VIDEO: How Can Psaki Claim THIS?!?

Jen Psaki

( – One of the truisms about life in Washington DC is that the people who live there and make their careers there soon become out of touch with the lives that most hard-working Americans are living in the rest of the country.

It’s always worth remembering that seven of the ten wealthiest counties in the entirety of the United States of America are contiguous to Washington, DC. They don’t feel economic pain and inflation the way most Americans do.

So perhaps that’s the reason the President Joe Biden’s White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, is so out of touch with her fellow Americans that she’d stand before the White House Press Corps today and try to convince Americans that inflation is going down.

You can watch the video below where Psaki states: “We’ve seen inflationary numbers go down month-to-month.”

Is that the experience of most Americans paying record-high gasoline prices just to go to work?

Is that the experience of most Americans who are paying near record-high prices for food so that they can feed their families?

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