White Students Strike Back – SUE University

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – After making an egregious move to cast white students aside, they are striking back at the University of Oklahoma with a federal lawsuit on race grounds.

The students’ complaint states that an admissions official informed one of the plaintiffs that she would not qualify for certain financial aid due to her race, saying “financial aid was generally not available to students like her but would have been if she were African American.”

The suit also accuses the institution of erasing certain diversity-related content from its website in order to “obscure the extent to which it has engaged in race-based decision making.”

It is also claimed that additional material was deleted after the lawsuit was filed, which complicates the evaluation of the university’s race-based initiatives.

The lawsuit challenges the university’s practices under the 14th Amendment and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and highlights that some financial aid decisions are made based on race.

The complaint argues, “Rather than determining who to admit based on their race, the University of Oklahoma determines how much financial aid it gives to students based on their race,” adding, “That is unlawful.”

Listed in the lawsuit are several programs specifically targeted at racial groups, such as a “college preview program for African American students,” orientation and graduation events for black students, and others.

Despite their previous online presence, a recent report revealed that the webpages detailing these events are now missing.

The lawsuit was filed by three white students on May 15. Internet archives reveal that while some related web pages were still accessible then, others had already been removed.

The plaintiffs, all identifying as “white and non-Hispanic” on their college applications, include students in various programs at the university.

“Universities that discriminate on the basis of race when making financial-aid awards violate the same equal protection principles that apply in the admissions context and elsewhere,” the suit reads

The lawsuit also contends that financial aid practices at the University of Oklahoma show “that black students receive more institutional grant aid from the University of Oklahoma than other students, even when controlling to the extent possible for factors such as family income.”

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