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Video: Anti-Trump Thugs Attack Cops

Yesterday, in what may be a preview of the violence that could come on Election Day, anti-Trump protesters in New York City attacked officers of the New York Police Department (NYPD).


“Cops and anti-Trump protesters clashed in Manhattan on Sunday, leading to at least 11 arrests, police said,” according to the New York Post

“A later clip shot by The Post shows protesters hurling insults at cops.

“‘It’s f–king New York City. There are people getting f–king raped and murdered,’ one protester taunts. ‘Go fight real crime, you f–king pathetic p–sies…’

“Anti-Trump demonstrators had gathered at Madison Square Park to confront pro-Trump caravans crisscrossing the New York region ahead of Tuesday’s presidential election.”

Warning: The following video contains extreme profanity and is NSFW.


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  1. Floyd says:

    No matter the outcome of the election, I am 100% supportive of our Police. If I can be of any help to them, please let me know. I donate money but am willing to stand on the line with them as well. How many people feel the same way?

  2. camille says:

    Why have people changed into these monsters now if they don’t get their own way?
    what has happened to America? Seems like all these childish games came about when Pelosi became House Speaker. Whatever happens, it is what it is!

  3. William "Bill" Moore says:

    God help us if joey touchy feely sniffy biden or camel faced kamala ‘heels up’ harris (her moniker as she began her career on her back screwing willie brown and has been screwing California with her leftist and plain old marxist ways for years) get in. That being said, these two worthless lying and thieving liberal buffoons are socialists and will turn the USA into the Venezuela of the north. It’s too late for some voters who’ve cast their ballots to have gotten ‘woke’ but those who’ve waited until November 3rd to vote will hopefully reelect Donald Trump. People don’t want some feel good namby pamby like joey biden as president, they want someone like Trump, who’s a businessman and not a politician and as a businessman Trump gets things done and doesn’t sugar coat BS and tell you it’s chocolate ice cream. Sadly in cases like this the majority of the thinking Americans sometimes have to deal with the repercussions of the actions of the clueless idiots who keep electing and in many cases reelecting worthless ‘non doer’ politicians who by virtue of their years in office have done little for anyone but themselves. California is a perfect example of this: there are many fools here who keep electing outright thieves (‘nasty’ nancy ‘pigliosi’, gavvy ‘giveaway the store for free’ newsom, dianne ‘frankenstein’ feinstein to name three but there are hundreds more complicit in turning California into one huge toilet) and liars who do nothing for the residents but flip them the ‘finger’ behind their backs, keep jacking up the costs of living and the taxes all while the place becomes more and more third world and in many places in the former golden state now golden only in the piss, feces, needles and garbage littering and stinking up the streets of San Francisco, the new ‘doo doo’ capital of the USA and making it unlivable. Why is this? .

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