Video: Biden Finally Admits The Truth

President Joe Biden

( – President Joe Biden went before cameras in the White House today and finally admitted a devastating truth that every working-class American has known for months.

“Average people are getting clobbered by the cost of everything today.”

Inflation is draining the checking accounts of hard-working Americans while the paltry increases in their paychecks – if there’s any increase at all – are not keeping up with the losses in spending power they’re suffering.

In short, Americans are falling behind in their ability to stay ahead of fast-rising costs for their daily living needs.

And, for Biden, who until today has consistently tried to convince Americans that inflation is not all that bad, to finally admit Americans are getting hurt, well, he must know the road ahead is still bad and probably getting worse.

As you’ll see in his admission caught on video below, Biden admits:

“Average people are getting clobbered by the cost of everything today. Gas prices at the pump are up. We’re working to bring them down, but they’re up. Food prices are up. Working to bring them down as well.”

Please watch the video of Biden below and then share your thoughts and opinions about Biden and his comments by emailing [email protected]. Are you getting clobbered by inflation? When was the last time you got a raise that accounted for inflation and resulted in a rise in the amount of money you have to spend after inflation? Are you better or worse off financially since Biden and Kamala Harris took office?