VIDEO: Students Protest Gov. Youngkin’s Transgender Student Policies

Student Protest

( – All across Virginia today, students are walking out of class and protesting Governor Glenn Youngkin’s proposed changes to state policies that impact transgender students.

During one such walkout and protest, students at McLean High School in Northern Virginia chanted “D-O-E, Leave us be” and “Trans rights are human rights.”

You can watch a video clip of that protest further down this post.

As reported by The Register Citizen publication in “Virginia students protest Youngkin transgender policies”:

Student activists held school walkouts across Virginia on Tuesday to protest Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s proposed changes to the state’s guidance on transgender student policies, revisions that would roll back some accommodations.

“Beginning Tuesday morning, students streamed out of their classrooms to decry the model policies unveiled earlier this month. If adopted by school districts, the policies would require parental sign-off on the use of any name or pronoun other than what’s in a student’s official record. They say participation in certain school programming and use of school facilities should be based on a student’s biological sex, with modifications offered only to the extent required under federal law.” [emphasis added]

The publication also noted:

Defenders of the Youngkin model policies, some of whom weighed in through an online public comment period that opened Monday, said the changes lent greater respect to the role of parents in their children’s lives.” [emphasis added]

You can read the full report by clicking HERE.

Here is a video clip of one of the student protests:

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