VIDEO: Bill Maher Shows Exactly What’s Wrong with the Left

Bill Maher

( – The biggest problem with the Democratic Party at present is that it is increasingly progressivist and failing to serve as a proper “lawyer” – or representative – for its original electoral groups, which is causing it to lose voters, according to HBO host Bill Maher.

You can watch the video of Bill Maher further down this post.

In a commentary entitled “You’re Not My Lawyer” on the last episode of his show Real Time, Maher, a well-known liberal comedian, lambasted the Democrats for turning increasingly “woke” and transgenderist, losing support among groups such as women, Hispanic Americans, and white men, among others.

In his bit, the liberal pundit enumerated several current policies of the Democratic Party which appear to be driving people away from it.

These include the imposing of transgender terms, refusing to fight illegal immigration, pushing student loan forgiveness at the expense of Americans who don’t have a college education, or championing race-based or gender-based educational or basic income programs.

Maher emphasized that Mayra Flores, a Texas Republican, recently won a special election for a U.S. House of Representatives seat in a predominantly Hispanic district that had so far voted Democrat.

“The campaign manager for the losing Democrat said, ‘We gave up a reliably Democratic Congressional seat for no reason at all. We deserve to know why.’ Well, aside from your terrible attitude, I’m going to tell you why,” Maher noted.

He blasted the increasingly woke Democrats for trying to impose the term “Latinx,” which is particularly detested by the vast majority of Latino or Hispanic Americans.

The liberal HBO host singled out, in particular, U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), the leader of the Marxist clique taking over the Democratic Party, for claiming that both “gender” and language are “fluid.”

As a result, a growing number of “Latino voters are fluid — and more of them now than ever are identifying as Republicans,” Maher quipped – as are more and more Asian Americans who are especially enraged when woke Democrat politicians are killing advanced programs and merit-based principles in education.

The liberal pundit also went after pro-abortion Democrats for trying to defend abortion rights and women’s rights but without even mentioning the word “women” for fear of offending “some pregnant trans man somewhere,” and instead using transgender terms such as “birthing people” or “people who menstruate.”

Here is the video: