Video: Trump Speaks To the Nation – Reclaiming America

Video: Trump Speaks To the Nation

President Donald Trump spoke to the nation about the vaccines that are now on the way to assist Americans in the battle against the coronavirus.

Today, our nation achieved a medical miracle. We have delivered a safe and effective vaccine in just nine months. This is one of the greatest scientific accomplishments in history,” the president said in part.

Watch the video and share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you believe President Trump has received enough credit for expediting the creation of vaccines to combat COVID19?



  1. ROTH says:

    trump is and was the man, to bad he lost, may bee next time winnnnn THANKS,FROM ALL YOUR SUPPOOTRSSSSS********……

  2. don b. says:

    Where is Pattric Henry ? America could shure wse more Patriots like him
    right now ! Thank you President Trump . Pray for our Republic
    Praise Be 2 God, His son Jesus and the Holey Spirit Amen.

  3. Julia Ogden says:

    Brainwashed sheep that listen to the media about our President are dumber than a box of rocks! The MSM propaganda machine has never said one good thing about Trump! If they do, they’d wind up in the river with cement shoes!
    Trump cut taxes across the board for all Americans.
    Trump won three Nobel Peace Prize nominations for bringing peace to the Middle East. For the first time in decades, the U.S. is at war with NO ONE! Trump initiated “Opportunity Zones” for dirt poor areas of our country to bring Americans out of poverty by offering incentives to businesses to build in these poor areas.
    And so much more that he has done that has been ignored or lied about!
    And maybe the most important thing was his Executive Order forming the US Joint Operations Command to fight human and child trafficking in our country! Thousands of American children have been rescued by this Command, and thousands of human and child traffickers arrested, tried and convicted! Bet these TROLLS never knew about that, because the MSM didn’t say ONE WORD about the rescued children…of course not. Their bosses and CEO’s are all involved in said trafficking!
    It’s time for POTUS to invoke the Insurrection Act and declare Martial Law! If the deep state won’t let us have our President by voting for him, the easy way, then we TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK THE HARD WAY!
    Let General Flynn and his military teams arrest these TRAITORS to our country! Send them straight to GITMO to await their Military Tribunals and once they are convicted…give them a rope and 6ft of dirt! #THISISTREASON

  4. David Lamont says:

    It will take YEARS to undo the damage that Trump has brought on to America. The first thing he did was to pass laws enabling his kin to hunt big game in Africa, enable rich Americans to get richer, not long after his coming to power he didn’t attend an outside gathering of powerful people in Europe……didn’t want to get his hair wet!! He couldn’t contain the speed of COVID and you all know what happened, millions infected thousands dead, The list goes on. The recent rioting, drinking bleach, taking credit for this vaccine.

  5. Corri says:

    What? Trump didn’t get the vaccine done. The scientists in other countries did. Now he wants to take credit for what they did? That’s absurd. And while they were working tirelessly to serve humanity, he did nothing to get the spread at bay here in US. How dare he take credit for the work of others dedicated to saving lives? I don’t like to say it, yet I have lost respect for Trump with this. Too many lives have been lost unnecessarily due to his arrogant refusal to admit and act on the severity of CoVid. Now he wants to take credit for what others have done? Unconscionable.

    • Joseph says:

      You so full of shit, the virus was not released by trump but China but scumbags like you refuse to call out the chinese for crimes against humanity however you need to realize that death in 2019/2020 is down by 20% year over year no more flu, infections etc etc get a life and leave trump 2020 alone.

  6. The vaccine should be called the Trump vaccine Luke Salk for polio. No he didn’t INVENT IT but he pushed hard to get it developed tested AND approved via warp speed and via the same way enabled it to be distributed already in progress. Royally pissed off the 72-4 million of us who voted fir him fir 4 more years were ILLEGALLY RIPPED OFF

  7. Honest says:

    Biden needs an IQ at least more than a Bugs Bunny Carrot

  8. Mary says:

    Be interesting to know what deal his has done with the company
    Thank god we did not take the bleach it took too scientists to product this but someone will reap rewards for pushing it fir sure

  9. Sandra says:

    No of course not… this true patriot never gets any credit for anything he does for us “we the people”… it breakers my heart seeing this man ridiculed, etc. the way he is. He’s the most disrespected President I have seen in my 74 years. My heart breaks for him.


    President was straight and to the point….giving credit to the masses that helped bring this vaccine to everyone….givein credit where it is due and the formula for distribution……On a personal note…I am sure President Trump never envioioned he would be fighting his own WW Covid in His hous on his watch…..Thank you sir.

    • Bernard Clark says:

      BIDEN is taking the credit for TRUMPS work.Figures they’ve been trying to destroy everything that Trump has done since he took office. President Trump’s not finished yet.

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