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University Stops Including Race in Crime Alerts

Here at Reclaiming America, we detest racism and bigotry. However, not including the race of a suspect in crime alerts is, well, moronic.


The University of Illinois at Chicago ended its practice of providing a suspect’s “race, ethnicity or national origin as a descriptor in public safety advisories,” in January 2021, according to an email from the university published by Young America’s Foundation,” according to The College Fix.

Four months later the university’s top law enforcement official said it has not harmed policing, but there appears to be no actual studies on the effectiveness.

“The new policy “will not impact our operations and our ability to apprehend perpetrators of criminal acts along with their prevention and deterrence of crime on the UIC campus,” Kevin Booker, the chief of police for the public university, said in an email to The College Fix…

“Booker did not answer a question about if the department could provide or would conduct any studies of the policy’s effectiveness. Nor did university spokesperson Sherri Gonzalez respond to similar questions from The Fix.

The decision is a proactive progressive measure balancing public safety with the potential negative perpetuation of stereotypes,” Gonzalez told YAF.” [emphasis added]

For more of this report, please go to The College Fix.

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