Video: Horrific 60 Vehicle Pileup; Multiple Dead and Injured

Fatal Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Pileup

( – During the night, one of our dedicated subscribers sent us a video of the horrific motor vehicle pileup that killed at least three people on a Pennsylvania Interstate Highway when drivers were suddenly caught in quickly changing weather conditions.

The video can be watched further down this post.

One of the drivers involved in the multi-vehicle crash took the video.

You’ll see one man come within inches of being crushed, and you’ll see the start of an all-consuming fire.

It is hard to imagine being caught up in such a situation as you’ll see cars and trucks impacting one another – and even catching fire – at a high rate of speed.

According to one account from the New York Post:

“Authorities said a dangerous blend of snow and fog led to the pileup that shut down a section of the highway in rural Pennsylvania, state transportation officials said.

“The massive crash sent at least 24 people to area hospitals, with as many as 60 vehicles involved in the mayhem — several bursting into flames, WGAL-TV reported.”

Witnesses said there were flames and explosions for a considerable period of time.

One witness described the carnage as something out of an apocalyptic war movie.

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