VIDEO: Biden Crushed By Liberal Celebrity

Oliver Stone

( – In a recent interview, movie director Oliver Stone spoke about his regret over voting for President Joe Biden in the 2020 election. Stone is concerned that the president’s actions could lead to a major conflict between nations, potentially even World War III.

“I voted for him — I made a mistake!” Stone said, talking to actor Russell Brand.

You can watch a video of Stone crushing Biden further down this post.

The director is very disappointed with how the Biden administration has been managing the situation in Ukraine. He feels that the way things are being handled might cause a global crisis.

“This is a potential World War III,” Stone explained. “This is the same situation as World War I, in a sense. The stupidity of it — because of the alliances and the fears and the built-up phobias. If we don’t stop this, what Biden is doing, I voted for him — I made a mistake! — thinking that he was an old man now that he would calm down, he’d be more mellow and so forth. I didn’t see that at all.”

Stone continued to express his concerns about Biden’s leadership. He said, “I see a man [Biden] who maybe is not in charge of his own administration. Who knows [if] he’s going to fall down somewhere. It seems that he’s dragging us stupidly into a confrontation with a power that’s not going to give.”

Though Stone did not support former President Donald Trump, he voiced his frustration with Twitter for banning Trump in 2021. He called this decision “shocking” and criticized the increase in censorship in the country, pointing out that social media companies were doing this under the influence of the Biden administration.

President Biden has spoken about his dedication to providing ongoing military assistance to Ukraine, reaching $43 billion. In an unexpected turn, he has even connected this aid to a shortage of ammunition for U.S. troops. He used this issue as a reason for sending cluster bombs to Ukraine, a move that could have harmful consequences for civilians for a long time.

Here is the video: