Trump’s Promise to WWII Vets (Video)

( – In a recent digital meeting with four World War II veterans on the 80th anniversary of D-Day, former President Donald Trump promised them a special visit to the Whitе House if he wins the 2024 election.

Watch the video below.

Trump connected with veterans Donald Cobb, Steve Melnikoff, George Cross and Harold Radish while traveling on Trump Force One to Arizona.

“Well, it’s an honor to listen to you. It’s a real honor,” Trump told the veterans. He encouraged them to share their stories and assured them, “I have all the time you want. I hope you can hear me okay.”

One of the veterans replied, “I can hear you … stay healthy and keep up a good fight in November.”

Trump then issued an invitation: “I think we’re going to, and I just want to thank you all, and I’ll make you a deal. I’ll see you in the White House in January, okay? You’ll be my first group. I’ll see you in the White House in January, okay?”

Trump later reflected on the conversation on Truth Social and expressed his admiration for the veterans.

“A great honor to speak with four wonderful D-Day Heroes — Donald Cobb, Steve Melnikoff, George Cross, and Harold Radish, from my plane going to Arizona. I LOVE YOU ALL, see you in the White House!” he said.

Meanwhile, the 80th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy, France, was marked by a ceremony attended by Joе Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron, along with about 150 American veterans.

CNN reported that eleven American veterans received the Legion of Honor during the event, France’s highest accolade for military and civil merits.

Biden took the opportunity to compare the Nazi occupation of parts of Western Europe to Russia’s recent actions in Ukraine in his remarks.

“History tells us freedom is not free. If you want to know the price of freedom, come here to Normandy,” Biden stated.

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