Video: ‘Our Whiteness Is Part of the Problem of Meat-Eating’

Anti-Meat-Eating Professor

( – Every once in a while, we stumble across a video that just has to be watched to be believed. And, we promise we didn’t make up the quoted statement in the headline of this post. It’s an actual assertion made by a radical anti-meat-eating professor during a debate in the globally famous Oxford Union.

In fact, that statement, “Our whiteness is part of the problem of meat-eating,” is just one of numerous jaw-dropping, mind-blowing, head-banging statements you’ll witness from a virulent anti-meat-eating feminist who probably deserves many more descriptive titles.

But one thing is certain if you like a good cut of prime rib or a tasty lobster tail dipped in clarified butter or some perfectly barbequed spare ribs, the woman you’ll watch in the video below has some names for you.

So, without further introduction, we ask that you watch the video below by pressing the arrow in the center of the photo with your sound turned on and then email [email protected] with your reaction and opinion about what you’re about to witness. Trust us. If you watch one video today, make it this.