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Twitter: Trump Will Never Be Allowed Back

Many supporters of former President Trump are wondering what social media platform he will now use or if he’ll ever be back on Twitter, where he was the most followed account on that platform.

Yesterday, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Twitter told CNBC that Trump would never be allowed back on Twitter – even if he’s re-elected President in 2024.

The CFO was asked by CNBC’s Becky Quick, “If [Trump] came back and ran for office again and was elected president would you allow him back on the platform?”

The CFO responded: “So, the way our policies work, when you’re removed from the platform, you’re removed from the platform whether you’re a commentator, you’re a CFO, or you are a former or current public official…Our policies are designed to make sure that people are not inciting violence. And if anybody does that, we have to remove them from the service, and our policies don’t allow people to come back.”

Watch the video below and share your opinion in the comment section. Do you believe Twitter was right or wrong to ban Trump? Do you think Twitter is biased against Trump and Trump supporters?



  1. Howard Rampy says:

    Twitter is a sorry excuse for Anyone. Such a sorry hateful, vengeful buch of fools.
    May you see justice soon for your actions. America does not care for you anymore….

  2. Rollie says:

    Twitter just put the nail in their coffin. W/O Trump they will lose their users and with that their advertising revenue. I will just move over to whatever site Trump ends up on. FYI he would be smart to start up his own internet site so he didn’t have to deal with these spoiled socialistic kids who are tearing down our country.

  3. bruce says:

    Twitter is a contradiction of its own policies about talking about violence, They favored and hid Osama bin Laden’s incitement of genocide in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and hid his whereabouts as an international terrorist from the CIA, and Interpol. They are a prime mover in the new socialist counter-culture here in the USA and the free world.

    • Don Cordell says:

      Twitter is a place for garbage and fake news hopefully our great president Trump will start a real social media network also now the fake impeach ment is over the repulicans should start real impeachments Loudmouth Maxine Watters hollywood ChuckShumer Nancy i hate all repulicans come to China town Pelosi Harris Saying President Trump and vice pres. Pence should be dead also bail for terriost burning and looting rapist and murders wanting prosters burning and looting

  4. Susan says:

    what blessed people in this country fighting for our Wonderful TRUMP. What a hateful people we have in this country. wonder how they we be when the useless president we have now and before when we had Obama. What a mess we have had to give up our future to those other presidents. O and bum nuts sure were a great team what a laugh and ignorance.Go TRUMP. We love ya

  5. Elizabeth says:

    The Dems are saying Trump instigated the DC riots. He didn’t. These are the same hypocrites who watched cities burn,people’s businesses being destroyed, police being attacked and people killed BUT turned their eyes away and ignored it all. They even called it “peaceful demonstration”. What a farce. They are using a kangaroo court to prosecute President Trump when they are the ones who allowed their hired goons to go wild all during Trump’s presidency. But then, it was justified because it was them. We were told we weren’t even allowed to talk about it.

    • Don Cordell says:

      Every time i post you say i already posted you are nothing but a lying hipocriate part of fake news wont post truth.

    • Don Cordell says:

      Every time i post you say i already posted you are nothing but a lying hipocriate part of fake news wont post truth.kiss my ass you garbage

  6. bev dooley says:

    Trump doesn’t care about twitter He knows we all still support him and love him He did more for this country than any other liberal or republican He exposed the swamp and the rats are mad they have lost their minds He is smarter than they are and has shown how rotten the government really operates only to line their pockets with our tax money there should be term limits

  7. P.B. says:

    We all know here that if it were a demonrat that supposedly said something, they would be excused and nothing would be said about it anymore, they would move to cover it up right away. The DIMWIT party is pulling their apron strings right now and Twitter will not go against these morons. If biden said something to violate their stupid policies, Twitter would cover that up so quick you wouldn’t believe it even happened. This was Trump, a Billionaire in this country who decided to run for office to make this country a better place and safer place for us all to live, that took him off the money trail for the dems, they can’t go running to the Billionaire money man to fund their re election campaigns anymore, that makes the dems pissed now and he chose to run against them and to do the things he promised the American people, that pissed the dems off again, he also chose to not be in their back pockets so they can control him and everything he does. In the Washington swamp, that is a bad thing. SO now Trump is a dangerous man because they cannot control him like they tried to do with osama the black islamic dictating idiot who went around the world and apologized for big bad America, shame on us for being a strong country. They want to bring us down to the pits of hell, but that is where they are all going to end up, and they will beg for mercy, but it will never come because of the things they did to this country to deliberately destroy everything good about us. So screw Twitter and the rest of these filthy demonrat pigs today.

  8. Corri says:

    If you think clearly about this, Twitter is a private business. They have the right to set their policies, just like a restaurant has the right to their policies, for instance: you have to wear a shirt to take part in their services so as not to offend others, or you may have to wear shoes partake at their business. Or like an amusement park may set limits on who can go on some rides. Or, a realtor or a lawyer may decide that they don’t want to work with you. That’s their right. It’The same goes for internet businesses. They are not government businesses. They are private entities. So twitter, as well, has the right to choose their clients. Any business has this right according to our constitution as long as they are not doing so because of race, creed, or color. That’s the way it is, folks. Let’s be mature grown ups about the truth of this. There will always be something that each of may want to be different. However, it is in abiding by the laws of the country that we can co-exist without violence. I don’t want to see anyone hurt, democrat or republican. And our constitution upholds that without taking individual liberties from us. Our forefathers gave deep thought and consideration to creating a country for all people who respect each other. I’m thankful for that privilege and our country.

  9. Micala says:

    That Twitter CEO looks like a clone from the 60’s, a Mr. Dudley Dogood to be exact. He also looks like an “eternal kid” who has never grown up but stayed this little child inside who is afraid of controversy…that’s why “TWITHAVEN” has those ridiculous policies.

    Anyone with half a brain doesn’t use that website because it is SOCIALISM in its first form: “Be a good little drone and do what I tell you or you don’t get any more playtime on this website.” Yes motherwebsite!🤪

    Actually when P.T. started to use Twithaven to send messages to the citizens, I wrote him a lengthy email telling him that communicating on Twithaven was very unPresident like and he needed to stop using that website– it was beneath his station as President of the U.S. Of course, he ignored my comment because he could “vent” directly at the public and make his point better. So he did.

    My guess is if President Trump runs for President in 2024 and wins (which is likely),
    before that time he will engineer his own Social Media website where Patriots and Freedom Lovers will reign! With his own website, P.T. doesn’t need a Twithaven, Facebook, etc. to send his messages but can do so whenever he wants. Better yet, he should have access to a satellite which he can use also.

    These things may be happening as I write this because P.T. has been quiet, staying out of the spotlight lately. But something is happening behind the scenes — besides that illegal and UNCONSTITUTIONAL CIRCUS in Congress.


    So what are the demonic dems trying to pull here?!? They orchestrated that destruction of our Capitol by their own offspring demon dogs and are trying to pin that on our President? Whoa, that’s another whole level of evil sickness! That is a load of CaCa and it all came straight from the dem’s twisted and emotionally impacted immature brains.



    • Deanna foster says:

      Twitter is just like fb and other media it is liberal and the Democrats run you. You allowed all kinds of really nasty things on twitter from the idiot so called Hollywood people. You are disgusting.

    • Angela Hausen says:

      Yes, that would be a perfect solution for P.T. to create his own Social Media website. His supporters should boycott Twitter immediately. I am.

  10. Brenda Crandall says:

    Or the child pics. One boy asked to take his pic off there, they wouldn’t. They love pedophiles.

  11. Sharon says:

    Ok then I guess closing my account is permanent!!!

  12. rick says:

    This bunch of communist, utopian airheads needs to be taken down, & NOW! But good luck with that, as we, the people, have NO representation in government on either side of the aisle!

  13. ann mitchell says:

    If you ban people because they speak about causing harm to others, why hasn’t Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi been banned??? Waters even went far enough to suggest that Democrats go to people they thought were TRUMP supporters and disrupt their meals while they were eating out. Pelosi has said she wanted to go pull the President out of the Oval Office by his hair. Isn’t this OFFENSIVE??????

    • Brookman Allen says:

      Sounds like violence to me

    • Pat Riot says:

      Nope! Not violence! Violence is only when they don’t agree with you. Then, anything you say, is violence, even if you say, go pat a puppy on the head, that’s violence, because what you are really saying is get a hammer and bash the puppy’s brain in! Or if you now your neighbor’s lawn, or clean up the snow! That’s violence, if you are a progressive commie, because it’s passive aggressive and you are doing it to spite and provoke them! If you look their way, that’s violence, because you are racist, no matter who they are and who you are, especially if you say that “all lives matter” because for progressives only certain lives matter. Etc. You got the picture.

  14. sharon says:

    Question to ask any Democrat: If I were to say I believe President Trump instigated the riot at the capital, would you say that the election was stolen?Don’t worry…they never will.

  15. Carl Mac says:


  16. SHARON L CAREY says:

    If the FBI and the DC police knew about the insurrection at the Capital before hand, where were they? If that is all they can do to defend us, there is no hope for us. I am off the subject,but it really gets me mad. I have never tweeted and never will. I hope many, many people will cancel their accounts.

  17. Linda says:

    Twitter must be a bunch of twitts! All kidding aside, they are WRONG to silence Trump when they allow so much worse from the left. I will NEVER belong to Twitter or Facebook again. These companies are basically playing politics and the double standards are truly despicable. Half of this country still support Trump; I do and so do the many friends and relatives of mine that are still on board. We may be quiet but we are here. We love Trump cause he works himself to death for the American people. All of you on the left, ask yourselves, if the message came from someone else, wouldn’t you be on board too? Grow up and do what best for our country. Support a man who truly loves America and is willing to take total abuse for it. He did so many good things for America while being attacked and slandered every day. And he put America first, which is something old Joe is already destroying. When your taxes go up to 50% like they are in other countries with socialized medicine, will YOU be happy to live on half your income? When old Joe gives illegals more benefits than you and your own children will ever get, will you be happy to foot the bill? You’re a bunch of idiots. And if you think for one moment that we ever had open borders, don’t be ignorant…study up on your history. There have always been quotas and you had to be in perfect health to get in; I know this from my own family history. One cousin was sent back to Poland three times due to a small infection, while her entire family, including her own children, were allowed in; separating them for years. This happened 118 years ago; at a time when there was only a fraction of our population today and still an abundance of cheap land and opportunity. Just educate yourselves by reading our history. Try to keep an open mind, so don’t just listen to mainstream media which is so terribly biased.

    • Pat Riot says:

      Amen Linda! Dumb commies think there’s something as a free lunch! Let them wake up to find out that it’s free for those who steal from we the people! No wonder Lenin called these people “useful Idiots” and that’s all they are fir their commie leaders. Time to fight back and hit them hard! Time to put America first and bring all these idiots down!

    • Pat Riot says:

      Amen Linda! Dumb commies think there’s something as a free lunch! Let them wake up to find out that it’s free for those who steal from we the people! No wonder Lenin called these people “useful Idiots” and that’s all they are fir their commie leaders. Time to fight back and hit them hard! Time to put America first and bring all these idiots down, one way or another!

  18. Susan says:

    I’m deleting my Twitter account President Trump Was the greatest President we had in Decades It’s Disgraceful how they’re treating Our President Biden will never be my President The 1st hoax Impeachment Trial was all B.S. I watched the trial I knew wasn’t real . Now the #2 is nothing but personal Vendetta Against President Trump The Democrats I pray all get thrown in jail . That’s where they belong . There so Greedy Crooks and they don’t want President Trump To run again cause they can’t line their pockets I have one Respect for them at all . President Trump not the Blame at all for the Rioting.. Biden is destroying America . He didn’t win . President Trump got over 75M votes Biden got 68M ? What can We do to get Trump back in the W.H. I wish that There could’ve been a New Election With Trumps Supporters Vote at one place Separate that would be a Miracle & NO more Mail in votes this Election was Stolen so badly from our Great President Trump I really wish US The Patriots The People Cando Something I say impeach Biden he’s Incompetent to Run our Country . He’s no leader he’s a Puppet for the Democrats.. We NEED OUR REAL DEAL PRESIDENT TRUMP Back We Miss & love you . What injustice the whole farce it’s so SAD President Trump did a incredible Job running the USA and Everything he said he did it He’s a fine Gentleman Too
    I Pray that All Ends Soon He will Win the trial too . Thank you so much President D Trump . Long time fan of yours I’m a NEW Yorker TO . God Bless you and your family I wish you lots good Luck I ❤️You 🙏🏻❤️🤍💙 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  19. Mark says:

    The biggest question it seems very few, if any, are not asking is that how has ‘twitter’ (seemingly) proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that former President Trump did actually cause the violence that unfolded that fateful day…Did they ban Ms. Pelosi when she branded conservatives as Nazis? Did they ban all government and civic leaders from twitter when they applauded the extreme riots and violence of the past months regarding the black lives matter mess! Apparently not and she was actually recorded as saying that and the perpetrators to my knowledge were not resoundingly condemned by twitter either. Funny how liberals find that there are no ‘2’ sides of a coin!!!

    • JMH says:

      I agree with Mark, the hypocresy is absolutely discusting. Who needs Twitter, they are as their name suggests a bunch of Twitts. Where was the uproar at the BLM and Antifa BS that went on for 6 months in all the Democrat run cities. I dont care who pupetuates violence its wrong. How can they blame Trump for what happened in Washington, it was a pre organized set up. Why arent we hearing about any of the arrests and etc that went on. Makes you realize, silence in these circumstances shows complicity.

    • Melody McClure says:

      Exactly Mark!
      The twits / social media are judge & jury! They have already tried & convicted him!
      If the last 4-5 years is any indication, it wouldn’t matter anyway! He could be found totally and completely innocent, absolved of all wrong doing and the liberals, leftists and social media would still say he was guilty! Just as in the case of the Russian hoax!
      God bless America 🇺🇸 and God bless President Trump!

    • Pat Riot says:

      Oh, they know there are two sides to a coin alright! They just wan the coin to be a cheat coin, both sides with a face, their face, the red face of commies! No matter how they flip that coin, they know they win! That’s what demonrats, RINOs, modern day liberals, socialists, commies do: they cheat, they steal ejections, they rob John to give to Paul, they sell the country to their Chinese and Russian masters, etc.

  20. Lynda Rhoades says:

    There are numerous ways to communicate and other venues to be explored. GO FOR IT TRUMP.

  21. William Best says:

    Trump supporters support the Police and pray for them. We pray that all Law Enforcement Officers will be protected and given wisdom to see danger and avoid taking lives except when absolutely necessary.

  22. Tom says:

    I am with Frank. One wonders how many of TRUMP’s supporters are on Twitter and if they all quit using Twitter what that might do to Twitters bottom line? This
    solution to these dirty birds who have decided to attach free Speech? It also
    needs to be done to Face Book, Google and all of those who feel they are the one
    who decides what we can say and what we can’t. If you don’t like or disagree
    with what someone says doesn’t give you the right to censure them. In this
    Country we are suppose to have free speech????????????

  23. Stephane says:

    The person who made the USA the MOST FREE country on earth, allowing the tyrants their tyrannical control over the First Amendment of the Constitution, has been banned from HIS FIRST AMENDMENT of the CONSTITUTION RIGHT???????
    Is there a way to take down the rights of those tyrants?
    NO WEAPONS but lawful ways only!!!

    • Pat Riot says:

      Weapons are lawful. To fight against oppression is not only a right, but an obligation for all patriots. The right to keep and bears arms is the right to bring down a corrupt, abusive government, first and foremost, and that’s why all these commie liberals want to get guns off people’s hands. They know they are corrupt, they know they are abusive, they want to be above the law, and they fear the people’s patience may run out and there will be a reckoning! The day will come when they will see people raising with one voice and bringing them down, throwing them behind bars for the traitorous scum they are. All tyrants, sooner or later, fall, and they fall by the hand of the people.

  24. Sailorboy says:

    We in the USA are now dealing with the Zionist onslaught of the “Commie-Booger-Joos” just like Hitler warned us would happen.
    A Communist is an Absolute Atheist. This is a total WAR against everything Democratic and the Christian West-and the White Race!

  25. maxibaby says:

    SOOOOOOOO, Twitter “thinks/feels” DJT incited violence and has banned him for life!
    I guess it passes the “smell test” to Twitter but, how do they justify showing and not removing for life terrorist groups committing violence or tweets they publish on Twitter? Does this mean, to Twitter, inciting violence is worse than committing violence? Oh, let me answer!
    Terrorists=Supported by Dems/Twitter
    DJT=Hated by Dems/Twitter with TDS & TDW

  26. Doc Holiday says:

    I never signed up for Twitter so I don’t have Nothing to lose

  27. GME says:

    So, if the conclusion of the impeachment farce 2.0 concludes the FBI is correct and Trump did not incite violence but the 3 individuals who the FBI arrested, indicating they planned the riots and were responsible for the incitement, Twitter will still continue to blame President Trump for something he didn’t do, and still disregard the evidence that shows he asked for people to “peacefully march over to the capitol and let your voices be heard”…?

    Doesn’t sound very reasonable or logical the me…

    How about all the videos that have been shown of Democrats actually inciting violence…? Will Twitter ever ban any of those individuals (Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, etc.)….?

    Again, they only seem to be targeting conservatives, and that doesn’t sound very reasonable or logical to anyone…. other than hypocritical, brain dead Liberals… like Jack Dorsey.

  28. jessie yates says:

    I think Twitter should be dismantled and sold off. Because of it’s treason of our government and its support of the ccp and communist China.

  29. Edith Chase says:

    I agree with Mark Deter, Trump should not have been removed from Twitter, Facebook or any of the Social Media. I think it’s a shame what they’ve doing to him. There’s just no call for it.

  30. Rita says:

    I will continue to support president Trump,They don’t like him because he is uncovering all of their crap!!!! And just because they committed fraud and got him out of the white house doesn’t mean it’s going to stop him and they know that so that is the real reason they are trying to impeach him!!! They are scared!!!!

    • Sherry says:

      I agree with everyone that agrees with Trump. I have never been on Twitter and will never be again after this reply. I am not an imbecile like the Democrats want tou to believe, either.

  31. Sic&Tired says:

    How Stupid is TWITTER.??? They Must Be a Total “TWIT”.!!! IF, they are going to disallow Trump to use Twitter – Then they Mise Well disallow EVERYONE else to Not be Able to Use TWITTER.!!! – – – Funny How Our Society Seems to be Getting Dumber…Everyday. Not ALL Adults are Dumb – BUT, By ALL MEANS – There are one hell of a lot of Dumb Adults running around in this Country and those are the Ones that are Making Our Society a Cesspool.!! When You have S_ _ t, for Brains then You have a Cesspool of S_ _ t ….as a Society. Too Bad we can’t separate the Dumb A * * es.!! … From the Good and Smart Americans. Sure would be Great IF, We Could.!!! ????

    • Jimo says:

      Yes sir, couldn’t have said it better myself!!!

    • Jay says:

      There being bribed and causing treason to our great country and both is prison sentences and that up were they belong with no getting out. Pelosi is brain dead from her hippie years she doesn’t have any idea what really is happening at all

  32. twinlightwave45 says:

    The question is moot if one is not on twitter since many gave dumped it as a cesspool of radical anonymous blather.

  33. Mary Moore says:

    Freedom of speech

  34. Dog says:

    It is amazing how afraid these lefties are of Mr. Trump. If they had a platform that people could support and candidates that didn’t bad mouth their opponents, they might win some elections and be able to move their agenda forward. After some clever gerrymandering and 2 years of Sleepy Joe, 2022 will be a blood bath for the house Dems and the Senate Dems.

  35. Phyllis A Moore says:

    I will never tweet again.

    • Dottie says:

      I agree with u Phyllis. President Trump doesn’t need Twitter n neither do I. American people have had their eyes wide opened. Dems r editing riots that happened at Capitol to try n make President Trump held responsible when it’s a lie n American people r not buying it.
      President Trump is for peace, not violence!!! That’s the Dems way of handling things. Look at all the riots in other states n deaths…Dems r behind it!! GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP. AMERICAN PEOPLE STAND WITH YOU!!!

    • Dorothy says:

      I agree with u Phyllis. President Trump doesn’t need Twitter n neither do I. American people have had their eyes wide opened. Dems r editing riots that happened at Capitol to try n make President Trump held responsible when it’s a lie n American people r not buying it.
      President Trump is for peace, not violence!!! That’s the Dems way of handling things. Look at all the riots in other states n deaths…Dems r behind it!! GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP. AMERICAN PEOPLE STAND WITH YOU!!!

  36. Laurence says:

    Twitter and Facebook are monopolies that need some competition. Someone should start a service that maintains free speech and does not censor anything. Twitter’s banning of Trump is merely political spite – they are using his alleged “inciting” as an excuse to ban him.

  37. Bill says:

    So twitter needs to ban blm, antifa, maxine waters, aoc, schumer, pelosi, anything muslim, juan willians, a boatload if off the rail Trump haters…

  38. Frank Gordon says:

    ALL 75 Million Trump Supporters should BOYCOTT TWITTER!!!!

    • Robert says:

      You’re absolutely correct, but I don’t think it will happen! People claim that they support Trump, but their actions don’t reflect it!

  39. Mark Deter says:

    Trump should never have been quieted from twitter or facebook or any other social media. The liberals are afraid of him because he cant be bought. He never incited the riots in DC. There were BLM and antifa members there that causd the riots. Just like they have all over the country. But of course MSM wont talk about that.

  40. Lawrence says:

    If I’m still alive in 2024 I will still vote for TRUMP!

  41. Janet says:


    • fboteler says:

      Anybody, even if your brain dead, could see how phony these communist are. All honest conservative people should reject these jerks

  42. Deborah Griffin says:


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