Video: Cop Punches 13-Year-Old In Face – Justified?

( – Two days ago, uniformed officers with the Phoenix Police Department were in the process of apprehending four men who were in a stolen car when numerous onlookers began filming, yelling, and interfering with the police.

During the incident, one of the female onlookers, who turned out to be a 13-year-old juvenile who had been repeatedly told to stay back, struck a female police officer in the face as the officer tried to move her away from one of the ongoing arrests.

After being struck in the face by the juvenile, the officer struck the juvenile in the face and, after a struggle, arrested the juvenile – all the while the gathering crowd was yelling at the police.

Now, community members and some members of the media are making complaints that the officer struck a 13-year-old in the face.

So, we have a request. Read the description below, and then watch the video a bit further down of what took place and share your opinion.

Based on the circumstances, we believe the officer was perfectly justified in striking the juvenile female in the face and arresting her for assaulting a police officer. Still, we’d like your opinion. Email [email protected] and tell us if you believe the officer was justified in her actions. Thank you.