Video: More COVID19 Cop Craziness – Reclaiming America

Video: More COVID19 Cop Craziness

Some videos need little introduction. Like here in the United States, it seems Canadian authorities are just as outrageous when it comes to attacking folks over public health orders. Watch this COVID19 craziness and share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you agree or disagree with what the police are doing in this video?



  1. vicky l crider says:

    I agree John Hasse, they are using the covid to control and harrass people. Read the statistics. Covid is like any other CCP virus, it is 98.7% recoverable. Any body who disagrees with leftist democratic social party that has taken over our country will be punish if they have their way.

    Joe Biden makes me sick to my stomach when I think about him so I try not to. Wake up liberals your days coming.

  2. Rhina says:

    Democrats created the KKK, Masks are to honor China! Why we want to slow down virus anyway, we need it GONE!. We get together the faster virus be gone BUT they want to keep control of us all. Communist play book is always the same.

  3. Diana M Talmadge says:

    OMG! And to think that I thought Canadians were smart. I stan corrected.

  4. Paul Ziter says:

    Are you shitting me. If the dipshits breaking the law don’t care about their own health then be caring individuals and care about others health. The US has had over 500,000 people die because of Covid. Are you so moronic that you don’t care at all about the people around you??? Idiots!

    • Todd Plexico says:

      Law enforcement did the right thing

    • Robert Christensen says:

      6 People

    • J says:

      And you are a completely brainwashed lemming. Don’t you find it the least little bit suspect that alleged covid-19 cases are up significantly but there is very little incidents of flu being reported? Amazing that flu is non-existent but covid is uncontrolled.

      The true idiot is you for believing the demoscum owned propaganda puppet talking heads and the falsified “reports” from Chinese owned organizations like the World Health Organization.

      These scumbags are including deaths from end stage cancer, auto accidents, suicides and even verified parachute deaths. Each “cooperating” organization gets their $35,000 bounty for every covid death listed and they get nothing for any other reported death. While there are some legitimate deaths from a virus created in the Chinese lab that is financially supported by Bill Gates, the rest are totally false.

      Stop being duped by the lies and wake up because it is all about controlling the citizens. Are you willing to lie down for the demomaggots created Fourth Reich, because I am not.

    • Bob says:

      Your number us an exaggeration…I just checked the CDC and as if 1/3/2021 the death toll was just over 350,000. Still a terrible number, but let’s not make it worse than it is!

    • Chas says:

      You my friend are brainwashed. It’s government control, they’re acting like everyone has Covid 19 for a scare tactic. Canadians better uprise now before it’s too late. No one has control over your home or what you do in it. Agenda 21 is a movement by all NATO governments to bring a new world order and this is part of it, closing economy and taking your rights away. This is fact, do yourself a favor and look into it.

  5. John Hasse says:

    No order that contradicts the constitution is a ‘lawful order’ and thus it should be ignored. Any ‘leo’ (law enforcement officer) who pursues such an order should be arrested for violation of a citizens rights.

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