Video: Biden No Different Than Trump or Reagan, Says Psaki

Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump

( – In an attempt to stifle the ongoing criticism of her boss for having announced that he will only consider Black women for the opening on the United States Supreme Court now that Justice Stephen Breyer is retiring, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said today that what President Joe Biden is doing is no different than what Presidents Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump both did while they were in office.

You can watch the video of Psaki making those remarks further down this post.

When asked by a reporter how she would respond to U.S. Senator Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) statement that what Biden was doing by announcing he would select a Black woman to replace Breyer is “offensive,” Psaki noted both Reagan and Trump announced they would only choose a woman when they nominated Sandra Day O’Connor and Amy Coney Barrett, respectively.

Psaki further noted that Cruz didn’t complain when Trump announced he was limiting his choice to women only and that Cruz praised the selection of a woman during Barrett’s confirmation hearing. Psaki also stated that not a single Republican complained when Trump announced he would only choose a woman.

And then, going on offense in support of Biden’s determination to appoint a Black woman to the highest court in the land, Psaki stated:

“The president’s view is that after 230 years of the Supreme Court being in existence, the fact that not a single Black woman has served on the Supreme Court is a failure in the process, not a lack of qualified Black women to serve as Supreme Court Justices.”

Watch the video below and then email [email protected] with your reaction and opinion. Do you agree or disagree with Psaki’s statements that what Biden is doing is no different than what Reagan and Trump did when they were president? Why or why not?