Video: Yale Law Students Scream At Conservative

Yale Law School

( – At a recent forum where both sides of a legal issue were to be presented, Yale Law School students took it upon themselves to demonstrate that although they will soon be lawyers who take an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America, they don’t believe in freedom of speech when it comes to anyone who may have a different view than their ultra-liberal view of the world and the law.

As the Washington Examiner explains in “At Yale Law School, speech gets silenced“:

“On March 10, Kristen Waggoner, an attorney at Alliance Defending Freedom, and Monica Miller, of the American Humanist Association, attended a bipartisan panel on civil liberties. The event was hosted by the Yale Federalist Society.

“As Kate Stith, a First Amendment law professor at Yale, attempted to introduce Waggoner, video shows students yelling and shouting at her. Stith remains calm and reminds the students of Yale’s free speech policies, which the students blatantly ignore.

“Over 100 students continued to shout down Waggoner as she attempted to speak, calling out her support of women in athletics and smearing her reputation. Alliance Defending Freedom represents several female track athletes in a lawsuit that hopes to protect women’s sports from unfair competition. Waggoner has argued in front of the Supreme Court twice, no small feat. These students should admire Waggoner’s accomplishments. Instead, they fear her views and restrict her ability to speak.” [emphasis added]

Better than us describing what took place, you can watch and listen for yourself as we are providing two YouTube videos below that show video and play audio of what happened when Waggoner attempted to participate in the bipartisan debate.

As you’ll see and hear, these students who will soon be lawyers had no interest in hearing anything other than what they believe in their socialist minds.

Imagine how they would behave and rule if they ever become judges.

Here are the videos: