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Video: Santa Tells Boy No Nerf Guns

What does it say about the current state of traditional American values when a mall “Santa” tells a young boy that Santa won’t bring him a Nerf gun for Christmas as the boy’s mother looks on?

Why would this “Santa” think it was his job to impose his values on this family?

After you watch the video, please share your thoughts about this “Santa” in the comment section on this page.



  1. Diane says:

    This is discrimination against my comment, which did have required fields * filled out !

  2. Diane says:

    The required fields with asterisks Were filled !!!!

  3. Diane says:

    Hard to tell who is the most harmful here – the weirdo dressed up in a Santa suit or the mom who teaches her kid to believe him .

  4. Richard Rivas says:

    WOW! Does this guy not know what his role is here? It is not to try to impose his beliefs on this innocent little kid, it is to play Santa! That’s it!
    The mall needs to get rid of him FAST. This is the time of year to spread hope and joy, no need to be crushing dreams. He should be ashamed of himself.
    WAIT!!!! Is the Newscum behind that beard?

  5. Betty Bryans says:

    Sick Santa, sick human being, maybe sadistic pig would be a better description. What is wrong with our society?? They now want to teach young children anti-racist krap, knowing full well that will effect their self esteem, now a no-show santa sh–. America is now on the forefront of communism and if we do not stop them now, we have no hope. President Trump was our last hope. Now the democrats, via trojan joe,pedophile harris will have a clear path.!!!!God help us all.!!

  6. Ken says:

    What a dickhead for bringing politics into Christmas for a little boy and Santa makes him cry. Sorry folks this what Biden and Democrats are all about. This is true colors and you people voted for it. This is what you deserve when you voted the corrupt leftist by Democrats to run your country. You should be ashamed of what you are doing!!!!

  7. Cynthia Salwei says:

    Totally unbelievable. First of all Santa sounded like a women. Which is wrong!!! And then he or she says he or she will not get him a nerf gun. What has our world turned into. It was just a simple nerf gun. All my children and grandchildren played with nerf guns. In fact I play with them. How dare this person hurt a little boy before Christmas like that. Stupid Liberal imposing their beliefs in a roll like being Santa. It makes me so mad!!! If I was that Mom I would have said this is a fake Santa and told him the real Santa will get him a nerf gun. Do not worry Santa is to busy to sit here, this is just a fake Santa!!! Really we need to fight this liberal socialism with all we have. God bless that little boy and his family and all of us to rid our country of these people.

  8. Liz Cary says:

    What a liberal,cruel,mean jerk. He does not need to be Santa. He broke that little boys heart.

  9. Floyd Bays says:

    Totally uncalled for. If the parents don’t want the big to have a gun they won’t get it.This guy should be fired for being an idiot and cruel to children and put on a no Santa list. If I were the parents I would she for duress. He has no right to crush dreams . He’s a paid Santa not the real one. What a jerk.

  10. don says:

    Momma should have pulled down Santas beard and said this was a fake Santa…Don’t believe him.

  11. Kandance says:

    He should be fired — our kids have enough going on — what a creep! Let’s ruin everything while they are really young.

  12. Mary says:

    He would be fired. Poor little boy.

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