VIDEO: Warship Destroyed

( – Marking a new point in the years-long war, Ukraine’s armed forces announced that a Russian amphibious vessel was destroyed using naval drones in a significant maritime operation in the Black Sea.

Watch the video below.

The Caesar Kunikov was an amphibious ship capable of accommodating 87 crew members and reportedly sank off the coast of Alupka, a city on the Crimean Peninsula’s southern perimeter, a region unlawfully annexed by Moscow in 2014.

The potential loss of the ship marks a considerable setback for Russia’s naval capabilities in the Black Sea since the onset of Russia’s all-out invasion on February 24, 2022.

Taking a defensive stance in the conflict exacerbated by diminished ammunition reserves and personnel shortages, Ukraine continues to execute strategic strikes across the expansive 930-mile battlefront.

This incident marks the second occurrence within a fortnight where Ukrainian forces have reported the successful sinking of a Russian maritime asset in the Black Sea.

Previously footage purportedly showcasing naval drones targeting the Russian missile-armed corvette Ivanovets was disseminated by Ukrainian forces.

The specific operation against the Caesar Kunikov was attributed to “Group 13,” a special operations faction within Ukraine’s Military Intelligence (GUR) that employs Magura V5 sea drones. The attack notably inflicted damage on the vessel’s port side, mirroring a similar assault on February 1.

Ukraine’s proactive engagements against Russian aerial and naval units in the Black Sea have been instrumental in repelling Moscow’s naval presence from Ukrainian shores. This strategic advantage has facilitated Kyiv’s ability to amplify essential exports, including grain, via its southern ports.

The utilization of a new wave of unmanned weaponry has emerged as a pivotal aspect of the ongoing conflict by revolutionizing warfare both at sea and on land.

The Magura V5 drone was introduced in the previous year, resembles a sleek, black speedboat and is noted for its impressive velocity of up to 50 mph and a substantial payload capacity of 700 pounds.

In response to the alleged sinking the Russian military remained silent and only acknowledged the interception of six Ukrainian drones over the Black Sea during the same timeframe.