Video: Woman Murdered Because of Democrats’ Soft-On-Crime Policies – Some of us are old enough to remember that Democrats have tried bail reform and soft-on-crime policies numerous times in the past, and those reforms and policies have consistently failed because a significant percentage of criminals are so dangerous the only way to protect society is to keep them locked up.

Today, we have just such an example of what has now happened – repeatedly – because New York City’s bleeding heart Democrats have made it so that extremely dangerous thugs aren’t kept behind bars while awaiting trial.

If you watch one video today, watch the video a bit further down this post from NBC News documenting how a beautiful innocent woman in New York City was stalked and murdered – stabbed 40 times in her apartment – by a thug with eight previous arrests and who was out on bail because of New York’s soft-on-crime, bail reform policies that were instituted by Democrats.

The murder of this woman who had her whole life ahead of her is not only horrific, it was completely preventable had New York City officials kept the alleged killer behind bars where he belongs instead of putting him back on the streets to continue committing crimes.

But they did put him back on the street and now a beautiful young woman is dead after suffering through 40 stab wounds.

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