University Bans DEI Mandates

( – Conservatives and common sense have achieved a new win as the Board of Governors of the University of North Carolina System has voted to rescind a policy that had been in effect for five years, which mandated the presence of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) offices across all 17 of its campuses.

This decision potentially reduces DEI positions throughout the system, The College Fix reports.

Previously, the policy required both the UNC system office and its universities to actively pursue DEI objectives.

The 24-member board made their decision through a voice vote; it is noted that two African American trustees opposed the new policy, according to WRAL Raleigh.

The resolution of the board spurred protests close to where the meeting was held, some escalating to violence, as reported by journalists present at the scene.

The newly adopted policy mandates that by September 1, each institution must certify that it adheres to “the university’s commitment to institutional neutrality and nondiscrimination.”

This directive also necessitates that each university prepare a report detailing any workforce reductions, budget cuts, alterations to job titles, and changes in job descriptions brought about by the enactment of this policy.

Furthermore, it outlines how the savings from these changes will be reallocated towards initiatives aimed at enhancing student success and well-being.

A fact sheet distributed by the Board of Governors after the vote clarified that the intention behind the policy is not explicitly to eliminate jobs, but rather to shift the universities away from engaging in administrative activism regarding social and political issues.

The board acknowledged that it would take time to assess the extent to which roles may need to be modified or eliminated to ensure alignment with the updated policy guidelines.

This policy adjustment places DEI roles in jeopardy, suggesting that such positions might either be terminated or require significant modification in their descriptions and titles that dissociate them from DEI, as reported by the Raleigh News & Observer.

Nonprofit fiscal watchdog Open The Books notes that the University of North Carolina system allocates at least $90 million annually on salaries and benefits for approximately 686 staff members involved in DEI activities.

The policy revision appears to permit certain DEI efforts to continue, particularly those linked to student success and performance, although these may need adjustments.

During the meeting, UNC System President Peter Hans emphasized the importance of students and faculty engaging with “competing ideas” while asserting that public universities should remain impartial on “political controversies.”

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