Vietnamese Church Torched During BLM Riot – Reclaiming America

Vietnamese Church Torched During BLM Riot

Vietnamese Church Arson

Vietnamese Church Arson

What does it say about America and the current state of traditional American values when “protesters” who claim they want equality for their minority group are allegedly involved in acts of arson that destroy the property and endanger the lives of other minorities?


“The Vietnamese Baptist Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was a “total loss” after being burned during Black Lives Matter protests and riots on Tuesday night, according to news reports and video footage released Wednesday,” according to Breitbart.

The Baptist Press reported:

PHILADELPHIA (BP) – The building of Vietnam Baptist Church in Philadelphia was burned Tuesday night during the second night of unrest in the city after the police shooting of a Black man Monday.

Pastor Philip Pham received a call Tuesday night from a church member whose friend had seen the flames and seven fire trucks surrounding the church.

“I have no idea why they attacked our church,” Pham said. “They burned it from the roof. They threw flammable chemicals on the roof and [flames] burned through the roof” and down through the rest of the building. He said the facility is a “total loss.” [emphasis added]

Of primary concern to Pham were three hard drives. Since before purchasing the building in 2005, Vietnam Baptist Church has served as something of a community center each weekday, providing help with immigration paperwork, taxes and even marriage counseling.


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  1. Barbara Armann says:

    I know what it says about SOME American’s. They HATE AMERICA!! I really don’t know why they stay here then!! If they want MARXISM, and they DO, they should just go live in a communist country!! I think if we pooled our tax dollars, the taxes that will end up funding illegals RUSHING to a country that others HATE, we could actually buy enough boat tickets to ship them all the hell outta here!!Those living on our southern boarders should fight the illegals off, saving tons of tax dollars to ship those HATERS OUTTA HERE!!

  2. Linda says:

    So sorry for the loss of your church. May God bless you more abundantly above what you can ask or think. May what was meant for a curse be turned into a blessing and may those who committed this evil act turn from their wicked ways and seek forgiveness for their sin at the foot of the cross.

  3. CPO Bill says:

    Protesters my ass, Call the Terminator on them!

    • Grace says:

      Just a hint of what could be in store for the Republic if these Heathens are allowed to continue their anarchy. Antifa and BLM not only want to defund our police, they want to be the police. God help us. Vote like your future depends on it. It does.

      • Barbara Armann says:

        I hate to say it but apparently our votes don’t matter anymore! We can vote till we turn blue and they’ll put in whoever the hell they want! Just like this last election. President Trump WON MORE VOTES than ANY OTHER PRESIDENT in AMERICAN HISTORY!! And they STOLE IT ANYWAY!! Our votes no longer matter!! I’m not sure they ever really did, until Donald J. Trump got in!! That was probably the exception of our lifetime. America will NEVER be what it was intended to be anymore.

  4. Andrea says:

    If possible have a court order making BLM pay for the building of a new church.They do not help Black Lives but rather have brought more hate and anger from the other people! These people are terrorists! Why destroy and steal from stores that are just business people trying to stay alive?I feel sorry for the innocent ethical black people and also the same with the whites. When they are caught doing their atrocities,make them pay financially!

  5. Sic&Tired says:

    Some DAY…..Some One…or Many of Some Ones….ARE GOING TO PUT THOSE MORONIC AND IDIOTIC “BLACK LIVES MATTERS”… A – HOLES …..INTO THEIR PLACE.!!! AND – I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL THAT OCCURS.!!! I am going to Love Every Minute of Watching or Seeing them ________.!!! They have caused more hate and discontent than the stinken Covid. The Day IS COMING.!!! DUE, To People are Sick and Tired of It ALL..!!!!!!

    • Barbara Armann says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more!! They ARE TERRORISTS and should be TREATED as such! But while they were being arrested, people like AOC and John Podesta and the other cronies, George Soros, were BAILING THEM OUT!! So we’ll probably NEVER see them pay for all the heartship they caused!! Pray that God comes back soon!! And be ready because He IS coming soon!!!

  6. I’m very said in today’s young people. Many groups are started, but sadly there is people who give money out of hate. Most people never look at the Big Picture. Fact: the largest Race is Hispanic. The Richest people are Blacks and the poorest is the middle class (All the other races), We always want to get people to think we are the indigenous people. Fact is Americans are so gifted. “In God We Trust” means a lot more to the Deplorable’s than anyone else. Grace & Peace. Blessings.

  7. Geoblue says:

    BLM is not doing anything to help or improve African American lives or issues – it is run by a group of Marxists. Please stop expecting it to act in a charitable manner.

  8. Breaker 19 says:

    I don’t understand why the people in charge are just standing, watching this kind of lawlessness take place and doing nothing to stop it. It don’t make any sense.

  9. Roseann says:

    These protests MUST NOT BE ALLOWED, They are NOT peaceful, never have been and destroying a church is unforgivabe!

  10. Roseann says:

    These protests MUST NOT BE ALLOWED, They are NOT peaceful, never have been and destroying a church is unforgivabe!
    Police must NOT allow them anymore! God

  11. Vgrobb says:

    Sounds fascist to me

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