VIDEO: Donald Trump Jr. Rips NY AG

( – A stunning observation into the $250 civil fraud trial of former President Donald Trump has just been made by his eldest son, Don Jr., after he was once again called to the stand: namely, that the Democrats’ arbitrary political persecution would leave New York devoid of investors.

New York’s Democrat Attorney General, Letitia James, has accused the 45th president of the United States, his adult sons, and his company, the Trump Organization, of inflating their worth to gain business advantages.

Donald Trump Jr. reappeared in court on Monday, providing testimony for the defense in the ongoing civil lawsuit against the Trump family and the Trump Organization in New York.

After testifying, he addressed the media, critiquing the nature of the legal proceedings.

See the video below.

“This is about the attorney general going after and prosecuting her political enemies,” he asserted, as cited by The Post-Millennial.

Trump Jr. further claimed that both he and his brother, Eric Trump, were not involved in the financial dealings central to the lawsuit.

“My brother and I had nothing to do with it, but it doesn’t matter because it’s a witch hunt,” he stated.

“[NY AG James is] an overzealous attorney, an overzealous attorney general who would destroy all of New York business by going after transactions where there are no victims,” he described.

“That’s what you get from the Democratic Party in New York these days, it seems,” he commented to the press.

He voiced apprehension about the precedent set by the case, highlighting concerns shared by banking and real estate professionals.

“It’s a scary precedent. I don’t know how anyone could do business in this city with that. Anyone you speak to who’s actually in banking, who’s actually in real estate understands that, but again, they don’t want to put themselves in the crosshair so perhaps they’ll be silent. So it’s a disgrace that this is happening right now,” the former first son said.

“Hopefully one day the people of this great city will realize what’s going on. They’ll realize the destructive practices here. They’ll realize just how insane that is. And they’ll be begging for guys like Donald Trump to come back to New York City to reshape the skyline as he’s done for decades,” Don Jr. elaborated.

On a personal note, he disclosed that after he entered the courtroom, he learned about the passing of his aunt, Maryanne Trump Barry.