Video: GOP Governor Hogan Attacks Trump – Reclaiming America

Video: GOP Governor Hogan Attacks Trump

In a politically stunning move, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, a Republican, lashed out at President Donald Trump because Trump questioned whether the Democrats were attempting to steal the presidency. Hogan called Trump’s comments “outrageous,” “uncalled for” and “a terrible mistake.”

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  1. Carla says:

    Every state where rioting, looting an burning is a Democrat run state who defunded the police. The Governor’s should pay an there should be no buyout. No matter what Trump did an accomplished they always placed blame on him. If this is allowed we will no longer be the land of the free we will be in bondage

  2. Barbara says:

    I’ve never been so disappointed in our electoral system as I am now. The last 3+ years have been a nightmare for our President as well as his supporters. We can no longer trust the FBI or any other intelligence agency, we can’t trust the house or the senate, or our local electorates, and we certainly can’t trust the media or social media. I have watched Fox News since their inception, and watching some of them cover this election is showing their true colors. I stick by Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingram, Brian Kilmeade and a couple of others as individuals who speak the truth, but I’m done with the rest of Fox News. .May the Lord save our country!

  3. Daytona Lee says:

    Hogan is nothing but a political weather-vane – does whatever makes him look good and is not a Republican.

  4. Linda Germershausen says:

    Hogan’s statement that perhaps voters turned away from Trump because of his behavior is so wrong! When you look at all the things the left has done to him, his Administration, and therefore the People, to get him out of office, there can be little doubt the Democrats would cheat on votes to win. Dont be so naive! I know I would never vote for Hogan again. He should change his affiliation to Democrat.

  5. Joan says:

    Hogan needs to shut up. Trump is right. They are cheating. This guy is just kissing up to the Dems.

  6. Carol Barlow says:

    Well, Hogan, you are not my hero, because retired Air Force Ltn Gen. Mclervany (sp)told us 2 days before election about the Democrats installing of a device developed by the CIA which flips the voting booth response at servers they relay to. Through his work, he had extensive intimate knowledge of its workings, prior uses, and had been notified it was being applied to the most critical election of our country’s history (the fight to keep America the land of the free and it’s outstanding Constitution based on our religious freedoms and tremendous forefather protections). This is only one of many examples, but how about Harris County, TX where about 40,000 identified illegal aliens or those who didn’t check the citizenship box were included in the vote; and this is the same company that had Sinema win the Senate for Arizona – corruption all over and that’s not considering the “above census” ballots for counties Judicial Watch uncovered, the long dead citizen ballots, multiple ballots mailed to homes not belonging to them, postal employees trashing ballots, not delivering ballots on time, Oman’s ballot harvesting video recorded by Veritas Project, ballot harvesting in San Antonio they uncovered etc., etc., etc.
    You may not “like” our “coarse at times”, unrefined, belligerent or bellicose when in a fight President, but he stands up for his own and our rights, his policies are pro American but he could have done so much more if he hadn’t had to spend so much of his time, effort and our taxpayer money fending off known lies meant to take down our duly elected president and country; but he has still spent the last four years fighting for all Americans, boosting employment, opportunities, income and housing for our more disadvantaged, bringing peace for our longterm allies, and working for the best known solutions all over the world (boorah WHO, Paris Climate Controls, Chinas’s raping of our technologies, lobbying, infiltration into our research, defense and universities, Iran deal termination, etc.). To my knowledge, no other U.S. president has ever garnered 4 Noble Prize nominations; and Obama was given one for doing nothing.
    Are you a RINO? To quote a popular song, “you sure look like one to me”? You are off base on your assessment and should withdraw your statement or we will learn who you really are; because it smacks of what is wrong in the Democratic party, fraud and pandering to socialists/communists.
    I’ve got a winning idea, let’s require top secret clearance to all of Congress, not just the President and Vice President, before they can run for office in their states.

  7. Maria says:

    Neither Biden nor Harris, when she takes over will ever be my president . There’s no way those two loons could possibly win without voter fraud after all that President Trump has accomplished. Every election the democrats have been caught cheating. Was there ever any doubt they would have been honing those skills for this election .
    Enough is enough.

  8. Cathy Schmick says:

    Ballots have been found in, ditches , dumpsters,mailed to the wrong people , dead people voting . And all this is legal and fine as far as demonicrats are concerned . If Buden wins we are doomed

    • Cathy says:

      And also not to mention the postal workers who’ve been arrested . Hes done more for this country than anyone else . I’d rather have an arrogant ,than ignorant president anyday

  9. Cherie Davis says:

    So tell me where have you all been when Hillary and Obana allowed to spy and have the Russian Hoax which was fake abd santioned by Obama. So Hogan was that fair? Where were you? Where weee you in the fake impeachment that Biden was doing abd when the President called for an investigation they went after him. Now we have the laptop proving it and more corruption. Hogan where were you? With the tech companies, Soros and the media interfering in the ejection with fake news and censoring. Where have you been? The Presudent had more than enough reason to believe it is fake but rather than even 1 time you work together for the corruption where have you been? I have liked your accomplishments but the entire intelligence community has ruined people’s lives? Where have you been in the Flynn case? The virus relief? The intelligence community hiding this laptop. Hogan where have you been.

    This President has done more than all of you. I admire President Trump for Sacrificing himself to clean up a country he loves. It tells us citizens who can see through all of you who is the swamp and who isn’t. Biden taking from China, Ukraine and Russian for 47 years. Where have you been? We can only depend on the new young Republicans and others like Giuliani, Jordan, Lindsay. To clean out the swamp. Instead you tolerate Nadler , Biden and Micheal Obama calling the Riots peaceful, and Antifa a myth.

    I was wrong about you. You are dead center of the swamp too. While your constituents take unlawful perks why you all stay in the hotels in Annapolis.

  10. bruria husarsky says:

    I dont think there is a single trump voter who believes differently. i agree
    with trump. He was ahead and suddenly the counting began for biden and of course there are the mail in ballots. currently there are more ballots then registered voters in wisconsin. pelose stated no matter the count biden will win. and biden told a voter “i dont need your vote to win” and now lo and behold we are going to see a tie so the decision goes to the house for which pelosi stated she is ready to decide. what a coincidence. it was all planned no one came to biden rallies and tens of thousands came to trump. dont steop on my vote.

  11. Paul Tobias says:

    Larry Hogan is a lBIG TIME, Never Trumper, pathetic RINO Loser! How else would he be elected governor of the Bluest of the Blue states, Maryland? I live in the Virginia suburbs not far from the Maryland border. I will do anything, take any alternative route to avoid even driving into Maryland. Regular gas can be $1.93 in Virginia and a three block drive into Maryland will find the same gas at $2.69. Why do people live there? The taxes are horrific. But let the brain dead Marylanders stay put. Don’t mentally, socially, politically, or physically pollute Virginia!

  12. Mary Harris says:

    Yes, Trump has the right, because this is not a normal situation. You should be going to the polls in person and showing proof of your name. Their should never had been voting by mail unless absentee voting.

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