VIDEO: Is This Man America’s Stupidest Murderer?

( – If there’s a more stupid criminal in the United States of America than Antoine Sims, we don’t know who that person is after learning about what Sims allegedly did while wanted for murder.

You can watch a video about this murder suspect further down this post.

Yes, Antoine Sims was wanted for an alleged murder when he called 911 to complain about being served cold french fries at a McDonald’s in Georgia.

Have you got that?

Sims called the police to complain about cold french fries while the police were already looking to find and arrest him for the most serious crime imaginable.

As 11 Alive recounts in “Cold French fries lead to arrest of man wanted for murder | Here’s how“:

“A man wanted for murder is behind bars after calling police about cold French fries at a McDonald’s in Kennesaw [Georgia].

“Body cam video from Kennesaw Police officers on Aug. 5 shows they were called to the fast food location when a customer, Antoine Sims, said he was served cold fries.

“After talking with both Sims and a store owner, police discovered that he (Sims) was wanted for murder.”

It gets even crazier:

“When the officer confronted him, he took off running. Police later found him at an apartment complex and used a Taser on him before arresting him.”

Unfortunately, at the heart of this story is an awful murder.

Police allege Sims was one of several men involved in the 2018 murder of a woman whose body was found in a burning car.

Fortunately, Sims is now behind bars.

Here’s the video: