VIDEO: Biden SHANKED By Dem Senator

( – Expressing what his party refuses to acknowledge in public, Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO) admitted that former President Donald Trump might decisively defeat Joe Biden in the upcoming November election.

Watch the video below.

Speaking on CNN, Bennet expressed concern about the race’s current trajectory, especially given Biden’s widely criticized debate performance on June 27.

“Donald Trump is on track, I think, to win this election, and maybe win it by a landslide,” Bennet stated.

He added that he was worried that such a victory could lead to Republicans gaining control of both the Senate and the House.

During a recent Senate caucus lunch, Bennet and other concerned Democratic senators discussed the precarious position Biden finds himself in.

He pointed out the contrast in polling from previous elections, noting, “Joe Biden was nine points up at this time – the last time he was running. Hillary Clinton was five points up.”

Bennet stated the situation was dire and framed it as a “moral question about the future of our country,” urging his colleagues to confront the real possibility of Trump’s reelection.

“I think that we could lose the whole thing,” he reiterated and signaled a deep worry about the Democratic party’s prospects in the upcoming elections.

Although Senators Jon Tester (D-MT) and Sherrod Brown (D-OH) were also reported to share Bennet’s concerns, specifics of their comments during the closed-door meeting were not disclosed by Bennet.

Meanwhile, Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) is rumored to be drafting a letter urging Biden to consider stepping aside, a sentiment echoed by other Democrats like Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey.

Bennet criticized the Biden administration’s current campaign strategy, or lack thereof, arguing that the White House has not demonstrated a clear plan to secure victory in critical swing states this November.

“They need to do that,” he insisted, “If we just sit on our hands … that’s going to be a huge tragedy beyond epic proportion.”

While no Senate Democrats explicitly called for Biden to drop out during the meeting, the discussion highlighted a palpable sense of urgency and concern among party members about the upcoming election.

For his part, Biden has vowed to stay in the race despite challenges, including concerns about his age and mental fitness to continue leading the nation.

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