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Video: Cop Kills Man Who Attacked Him With a Stick

WARNING: The video below of a police officer shooting and killing a man attacking him with a stick is very graphic and may be difficult for some to watch.

Detectives from the Montgomery County [Maryland] Department of Police – Major Crimes Division are investigating a Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office fatal deputy-involved shooting that occurred yesterday in the area of MD-108 (Olney Laytonsville Road) and Fieldcrest Road,” according to Breaking 911.

Around 8:00 yesterday morning, the Emergency Communications Center received numerous calls for the report of multiple collisions in the 6000 block of MD-108 (between Riggs Road and Fieldcrest Road). Callers to 911 reported that the driver of a Volkswagen sedan struck multiple vehicles and was driving and acting erratically.

“Police say that a Montgomery County Sheriff’s deputy was driving in the area at the time of the call and was the first law enforcement officer to arrive at the scene. The deputy encountered the driver of the Volkswagen in the area of MD-108 and Fieldcrest Road. During this encounter, the driver of the Volkswagen struck the deputy with a long piece of wood in the area of the head and neck. The deputy shot the male multiple times.”

For more details, go to Breaking 911.

Watch the video below and share your opinion. Do you believe the Deputy Sheriff was justified in shooting the man attacking him with the stick? Why or why not?



  1. Well’p,,,we can kick this thing back n forth for decades but da ol sayin still applies,,

  2. David says:

    “Better to be judged by twelve,
    Then carried by six.”

    Funny how the commentator says outloud.”Now that’s what I like to see.”
    I wonder if he would say that about the rival gang murders in the inter
    cities that were probably taking place at the same time.?

  3. Jerry Casteel says:

    It appears the officer has an ASP (expandable police baton) on his equipment belt which he could have used as a less lethal weapon (if he did not have a taser). I believe it was a case of poor judgement and lack of training.

    • David J Halay says:

      Soon as that Man raised that stick that cop should have shot his ass

      • Ya know wats messed-up,,da dude wit da stick I could have disarmed n whooped his ass,,but u get a FAT COP wit gravy stains on his tie n doughnpowder round his mouth who can’t even run 1/2 a block witout gettin winded n his 1st response is ta draw his gun,,a real cop would have disarmed em n took em down,,it’s unbelievable da clowns dey give a badge n a gun too nowadays…

    • Timothy Smith says:

      Jerry, size matters, just in case you didn’t know. He hit the sheriff twice before he opened fire. That’s one more whack than I would have given.

  4. Martin says:

    The officer did what he had to. Agree? or what? If you’re at the same sort of scene, hunkered down in your car, and the officer disengages, what then if the man comes after you? Draws a knife to replace the stick he broke against the officer’s head and neck? Kills your grand daughter in the back seat of your car? Anyone like the officer’s explanation to be, well, he’d like to call for backup, wait for an officer to arrive with a taser?

  5. Randy says:

    This a justified shooting, the man was given plenty of opportunity to stand down, the man kept coming after the officer started shooting obviously not in his right mind. The officer does not have time to think about anything other than protecting others, himself, and not letting this mad man getting his hands on the officers weapon. Unless your are a police officer and ahve been in these exact circumstances you do not have the right to judge this officer PERIOD.

  6. Tim Spreadborough says:

    I am concerned that this might be a big problem!!!

    • It’s been a big problem ever since da turn of the millennium n 911,,in da 60’s,,70’s n 80’s,,cop’s had no problem goin toe to toe wit a suspect,,da last thing they would do is draw their weapon,,NOW,,they shoot first n ask questions later.
      I grant u police brutality was at an all time high back then,,but u can survive n ass whoopin,,you may not survive dat bullet.
      Never thought I’d see da day I would long for da days of da RIZZO administration.

  7. Roxanne W says:

    This is insane. Cops first thought is shoot. There are other options? Why not use them? Cops today are terrified of people. And I understand why. Why not tase him ( I know I missed spelled that word) that put a put him down for a minute for you to handcuff him. I am totally against guns and this is why. The first thing people think about when they get in that position whether it be cops or normal street people is to shoot people and I don’t like that. That’s why there are so many deaths now

    • W says:

      There are several things you missed or have no knowledge of: First – the article states that the officer was the first on the scene. Second – not every police department have tazers issued to them. Third – You do not know how quickly this transpired. Fourth – the agressor was actively moving towards the officer with a weapon and physically assaulted the officer. In case you forgot, there have been many people killed with sticks. Fifth – you do not know if the officer had not already called for assistance prior to the confrontation. It could have been that the nearest back up officer was not close enough to respond within the few minutes of the scene.

      Your disdain and hatred for firearms is misguided and you need to look at them from an objective point of view rather than pure emotions. Fact – last year, firearms were used over two million times to protect person’s from harm or violent acts. Most of the time, no shots were fired. You have a right to dislike firearms, but consider this, on average it takes 20 minutes for an officer to respond to a crime in progress. That hated weapon may make a significant difference between your loved one living or dying. A 120 pound woman doesn’t stand a chance against a 225 pound man intent of committing some haineous act against her. So giving her a tool that gives her the advantage is not a bad thing. Remember, a firearm is a tool that must be used prudently, responsibly and as a last resort.

      Also don’t believe everything the media maggots tell you because they only want to tell you their extremely slanted version about firearms.

  8. Joan Bevell says:

    I believe the officer should get charged for murder! The officer should have tased the man or shot him in the leg or something.. police officers are trained to handle situations like that.. Killing the man with a stick?? O come on people, wtf. They have that power, so they think they can get away with anything.. No, the officer was not justified!!!

    • If you were the one getting hit you would have done the same thing only you would not have backed up begging him not to make you do it.

    • Amanda Ellis says:

      Murder Period
      Cop over reacted
      Charge intentional homicide

    • Mike says:

      Maybe next time when someone is coming at you to do you harm we’ll just let the Police Officer stand there because you don’t think it’s reasonable force to shoot someone that’s going to do you bodily harm.
      Get real if he would have been approaching you in that manner would you have just stood there?

  9. Mary says:

    I think that was overkill how many shots did I hear and who was the idiot shouting shoot shoot
    He could have shot in the arm to disarm him

    • Martin says:

      If only the producers had considered the feelings of those watching, directors could have cut the scenes differently-it all could have been acted out with a happy ending—oh! But, but WAIT A SECOND!!!
      (uh, this was real life)

    • Timothy Smith says:

      Guns do not hit everything the are pointed at. There is NO Bond guns in existence, regardless of what the media wants you to believe. By shooting to wound, your chances of a pass through, or a miss, greatly increase some innocent by stander or some other moron videoing the incident. That man was major f*#! up, he would not have stopped.

  10. Bella says:

    Number 1: I believe the cop should’ve called for back up.

    Number 2: I don’t think the cop should have shot the man. if the cop had
    been in better shape he probably could have taken the stick
    from the man, especially since the man was somehow impaired.
    I am a 63-year-old woman and I believe I could have taken it
    from him.

    Number 3: I believe the guy recording should be arrested for egging the
    policeman on to shoot the man and then saying that that’s
    what he loves to see. I’m sure it had everything to do with
    the white man being shot because the guy doing the
    recording is a black man. As far as I’m concerned, that’s

    Number 4: If it had been a white man recording and egging on the cop, he
    would have been arrested for inciting violence!

    It can’t just be about right and wrong or guilty or not guilty or or honesty and the truth, it always have to be about race and the color of your skin and I am totally sick of it! It’s too bad that people aren’t color blind!!!!

    • I’m a 62 year old disabled veteran, if you hit a man holding a gun with a stick you can pretty much bet you are going to be shot. I’m sorry that officer was put in that position. But he backed up begging him not to make him do it. It’s so easy to judge others.

    • Don’t bring a stick to a gun fight. Damn right he was right in shooting this vermin. Saved his life as well as any bystanders. The police are trying to resolve an automobile accident and this moron goes after the sheriff with a stick. It appears he struck the sheriff. We need to see more of these morons terminated!

    • David T says:

      man o man, that shooting was justified, there was a philly transit cop back in 80,s that was charged by a mental homeless man with a butcher knife, the man was much bigger than the cop, the cop emptyed his six shot service revolver into the man,s midsection while backing up and begging him to halt, and the man still got to the cop and managed to stab him to death, they both died right there,most people don,t know what they,re talking about when it comes to police shootings, they act like they would do this, that, and the other if their LIFE was threatened, yes, cops overreact sometimes, they,re human too, but no training can prepare any human being for a situation that involves mortal combat, each situation is different and can evolve into a life or death incident instantly, so, the next time you judge a cop, put yourself in his shoes, and as for that stupid, rotten, ignorant N*****r, who took joy in seeing another human being shot to death, thats the type of rat that has no regard for anybody,s life and is the type of scum that preys on the black community, the type that screams about raceism and would murder another black person at the drop of a penny,that,s right, i said it, and i,m a black man.

  11. ROBERT BRADLEY says:

    When I interviewed to be on an ambulance crew, I was asked what I would do if s patient hit me? Because in accidents, people become combative if they have a brain injury, was this man in 3 accidents due to a brain injury from the first accident and why did the cop not use non lethal force first like pepper spray then taser, then his weapon, the law gives anyone the right to stop deadly force with deadly force and a stick is deadly force but, could less deadly force been used if not, why did the officer allow someone with a stick to get close in the first place I say bad judgment all around, the cop needs more training, the black guy videoing this inciting a killing should be jailed and the guy who died should possibly be alive had the cop used better judgment and not put himself in that situation, situational aware is one of there top trainings! In the end being hit with a stick is justified shooting only differences the cop won’t be jailed ss a private citizen would nor would he spend $50,000 to prove to some ass hole district attorney it a private citizen was justified acting in self defense, so get ur carry insurance thru us can as I did cause like care insurance, u hope to never need it but glad u have it if u do need it! Hope carma gets the black guy filming this whole thing and enjoying it so much, sad that he thinks this way that life any life doesn’t matter, maybe he should be sent to North Korea and see what repression really is . This is a sorry excuse for a human being I pray u get urs in return cause I will enjoy the fact that carma got u!

    • Allan ivey says:

      But you forget we’re defunding the police, creating a shortage of patrolman on the street! Which is why the sheriffs answered the call first. The attack was well over 6 feet tall and had a large heavy tree branch. Also you can’t shoot somebody in the arm because you risk missing and hitting an innocent bystander in the background. It’s so nice to have such intelligent people watch a video and not know what the hell they’re talking about. But that’s OK ! You can vote in a stupid ass Democrat in the White House. And this is what YOU GET .

  12. Sic&Tired says:

    IF…. That would have been a Black Man….The News Media would have had a Hay Day with that and We Would ALL be Hearing and Listening to the Black People Crying about how they are being Harassed and a White Person shooting a Black Person, etc. etc. etc. Just So Sick and Tired of It All…. Anyone, who acts like that guy did….with Threating Advancements – whether you are White, Black, Yellow, Brown, or Red….The Inevitable Would Have Happened. That could have easily have ALL BEEN A STAGED & ACTED, PUT ON VIDEO. If, it was for real – We will not hear anything about it on the News, BECAUSE – It Was Not a Black Man.!! Been a Black Man.?? – The Whole Country would be a Screaming & Crying & Protesting More, etc. etc. etc. Sick & Tired of It All.

  13. Linda says:

    Anthony Hopkins beating the cops with a stick in Silence of the Lambs

  14. Stephane says:

    So: blacks cannot say ONLY the blacks get shot!!!
    The commentator, a black man, BEGGED for the criminal to get shot.
    There are more black criminals than whites.
    To top it off, the black criminals are more ostentatious, more arrogant, and more defiant than the whites.
    Which are the reasons more black criminals are dead from their own stupidity.
    This white idiot was on drugs, or something else. His eyes were not normal.

    • Hey Seph,,,there are more white folks bein shot every year than black folks,,,the difference is,,right,wrong or indifferent when a black person’s shot there’s an outcry from the black community,,,when a white person get shot da white community says,,”WELL’P,HE HAD TO HAVE DONE SOMETHING WRONG OR ELSE HE WOULDN’T HAVE BEEN SHOT”,,,(DATS A FACT)…

  15. Truth says:

    Should have just shot him in the nuts to make sure that gene pool stopped right there!!! But we wont hear about this because he is white…Funny a black guy (by the wonderful English) is commentating saying it was OK for the cop to shoot the white guy…

  16. Brad says:

    Before I form a final opinion, I will need to know facts about the road incident or crash that lead to this. Who was at fault? Who all was involved, generally moms with children, commuters, etc? What was the reaction to the crash by others involved? Was there any interaction between other crash victims and the aggressor in the video?
    My initial reaction is the Officer was defending himself.

  17. Rick says:

    These comments are hilarious,if you’re one of the geniuses that said shoot a leg or a foot,go to a range,rent a gun,pay some great big asshole to hit you with a stick while your trying to shoot,while adrenaline is racing through your viens and try to hit a foot.thats the problem today,social Justice warriors talking shit about stuff they know nothing about.if he pulled you out of your car and hit you would you interview him to see if he’s mentally ill or try to fuck him’s a good shoot but now that cop has to live with it.

  18. Cory Thibault says:

    It was pretty obvious that the attacker was intent on doing bodily harm to the officer. Even after being shot point blank in the chest multiple times he continued to press the attack and hardly even flinched. Which leads me to believe that one he was definitely mentally unstable and a danger to the officer. And two I believe he also intended to suicide himself by attacking the officer. I also believe that he was most likely under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The officer was retreating and his life was clearly in danger.He was in the right for shooting to kill the attacker. Shooting to wound him would have probably lead to the officer being injured or killed.As you could clearly see in the video he took multiple rounds to the chest and kept coming right towards the officer.
    The thing that bothers me the most was the lack of empathy from the person filming the incident. He clearly enjoyed seeing another human being killed right in front of him and his comment about white privilege was offputting as well. That man that was shot was clearly suffering from an unstable mental state. I bet the man filming would be the first one to clam racism if it happened to one of his family members. Pathetic how the narrator thinks and acted. The officer on the other hand did an excellent job under the circumstances. It’s sad that he had to kill the man but unfortunately there are bad people in the world.Im sure the officers family will be glad to have him home safe. Good job officer! Job well done, no matter how sad it was that you had to use deadly force.

  19. Patricia Castellano says:

    I believe the officer had a right to stop him but why not the leg or arm to stop him and then put cuffs on him

  20. Michael says:

    Personally, I think the observer filming should have helped the cop. The officer was justified but the guy recording it could have called 911 or helped the officer. Tragic. The guy filming really seemed to be enjoying himself.

  21. vinnie says:

    Why was the Sheffiff there alone in the first place? It looks like the attacker was not Mentally stable and the sheriff should have realized he needed back up and called for it instead of escalating a situation he wasn’t capable of handling………..Bad Decision made in haste

  22. Tammy says:

    I think the cop had a right to shoot but could’ve done so in the leg or foot he only had a stick,hopefully the guy didn’t die but will do time

  23. Robert Martin says:

    The dumbass recording the incident was the heartless one and also enjoyed a man getting shot. Now as far as the shooting I hope the man wasn’t mentally incapacitated and should have been taken down by other means first.

  24. Ray R. says:

    Less lethal tools could have been employed first, such as pepper spray or Taser. Also, the officer could have used their night stick earlier to knock his stick out from him. The big unknown: Did the suspect have a knife or gun?

    • Smiley Virus says:

      Ignorance is bliss, I guess. For your edification, a stick is deemed a weapon when used to strike someone. When verbal commands aren’t heeded and the perp still advances on the LEO, he has EVERY right to neutralize the threat to himself and others.

  25. Anthony Moreland says:

    The man was physically attacking the police officer with a stick & would not stop after being told to stand down. The officer did not know if the man was also carrying other weaponry. The officer was justified. And I would have shot the bastard too…twice!!!

  26. tommy scoggins says:

    I’m not a cop, but i would have shot sooner.

  27. maxibaby says:

    The man was obviously impaired in some manner however, he was no less of a threat to the life of this law enforcement officer and others! The man was given every opportunity to stop but was striking the officer who had no way of knowing what other weapons the man may have had concealed on his person! The situation was life threatening and the officer acted appropriately! I also would have shot him!

  28. Robert Williams says:

    For me this is an about whether or not it could be justified, it’s about whether or not less lethal force could have been used to prevent loss of life, surely what isn’t justifiable is the fool making the video and his heartless comments. A white man being killed by police is nothing new, it just isn’t as useful to see a white cop kill a white man as a white cop killing a Blackman to spark racial hatred to promote the race war the powers that be are trying to conjure up. We all need one another to over come the level of evil enslaving all humanity in the world!🤦🏾‍♂️ no one should ever be killed by those that or payed to protect us. Seeing a man gunned down is and should always be disturbing regardless of race. This guy has some sort of mental problem because we all know never to bring a stick to a gun fight or maybe he had it on his mind that he didn’t want to live any more! 🙏🏾💪🏾⚖️✊🏾🙌🏾

  29. wendy inga says:

    I thought the cop was way more patient than I would be……there is no respect for the law anymore…..our society has gone to hell…….I guess that’s what the Devilcrats want…….

  30. Sherry says:

    Yes I would of shot him way before he did he let him get to close to himself

  31. FM says:

    It’s a shame that the taller guy didn’t listen the the officer but it was justified. The officer was trying to retreat and the other guy kept persuading him and was swinging that stick.

  32. Cg says:

    Totally justified!!! He gave him a chance to quit. Glad he finished it and not wound more wasted tax payer money. GOOD [email protected]

  33. John Dunkle says:

    It was justified. When I cop tell you to do something, you do it! You can sue later if need be but at least you’ll be alive to do it. People act so stupid over the smallest things. Looks like he go shot in the crotch. That would hurt.

  34. Austin Hadley says:

    First of all. I don’t consider that graphic. I have seen graphic videos and also witnessed in person graphic acts. I would not have taken that long to put someone down That deputy sheriff gave that individual to many chances. SHOOT FIRST, ASK QUESTIONS LATER.

    • Edwin Vincent says:

      It would be squimish to the Demo’s living in never never land! I’ve seen gruesome before,this doesn’t even register on the scale!

  35. Michael says:

    Cop was NOT the aggressor. He did his best even backing away.
    This hilights the need for police to learn to shoot to wound. Many assailants such as this would be stopped.

  36. Lewis adkins says:

    Shame it ended like that officer looked like he was trying to shoot his leg but aimed to high that’s from letting him get to close sooner would have been better .I know if he had it to do over he would have shot the man sooner but he hesitated that was when the man was up on him

  37. Yes it was justified but on the other hand the black guy should have been arrested for trying too incite a police officer to kill someone in my mind he is just as guilty as what the cop is let the cops do thier job it not the publics place to tell the cops how to do the job they are payed to do

    • John Dunkle says:

      Was that idiot talking a cop?

      • maxibaby says:

        NO WAY! The idiot with the camera would come nearer to being a BLM/antifa marxist than law enforcement! White privilege is a term those “bad guys” use!

    • Edwin Vincent says:

      Yes your right Tracy.but he’s above it all,he’s African American,and his life is the only one that matters! Now if that were Donald Trump at the recorder,the Democrats would’ve been all over it!

  38. Carmen says:

    This sheriff should have never unloaded his full clip on this man, One shot to his leg would have stopped him, And also he was carrying a stick, And the BLM in the background kept yelling shoot him and was thrilled when he did. Both sheriff and bystander should be put in jail.

    • A.I. Marvin says:

      You don’t know how many rounds it will take to stop someone if they are under the influence. I think saying, “good morning officer would have been a better option”.

    • Bearpaw says:

      Cop was being attacked and had warned this man several times to stop. So, cop had every right to defend himself after being attacked. The fool saw that the cop was holding a pistol and didn’t have enough sense to know that it was a losing battle stick vs gun! Guess if you were being attacked you wouldn’t want the police help?

    • maxibaby says:

      I totally disagree! The reason law enforcement officers are trained to shoot directly at the middle of the chest is because people on drugs when shot in the legs just keep moving toward you trying to kill you! Some drugs numb the pain and the person doesn’t even feel the bullets. I have read horror stories about how many shots a person has taken in different parts of their body and they don’t go down until they are shot in a vital area such as the brain or heart.

    • Smiley Virus says:

      Thankfully, this UPOS won’t be a menace to anyone anymore. I feel for the LEO being put in that position. But, that’s the job he elected to do. He performed
      very bravely under combat conditions. Kudo’s to him! As for the other UPOS filming, he could have asked the LEO if he needed help during this encounter.

  39. Frank Airgood says:

    Definitely. I would have shot him before that.

    • Edwin Vincent says:

      I feel that sheriff was more than generous with his patients level,that guy was obviously tweaking on something!I wouldn’t have wasted that much ammo with the shortage we are having,take out a lung,done deal!

  40. Kam Eftekhar says:

    Shoot yes. But maybe shoot his legs or arms to disable him. After all the guy was much taller and was attacking cop.

    • Don Duvall says:

      Shoot an arm or leg and you chance hitting a main artery.the suspect would bleed out long before the ambulance got there

  41. James B Jacobs says:

    I don’t blame him one bit. He could have and may have killed the deputy if he hadn’t.

  42. Cat says:

    If he hit multiple vehicles and driving recklessly, and then striking an officer ,something was wrong with him . Possibly drugs . A menace to society . The officer had to defend himself . The video wasnt showing the whole incident . As usual not the full account . It’s hard to judge if you’re not in the situation .

  43. Ray says:

    Mouthy fk with the camera is pos. Privileged? They dont stop with their racist crap. Hope he gets a little something like his teeth knocked out.

  44. Paul M says:

    No white lives matter

  45. Bill says:

    Had it been a black guy I am sure there would be riots. They are such special little people.

  46. Paul M says:

    The pig should have shot the ass hole in the car

    • The Real M says:

      If you ever have to call the police to save your life are you going to call them “pigs” to their faces? Don’t disrespect law enforcement….the “ass” they save may be yours!
      The “ass” with the camera is a disgrace to America and is probably a member of BLM/antifa! The idiot has no idea of how few of the white race has privilege of any kind, much less white privilege! That is phony racist terminology made up by black marxist as a part of justifying their criminal actions against whites!

      • JoJo B says:

        Nicely said!!

      • Bella says:

        I feel bad for both parties!!! Looks like the man who got shot was married. Although, he was in the wrong, I feel bad for his wife and children !!! I just hope the cop is not charged with anything. I do believe that the cop needs more training and he needs to lose some weight and get more fit!!! I think all cops should be of a healthy weight to be on the police force!!! I also think that the black man recording should be found and arrested for inciting a killing and get some mental health services!!! Anyone who enjoys seeing someone get killed has major mental problems and should be in a mental institution!!! If it was a black man being shot, this black man recording would have been shouting racist remarks and rioting in the streets!!! Shame on him and anyone who thinks like he does!!!!!!!!!

  47. GSimon says:

    Agree, “Suicide by Cop”.

  48. Captain O says:

    This person committed “suicide by cop”. Next case.

  49. David says:

    Never Take a stick to a gun fight.!!

    • Edwin Vincent says:

      Yah,taking a stick to a gun fight isn’t a very smart move! But then again,this guy didn’t look like he was running on full brain power! Tweaking on drugs no doubt! He did waste to much ammo though! One in the mid chest area would have done the trick!

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