VIDEO: Kamala Makes Excuses For Record-High Inflation

Kamala Harris

( – In what one pundit called “a stunning display of ignorance when it comes to the real pain Americans are feeling from record-high inflation,” Vice President Kamala Harris attempted to deny things are as bad as they are by claiming gas prices are coming down.

You can watch the video clip further down this post.

Addressing today’s record-high inflation report, the Vice President said as she prepared to speak at a scheduled event:

“But before I begin, I will address this month’s CPI [Consumer Price Index] report.

“There is no question that we still have work to do. 

“But it is important to note that these numbers do not fully reflect the recent drop in gas prices. Average national gas prices have fallen every day for nearly 30 days. Since mid-June, prices are down forty cents a gallon. 

“Fighting inflation is one of our administration’s top economic priorities, which is why we have taken action to lower the cost of living for Americans — millions of Americans. 

“We are releasing one million barrels of oil a day from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to lower prices at the pump…”

Here is the full video clip of Vice President Kamala Harris claiming inflation isn’t as bad as the experts say:

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