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Video: The Shooting Before The Philly Riots

Last night, extensive and extremely violent riots broke out in Philadelphia following a police-involved shooting of a man armed with a knife.

So that everyone can judge the actions of the police for themselves, Reclaiming America is providing two video clips of the shooting. The clips come from the same cellphone camera, but differ as to when in the incident they start and when they end.

Based on what is evident in the videos – a man armed with a knife advancing on police officers – Reclaiming America believes the shooting of the armed man, while tragic, was lawful and appropriate.

However, we invite your opinion of what you see in the videos and ask that you share your opinion in the Comment section.





  1. Missy C. says:

    Well, I do believe the cops did what they had to do. THEY DO HAVE A RIGHT TO DEFEND THEMSELVES. BUT, ALSO THEY SHOULD BE BETTER TRAINED TO TAKE SOMEONE DOWN AND NOT KILL THEM. THERE WERE TOO MANY SHOTS, WHICH SHOWS ME THEY ARE BAD SHOTS. If he had a gun, then all those shots would be justified. But, with a knife, a club, or etc. They could have capped his leg, shot his arm holding the knife, etc. And if he then kept coming after them you could guess he was trying to make himself a Master. Looking for a moment of fame.

  2. Mimi says:

    The officers are in the right they did
    what they had to do. This man was a threatening not only the officers but anyone else in the general area.
    People need to understand that they are accountable for their actions. It seems like these people behaving irrationally in the streets feel they should not have to abide by any rules or laws. Since when is it okay to do this ?
    Something is truly wrong with all this irrational behavior.

  3. Mickey says:

    I love it only thing he should have shot the big mouth setting in the car

  4. Terry says:

    How far did the officers have to retreat before they stopped and fired. They gave him a chance to stop advancing on them. When he didn’t they fired.

  5. Richard Rivas says:

    Hard to watch and very sad to see this happen but, I do believe this is justified. The man is armed and approaching the officers, so he IS a threat. It appears that he is not obeying the officers commands and his aggressive attitude alone is threatening. It is very difficult to say what one would do in this or any situation where you are being aggressively approached by an armed man. If he would have just stopped and put the knife down this could have been avoided. Most crimes happen because of anger and outrage and there is very little that can be done when someone gets to the point where they are a threat to others. I pray for the man who was shot and his family as I know this is very painful but I also pray for the officers as I can also imagine how difficult this is to deal with. We must all stop to make quick judgements and look hard into the whole situation and without bias and try to take a neutral position without emotion before we decide on a position.
    Peace, love, care, empathy and prayer is missing in this country. But it comes from within each individual. I hope I can reach just one person to realize this. We all need to start loving and caring for one another regardless of color, or status. This can only be done with God. Pick up a Bible or read your Bible. Just give it an honest effort to learn what the Bible can do for you. Sincerely, Rich R.

  6. TML says:

    He was shot justifiably. Officers kept moving away from him, but he kept on advancing.

  7. Sic&Tired says:

    The Guy….Was a Threat by walking around and wheeling a knife – HOWEVER, He wasn’t close to anyone and threatening any person at a close distance. The police were even pretty far away from the knife wheeling guy. Could they have talked to him a little more.??? Probably so….IF, I was an Officer in that situation – I would have been sure that he was about to hurt someone with that knife and then….Put Him Down.!!!! Sounded like he was on some Vendetta of some kind, due to the way he was talking. Now a days…and anymore…IF, someone is wheeling a knife or a gun and blabbing all over about something or – whatever.??…. Probably should put them down, so there is NO CHANCE of the Weird Idiot Person – in hurting anyone…..

  8. Cg says:

    Any individual is a threat with a knife,Justified in shooting on all counts.

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