Video: Hillary Clinton Wants America To Know This

Hillary Clinton

( – As she makes the media circuit promoting a new project, Hillary Clinton, who served as President Barack Obama’s Secretary of State, has a strong opinion about the war of aggression that Russian President Vladimir Putin launched against Ukraine, which she believes many Americans will agree with.

You can watch a video clip of Clinton further down this post.

According to Clinton, who also served as a United States Senator and was First Lady when Bill Clinton served two terms in the White House:

“[The Ukrainians] are getting the weapons they need to defend themselves, and they’re now on offense. I think we have to keep supporting them, helping them. They were attacked by an unprovoked act of war. And, they’ve held out, and they’ve done better than anybody could’ve predicted. And Zelensky has been a true wartime leader. I’m so impressed with him. And I think the United States should stand with them along with all of our other friends around the world.”

Here is the video clip of Clinton:

In a separate interview with CBS News yesterday, Clinton said she would not be running for president again.

Clinton has run unsuccessfully for the presidency twice.

What is your opinion about Clinton and her comments regarding the war in Ukraine? Do you agree with her when she says, “the United States should stand with Ukraine along with all of our other friends around the world”? Why or why not? Please share your thoughts and views by emailing [email protected]. Thank you.