Clinton to be elected president. Rather than a third party we need to unify the republican party. Right now it seems like we have three branches, the traditional branch, the Lincoln branch and now the Trump branch. Bring all three together and we will have a party that can and will defeat the democrats.

  125. Michael Wynne says:

    Where do I go in order to sign up? The Republicans seem to lack the courage of their convictions, and the Democrats have never given any indication that they HAVE any convictions (or acquittals, either, insofar as that is concerned)!

  126. Nadine Allen says:

    I would sign up for the Patriot Party! We need a party that is actually FOR THE PEOPLE.

  127. John Tucker says:

    Make it happen. Let’s do this!!!!

  128. Hal Oates says:

    I have supported President Trump since he won the nomination in 2016, and I believe the need for another political party is as great as ever. The Democrats are everything bad about politics and most of all corrupt and dishonest. The Republicans aren’t much better, but far more cowardly. Both parties seem to represent themselves and not the American people. MAGA!

  129. Linda says:

    Yes. That’s exactly what we need.

  130. Tim says:

    Yes I would join. In a heart beat. Let’s do it

  131. Joe Rodriguez says:

    I am 100% all in! I’m so done with the China Mitch McConnell RINO party! “Patriot Party” will be the winning party sign me up! 👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  132. Adrienne Jackson says:


  133. Michael Zukatis says:

    Yes absolutely

  134. MrPatriot says:

    Yes I would, it is time for a new party that works for the people!

  135. Carole slaterline says:

    Yes I would. Sick of the dems and the republicans that are good get treated bad by the spineless self serving republicans. We need a new party. Great move. Go Trump

  136. Charles Helm says:

    Please sign me up!!!

  137. George Steven Feys says:

    Please do so. We are and will remain behind you, for America, for our families, for the world.

  138. Charles Helm says:

    President Trump did more for this Country in four years than any President in history !!!

  139. Sandy says:

    After waking up to the cheating, lying, criminal behavior of both parties I would welcome a party that I could believe in.

  140. Joe Mayercheck says:

    Yes yes yes. My vote will count then

  141. Redhawk says:

    It’s time that President Trump did
    You can never depend on those soy republican politicians who have taken a knee to all things socialist
    They will sell you out in a heartbeat
    When President Trump starts this the republicans and dem part will go the way of the dodo bird

  142. Brenda Cox says:

    Yes, I would join the Patriot Party if they had good values.

    • Kay Hendren says:

      I have been registered as a Republican for 55 years, but yes I would change because with all the fraud in this
      election & with the amount of republicans that would choose not to stand up for it, I would change parties.

  143. Patriot says:

    Sign me up!
    Signed: formerly “Republican” for many years, awaiting my renewed Voters Registration card with freshly minted “Independent” in it. Dump GOP, damn the DEM.
    Party of TRUMP is the ONLY way forward!!!

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