VIDEO: Mass Shooting in the ‘Birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll’

( – Eight people have been wounded in a mass shooting in Memphis, Tennessee, which saw the firing of dozens of rounds at an outdoor event.

The shocking incident occurred downtown in the birthplace of rock ‘n’ roll, WREG reports.

You can watch a video of what took place at the bottom of this post.

There has been no information about the shooter, but reports say dozens of rounds were fired into a crowd at South B.B. King and Peabody Place.

All eight injured people were taken to nearby hospitals in non-critical condition.

The victims were aged 19 to 54: three women aged 19, 31, and 37, and five men aged 20, 24, 28, 31, and 54, according to the Memphis police.

The report quotes Lofton William, an eyewitness who saw the shooting from the top of a nearby parking garage while filming Memphis’ nightlife for his media company, Black Wood News.

“I could have easily been done there right there. Everything was going good, everybody was just vibing, playing, they had the music playing, and all of sudden you hear is about a good 20, 25 shots ranging off,” he explained.

The shooting was caught on video footage shared on Twitter by the Shooting in USA account. It shows dozens of people dispersing after shots are heard, panicking and running in different directions.

In another incident in Memphis the same night, at about 12:30 a.m. on Sunday, the Memphis Police Department responded to a signal about multiple people gathering in vehicles at the intersection of Gayoso and Ida B. Wells.

As the officers dispersed the crowd, a police supervisor was physically attacked by an unknown man and suffered injuries.

Lofton William also witnessed the aftermath of that earlier incident.

“It was out of control from the fights to slide shows, the police, they trying they best. They really couldn’t do nothing. These folks out of control with these cars so it was over with,” he said.

The MPD is trying to reign in downtown crime after several major incidents, including shootings.

“There will continue to be a heightened law enforcement presence in the downtown area to curtail these senseless acts of violence. It is our commitment to bring bad actors to justice to maintain a safe environment in the downtown area for all,” said Police Chief CJ Davis.

Here is the video: