VIDEO: Biden Mocks Trump over COVID

President Joe Biden

( – President Joe Biden celebrated his recovery from his recent bout with COVID-19 with a White House speech in which he mocked former President Donald Trump for having to be rushed to a hospital by helicopter when he contracted the coronavirus in the fall of 2020.

You can watch the video of Biden further down this post.

After becoming infected with COVID-19 last week, Biden has recovered after experiencing “only mild discomfort.”

The president symbolically returned to work after he tested negative for the coronavirus twice – once on Tuesday evening and the second on Wednesday.

Biden bragged that he had managed to overcome COVID-19 easily thanks to having been vaccinated and twice boosted and that he was able to work the entire time that he was sick.

At the same time, though, he compared his coronavirus experience with Trump’s COVID-19 sickness almost two years ago.

While his main point was to tout the effectiveness of the coronavirus vaccines, Biden also seemed to ridicule his predecessor for panicking and rushing to receive emergency treatment.

“Here’s the bottom line: When my predecessor got COVID, he had to get helicoptered to Walter Reed Medical Center,” 79-year-old Biden declared, as cited by The Daily Mail. “He was severely ill. Thankfully he recovered. I got COVID; I worked from upstairs of the White House …. for the five-day period. The difference is vaccinations, of course,” Biden emphasized.

Trump has stressed his crucial role in the COVID-19 vaccine development, but Biden did not mention that fact.

As he announced that he had fully recovered from the coronavirus, Biden was greeted by a cheering crowd of staffers.

Their reaction has been seen by some as an indication that the president’s COVID-19 condition was more serious than they have revealed, practically playing down his symptoms.

Biden was greeted by an enthusiastic crowd of staffers, who whooped and cheered at the president’s arrival – belying the way the White House had tried to play down his symptoms.

“Walking out, I thought I heard rumbling … my staff saying, ‘Oh, he’s back,'” the president said, practically hinting at the same thing when he began his remarks.

According to the White House, Biden had caught the BA.5 coronavirus variant, which is presently causing a surge of infections worldwide.

“COVID isn’t gone,” the president warned before returning to the Oval Office.

Here is the video of Biden: