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Will Eliminating Grading Standards ‘Combat Racism’?

What does it say about America and traditional American values when, instead of working harder to assist poorly performing students to meet appropriate grading standards, the grading standards for an entire school district are eliminated under the guise of “combating racism”?


Students will no longer be graded based on a yearly average, or on how late they turn in assignments. Those are just some of the major grading changes approved this week by California’s second-largest school district,” according to NBC San Diego.

The San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) is overhauling the way it grades students. Board members say the changes are part of a larger effort to combat racism.

“‘This is part of our honest reckoning as a school district,’ says SDUSD Vice President Richard Barrera. ‘If we’re actually going to be an anti-racist school district, we have to confront practices like this that have gone on for years and years.’…

Academic grades will now focus on mastery of the material, not a yearly average, which board members say penalizes students who get a slow start, or who struggle at points throughout the year.

Another big change, teachers can no longer consider non-material factors when grading. Things like turning work in on time and classroom behavior will now instead count towards a student’s citizenship grade, not their academic grade.”

But, as ZeroHedge points out, “The horrific irony of this of course is that it will simply incentivize already underperforming students to act out in class and miss coursework deadlines.

Further, “By way of the bigotry of low expectations, predominantly white liberal education officials are enacting policies that will increase the chances of Native American, Hispanic and black students leaving school with lackadaisical mental attitudes and poor skill sets, making their entry into the jobs market even harder.”

For more on this change in traditional American education policy, you can watch the news report from NBC San Diego below, read more at NBC San Diego, and at Zero Hedge.

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