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Waves of Migrants Overwhelm Border Patrol

Day by day, the illegal immigration crisis on the United States’ southern border grows and grows.


Video shot this week in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas shows firsthand, the never-ending stream of migrants illegally entering the United States. Many of the migrants shared their stories as they made their way to a receiving area set up by the Border Patrol. The migrants, depending on where they illegally enter, walk up to several miles to reach the area where they will surrender,” according to Breitbart.

In a few short hours, near Mission, Tx, Breitbart Texas observed more than 250 migrants illegally crossing the border from Mexico. The endless groups of migrants consisted mostly of whole families and unaccompanied children. Some unaccompanied children, as young as 9 years old, walked through the brush and farm fields in search of Border Patrol agents. The migrants guided themselves by following makeshift signs on sheets of plywood placed strategically to keep them from getting lost. [emphasis added]

All of the migrants Breitbart Texas spoke to were from Central America. Some claimed to be fleeing poverty in their home country while others hinted at persecution.

“Very few Border Patrol Agents could be found in the area as many are removed from front-line patrols due to the humanitarian needs of caring for the surge in unaccompanied children. Border Patrol facilities are reported to be overcrowded due to the sheer volume of apprehensions made during the last two months.”

For more of this extensive report, go to Breitbart.

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