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Will Mark Levin, Shapiro and Bongino Be Muzzled?

This morning, Reclaiming America has learned that Cumulus Media is attempting to muzzle Talk Radio Hosts Mark Levin, Dan Bongino, and Ben Shapiro. Here is the report from The Washington Post.


After months of stoking anger about alleged election fraud, one of America’s largest talk-radio companies has decided on an abrupt change of direction,” according to The Washington Post.

Cumulus Media, which employs some of the most popular right-leaning talk-radio hosts in the United States, has told its on-air personalities to stop suggesting that the election was stolen from President Trump — or else face termination. [emphasis added]

“A Cumulus executive issued the directive on Wednesday, just as Congress met to certify Joe Biden’s election victory and an angry mob of Trump supporters marched on the Capitol, overwhelmed police and briefly occupied the building, terrorizing lawmakers and leading to the deaths of five people.

“’We need to help induce national calm NOW,’ Brian Philips, executive vice president of content for Cumulus, wrote in an internal memo, which was first reported by Inside Music Media. Cumulus and its program syndication arm, Westwood One, ‘will not tolerate any suggestion that the election has not ended. The election has been resolved and there are no alternate acceptable ‘paths.’’ [emphasis added]

“The memo adds: ‘If you transgress this policy, you can expect to separate from the company immediately.’[emphasis added]

“Since the election, Cumulus has remained silent while its most popular hosts — which include Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro and Dan Bongino — have amplified Trump that the vote was “rigged” or in some way fraudulent.” [emphasis added]

For more on this story, go to The Washington Post.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. What do you think about Cumulus Media attempting to muzzle Talk Radio Hosts Mark Levin, Dan Bongino, and Ben Shapiro?



  1. Barbara Larson says:

    The censors aren’t doing their due diligence. Ben Shapiro should be a lib darling now that he’s written that Trump supporters’ belief that the 2020 election was fraudulent has no basis in fact. (see Townhall commentary on Jan. 14). He makes the preposterous claim that there is no evidence of fraud and Trump backers need to quit believing the “lie” that there is. I was dismayed that he did no investigation into the mountain of evidence–signed affidavits, statistical impossibilities, the “coincidence” that the 6 swing states stopped counting votes at about the same time on Nov. 3 when Trump was ahead and resumed the next morning with Biden having miraculously wiped out Trump’s lead during the wee hours, Republican poll workers were either forbidden to do their jobs or made to observe from ten feet away, and the list goes on. To believe Joe Biden got more votes than Barack Obama by spending most of the time NOT campaigning or drawing pathetically small crowds when he did, while Trump drew massive crowds to every one of his multiple rallies shows that Ben Shapiro doesn’t have common sense. Sadly, liberals have added an unlikely election-fraud denier to their stable and censoring him is nuts.

  2. Linda Godkin says:

    What happened to our 1st amendment? You guys are un-American! You know the truth about antifa, and you still blame Trump. He did more for the little man than Dems have done in years! Pelosi should be kicked out or arrested for tearing up the President’s State of Union speech. But nothing is ever done to her, and she is EVIL!!

  3. Barbara says:

    Keep telling the thuth.And these men is all I have to listen to. Freedom of speech is being deny to everyone.May God Bless these four men.

  4. Luther Johnson says:

    All this stuff needs to go to the Supreme Court for the suppression of free speech. I don’t see either of these men taking this lying down.

  5. Candy S says:

    Fox has really screwed up their media company…way to go Murdocks!!! You’re already losing customers and I guess you don’t care. I hope these people wise up and go someplace else. I like them, but as for Fox News…adios!!!

  6. jo says:

    keep the good work,Levin, shapiro and bonigno…God bless you for airing the truth and not bias. keep fighting for our freedom

  7. jo says:

    God has his plan placed,,just believe on HIM..nothing is impossible

  8. Mauri Morin says:

    Time for Mark. Dan and Ben to put their money where their mouth is and say ADIOS to Westwood

  9. Mark Horner says:

    This is just another examp[le of how clueless the MSM, Big Tech, and the DNC really are. Every time one of you fools does something to try to clamp down on the conservatives. You are adding more fuel to the fire of unrest. You cannot push 80 million people into the underground and not expect an explosion. Your socialistic tactics are going to blow up in your face. The pressure is building and it will detonate in an explosion that you won’t be able to handle. Like the old saying goes. Every dog has it’s day and ours is coming.

    • Letstalkwinters says:


  10. Corri says:

    Any business has the right to set its own rules. That is freedom. Just like you have the right to set the rules for your house. That is freedom also. So in this case, the company has full right to fire employees who do not abide by the rules of the company… just like you have the right to throw out anyone from your home who does not abide by the rules you set for your house. Period. The US constitution has no right to set rules for your house nor for how a company chooses to run its business. Sorry, but it is totally in line with freedom for this business to fire anyone who does not abide by their internal rules.

  11. Mary L Janes says:

    This sounds like they want to kill freedom of speech sensorship what is wrong with these idiots don’t they want our country to be the best in the world?

  12. Debbie harloff says:

    That is ridiculous.These people are liked for telling it like it is and NOT lying or sugarcoating the truth.
    You just want a punch of puppets too then

  13. Marvin Shults says:

    One of the first things the Nazi’s did on the road to power was eliminate free speach. Read the Rise and Fall of the third Riech
    By Shirer. You might also be interested what caused the American

  14. Jim Ellison says:

    It sounds a lot like. A?I Germany to me. And a violation of the first amendment, freedom of speech. There are always two sides to any point of view or story. It is perfectly normal to have differing points of view. But to limit the expression of a point of view that is different from yours is censorship and freedom of speech.

    • Pierre says:

      This is not brain surgery.
      Its in the Constitution
      If they are breaking the law, then punish them.
      Its that simple.

  15. Dave memery says:

    Lets stop complaining about what has happened! We know what has been done they’ve been trying for decades, asking questions to the why is ridiculous, the Dems orchestrated everything to happen just the way it did they’ve been working on this for years and finally when they saw Trump was going to win they put this into motion, they already had the corrupt heads of the FBI, CIA, justice and courts in their pockets and now was the time, Dems media started the hatred campaign on Trump spreading lies so much that all the left believed it to be true (just think before he was elected he was an inspirational business man with a great story so popular they made him a star, never a negative word from the left, all that changed overnight hard to believe. Then the virus the China virus, Dems and China released the China virus, COVID-19 perfect timing don’t you think? If it came to early we would have had the vaccines and defeated it, a little later wouldn’t of effected the election), then the riots and looting and taking over and burning our cities and yes lots of people died(oh remember these are the peaceful riots) to divide, then they spread the fear and shut down our country (1st time ever), just to introduce mail in ballots, illegally changed the voting rules, installed the know corrupt dominion machines days before election then of course you could see it written on the walls yes massive strategic ballot fraud, now with everyone mentioned above in their pockets did anyone honestly believe that the fraud would be heard where it mattered, Dems, media and judges played the 3 monkeys no see no hear no say the left just acted like it never happened and ignored the facts, then Georgia well we all knew how that was going to turn out same rules as before, now one last hurdle the senate vote, big protest and some got violent and then controlled (oh turns out this riot unlike the other is a bad riot), (which is when all the rhinos and corrupted republicans finally come out) and say because of the riot I’m changing my mind not to object to the fraud. And look the left still trying to prevent Trump from returning use this to mention impeachment if you don’t surrender him through 25th amendment (remember Nancy mentioned that a while back I was wondering when that would show up). And even though Trump never indicated any violence and for months his rallies and protests were non violent, the Dems media is going to lie about it over and over till everyone on the left believes it to be true and worse now they’re threatening to cleanse the Trump supporters. I could go into lots more details but want to get to the point of my opening statement. Enough complaining and ask what are you willing to give up for your our freedom?

    • Bekeleybird says:

      So, even though we ALL know its all been rigged and that Obama and Soros are behind it all, are you saying there is nothing we can do about this. We must just sit and wait two years for the next election? Not sure I am willing to do that.

  16. Daniel Robak says:

    There is someone willing to take action, Daniel Robak. He is starting another Party, “THE American Party” this is for the 70+ million who voted for Trump.
    More info at [email protected]

    • Gary Hull says:

      Please keep us informed. Defenders of the Republic cannot be silenced! Current events mimic Hitler’s rise to power. Parler needs to have it’s own resources without relying on those committed to censoring all conservatives.

    • Tlp says:

      Good, we all need to join. The way to hurt any Big Tech, Media outlets, Media websites, is to hurt them financially. MONEY IS POWER to them. STOP THE FLOW of that, and that will STOP THE CONTROL!

    • Eto says:

      Post how, when, where to join.

  17. Godwin says:

    What’s happening to the land of the free? What’s happening to freedom of speech and the exercise thereof? What’s going on? I guess we have to be governed by Chinese communists constitution now.OMG!!!!

    • J says:

      It appears to me the Chinese plan is falling into place perfectly for them. Germ warfare to weaken,control government elections,cause division, instigate riots,stop freedom of speech,start civil war,then physically invade.

      • j collins says:

        the dems are in bed with china taking away our freedom rights if the people dont stand up we will be living like china no rights get some BALLS law makers and stand up for america

  18. Emily says:

    The world is waking up now to all the corruption. We are at war!!! But have faith cause there is a plan in place and it’s happening NOW so support eachother, be calm, and be prepared for all humanity to come together. Stay the course

  19. Leilani Mayes says:

    Our Constitution and America are under attack and if Liberty and Freedom are values that we should hold sacred contact your elected officials and stand up for America !
    Abolish Section 230 ! If allowed to stand, The First Amendment will be lost and we the people will have no voice! Or access to information that is accurate.
    Praying for all who suffered from the treasonous Capital Hill attack…That was horrific.

    • J says:

      It’s about time the military steps in and arrests the big tech company CO’S. Then have the citizens of the US take over ownership of all the media. The media should not be in private ownership.

  20. Ron Nuce says:

    THE DEMONRAT GESTAPO STRIKES AGAIN!! (STAY TUNED FOR MORE OF THE SAME). If you voted for Biden, go get another shot of the ” KOOL_AID “!

  21. Marsha Clark says:

    Fraud is obvious they turn a blind eye to truth! They hate American citizens! Time to leave the union and form our Republic?If they continue to hide the truth they may push some citizens to fevolt!Our voice dose not matter

  22. Peter Asencio says:

    This Country has FREE SPEECH, WE WILL NEVER BACK DOWN, and we don’t forget the traders or our NATION.

  23. Jeffrey Kym says:

    Hell no they should not be muzzled. We’ve been the pleasing group each and every time and look where it’s gotten us. Closer to socialism!!!
    And just how the hell can anyone just say there was no fraud, if anyone truly believes this, then stand up and tell them to give the GOP complete access to everything they’ve requested. Hey, what’s the harm if you are so sure.

  24. Matthew McDonald says:

    This is out-right comminism and all Americans need to take a stand for Liberty! Enough is enough and we meed to organize.

    • M says:

      Yes, the military needs to do the cleanup.

      • Shay says:

        Dont trust the military to do anything. They fall in line with everyone else. Trump warned everyone about this but no one wanted to start reining this in by repealing section 230. Always crisis management. Now congressmen are outraged since its effecting them. Biden supporters dont care right now but they will soon enough when the socialist agenda effects them like everyone else. But again, another Trump prediction came true.They will be going after sites like this soon.

  25. Fran capo says:

    We all know what really happened with the fraud, including the left who orchestrated it. Now they want us to be good little puppets like Biden and do what they say. So when things like this happen I say stop complaint and find the solution. Are you telling me out of 75 million Americans who voted for Trump there is not one who can build a conservative network that doesn’t rely on big tech. Why can’t they devise our own big tech? Fb was started by a college kid so was Mac. Granted it takes tome but start cracking and get this done. The same way as we should have never allowed China to control our antibiotics and meds. We have to create things that can’t be taken away from us so when they want to punish us for not believing in their socialist ways we don’t get effected. So calling all conservative tech people- please do something so we are never silenced again.

    • F says:

      The media needs to be owned by the citizens of the US, not by private ownership. So we all need to find a way to start/buy our own media outlets. Need a good attorney to represent us.

      • T says:

        Trump should buy his own media outlets including radio stations. We all could support these by spending our money on this cause instead of spending money on Amazon, Amazon Prime, etc.

  26. Lyle Williams says:

    This is total horseshit..The election WAS CHEATED! The Washington post’s losing ALL credibility by even suggesting that it wasn’t.

    • Esther Patterson says:

      Agreed. We are Americans and we do not bow to anyone but God and His Son Jesus. And we never sit down and be quiet…we will not shut up or let this die Until there is Justice.

  27. Robert Wynnr says:

    Any society that DOES NOT ALLOW FREE SPEECH
    Any government whose elected officials give 90% of a relief bill for the U.S A. that American Citizens PAY FOR

    • mark burke says:

      in a heartbeat, our freedoms are about gone as President Reagan once said in a great speech. Socialism has crashed through the door! Free speech that is now being shut down by the unhinged democrat left with Big Techs help and no doubt to the cheering of the Chicoms.
      Where is the U.S. cavalry when you need them?

      • Esther Patterson says:

        Socialism has not crashed through the door, it found the corrupt and greedy for power and control and went into Congress and high offices of our Government with the Clintons and made themselves at home. Treason has been comnitted with abetting of Big Tech and the Media against the entire Country. Time for Justice to be served.

        • M says:

          A Civil War is eminent, which appears to be the only alternative.

        • R says:

          America is not run the the people anymore,but by High Tech,the Media,and the CCP. THIS NEEDS TO END!

        • Jlp says:

          Everyone should listen to the Victor David Hanson talk on the Hoover Institution channel on YouTube, “The Case for Trump”. This so good to listen to about how good our President Trump is.

        • Plk says:

          AMAZON is one of the Big Tech CO that is funding the take away of your FREEDOM OF SPEACH. Don’t use Amazon, close your account, deal directly with the supplier at a lower ELIMINATION OF THE MIDDLE MAN cost. Same return policies.

        • Bft says:

          Nancy Pelosi is a very mentally sick woman. It’s sad to see her in office, at the same time, sicking.

        • Trh says:

          So 70% of the registered voters in the US support President Trump. Whats wrong with these deaf, dumb, blind politicians that don’t support him?

        • Rto says:

          We need to “cleanse” the Dumocrate Party.

        • RTU says:

          Again, close you Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts. Stop there money flow. That’s in our control.

        • ERT says:

          The more Pelosi speaks, the more it reveals how sickly stupid she is.

        • Stg says:

          MAGA will evaporate if Beijing Biden gets into office.

        • Rto says:

          “Faith, Family, Freedom”; always keep this in mind as our American ideals.

        • Rtb says:

          I hope other countries see these posts. Now you know what caliber of politicians we have running this country. The people don’t run it anymore. Only traitors, non-Americans, spies, Big Tech, ignorant politicians, run it. These people are DEAF, DUMB, and BLIND!

        • Etj says:

          These are the politicians that need to be voted out of office. Print/copy/share to remember at next elections. Rep. Liz Cheney-WY
          Rep. Herrera Beutler-WA
          Rep. Katko-NY
          Rep. Kinzinger-IL
          Rep. Upton-MI
          Rep. Newhouse-WA
          Rep. Meijer-MI
          Rep. Gonzalez-OH
          Rep. Rice-SC
          Rep. Valadao-CA

        • Wbt says:

          I think if someone asked me to vote for a Civil War, I would have to put a check mark. It seems that’s the only way nowadays, as has happened in our past history.

        • Ryt says:

          As my mother would say, Nasty Pelosi is a “Brutta bestia”.

        • SMR says:

          I have to think that this time in history, will be written as “The American fools that didn’t see communism coming”, and the cause of the fall of the American Empire. Then these fools will have to live the rest of their lives with this on their conscience, and try to deny to there family and next generations that they were part of this tragedy.

        • Etf says:

          I have read that each year in the USA, thousands of people disappear without explanation, and never found. I sure can think of a few people that could be put on that list, that I would never miss.

        • Wbt says:

          Twitter,Instagram,Facebook,Amazon, should be band in the US, and in other countries. Control there money, so we can control them. Bankrupt their companies! They are not true American Patriots!

        • ATJ says:

          Another added note: Stop buying anything made in China! It is all junk that won’t last! Even these Compression Socks that are advertised, “Infused with copper”, what a joke! Again, made in China!

        • Srs says:

          I agree, Nasty Pelosi is a mentally sick, senile, old hag. She should be impeached, or locked up! Horrible person to be in office. Californians need to vote her out!

        • RtP says:

          China is mirroring the former communist Germany under Hitler. Be wise, stop buying from China! Their power is their money! STOP THE MONEY!

        • ERT says:

          The reason the Dumocrates and BIG TECH have shut down some of the media outlets is because they are terrorfide with what we may say.

        • TwS says:

          When POWER OVER PEOPLE becomes more important than THE GOOD FOR THE PEOPLE, then that sickness become contagious amongst the sickess.

        • ERW says:

          “The unsatisfying thirst for power turns ordinary people into freeks.”

        • ADS says:

          Anyone associated with Cumulus Media, should listen to their conscience, and quit this company. “STOP THE FLOW OF MONEY, STOPS THE FLOW OF POWER”. Amen.

        • FRT says:

          After reading allot of these posts, I have realized that the Democrat Politicians are terriorest promoters. No question about it.

        • WTH says:

          Just saw a news post on YouTube on my TV,saying Impeach Biden. When I went back to watch it, it wasn’t there. Interesting, and would be a good idea.

        • Jlp says:

          Tried to use SafeChat, but even though I ask it to “Remember Me”, it asks me to Login everytime. Also, my keyboard just about blocks everything. When I push the back button, it takes me to the Login page again. Couldn’t post anything after I put in a comment, because there wasn’t a “Post” button. I’m using a Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G.

        • EdTw says:

          Keep in mind, the media websites that have blocked you, are using your own money to do so. STOP THE FLOW, WILL STOP THE CONTROL

        • ART says:

          Nasty Pelosi is a “impeachment freek”. She is mentally sick! How could a mentally handicapped person such as her, hold an office. Are the Californians that voted her in just as nuts, or did they use the Dominion Voting machines for that election too. Must have!

        • FTJ says:

          Stay away from Twitter,Facebook,Instagram,other media outlets no matter what they do next. These websites need to be “killed” permanently. Don’t fall for anything they do next. $51 billion loss is only the beginning. They need to disappear for ever.

        • GDwilliams says:

          No one should show up in DC at Beijing Biden’s inauguration. This would make him look like a fool, and the Dumocrates too, as they are already planning riots, I imagine. So meet somewhere else that they don’t expect.

        • JFR says:

          Texans needs to kick China out of Texas! What the hell were they thinking. Let them build the solar farm, then steal it like they do with everything they stole from us. We Texans have the big boots to do it, so do it form America, and us Texans.

        • WBH says:

          Rep.David Valadao,representing California’s 21st District, voted to impeach President Trump. He’s a traitor, and should be voted out on the next election. From what I’ve heard, he’s for giving illegal immigrants the right to vote, draw unemployment, free health care, and free citizenship to them also. Not good for Californians who are also being driven out of their State, because of freebies, and being a Santuary State for all who never pay taxes. Vote him out, he’s another stem of the cancer in that state.

        • RTY says:

          I sure hope Beijing Biden’s time is short. Harass’s (mis-spelled on purpose) time is short too.

        • EdTRW says:

          Again, Nasty Pelosi is a mentally sick woman. She is exactly like a female Hitler.

        • AndyBD says:

          I wish President Trump would have activated Marshall Law, to permanently clean the Swamp. They are all crooks that have lied, broken the laws, ignored The Constitution, endangered all Americans. The only way they could try to win the 2020 Presidential Election, is by buying illegal votes. Beijing Biden will never be the President of the United States. He will just be a crook occupying the White House under faults pretenses.

        • DDS says:

          I wish they made target practice sheets to use at the shooting range of the Swampers, like they had for Bin Ladin. I get tired of those standard targets.

        • WillTHem says:

          It’ll be great day to celebrate when Twitter, Facebook, and other media outlets that prohibits free speach, close permanently, and owners go broke.

        • JimTJenk says:

          China is the Cancer of the World.

        • FrankDCad says:

          Yes, stop the FLOW ($$$$), will stop the CONTROL.

        • JTYoung says:

          I have no doubt that Barr was bought off by the CCP also.

        • JohnnyMT says:

          Ya, Barr is the one full of Bull _ _ _ t, but it’s from China!

        • RanndyTS says:

          Beijing Biden needs to be gone ASAP!

        • MarkDB says:

          Everyone needs to watch the China Observer channel on your TV YouTube or phone, then share to educate the Liberals of the US and it allies. China is so happy Beijing Biden will be in office, so they can continue pouring money into our government, to buy more of its officials.

        • Jlstory says:

          Thank you Mr. President Trump for your great leadership. You are one of a kind, the one kind the USA needs to lead to greatness again to insure our freedom and path away from socialism. God bless you and Melania.

        • FrankHSmith says:

          Beijing Biden and his followers, are major sinners that should be punished to the fullest.

        • Pat G. Hems says:

          Never listen to NBC, ABC, CBS News stations, they are CCP backed through out our nation. They report FAKE news often, very often using here-say as their source of news reporting. Be wise, listen to the Real News Stations.

        • Nancy P. Smith says:

          I can honestly say that I’m not proud to be an American today. To see President Trump be elected legally, and then subject to proven major voter FRAUD, and have the Supreme Court not allow the evidence to be presented, is an American Tradegy that will go down in non-biased history books. The American justice system has failed, backed by the Chinese government, is a horrible path that will destroy the freedom of America, lead it into Socialism, then communism. You foolish Biden supporters will see the outcome of this tragedy, and will have to live with your decisions using poor judgment. You obviously don’t have a conscience to guide you in the right direction. Happy living with that, you will see your mistakes and have to suffer for it.

        • John R. Smith says:

          I can’t believe how stupid and gullible the Democrats are. They are narrow minded, lacking the ability to see “The Big Picture” of what’s happening to the US being run by “The Shadow Government” that is the Chinese backed Democratic Party. “YOU WILL NEED TO SLEEP IN THE BED YOU MAKE”.

        • EdwardGDaniels says:

          I hope someone gets rid of everyone Beijing Biden appoints to his cabinet.

        • George F. Dumbar says:

          The Dumocratic Party is opening the door to Hitlerisum. Do we want to see this change in the USA??

        • Will R. Davidson says:

          Killary Clinton is another mentally sick woman. No wonder Bill Clinton had an affair. I’m surprised he didn’t divorce her.

        • Bruce G. Young says:

          Nasty Pelosi is a crazy woman, a fanatic!

        • Sam S. Morganson says:

          It appears to me that the USA has a bunch of crazy politicians running it at this time. It’s so sad to see this country go down hill so fast. Where is Karma, we need it now ASAP, or the military will do just fine.

        • Joseph K. Miller says:

          I don’t understand why the military didn’t step in, and arrest the the poll personnel that were accepting fraudulent voter ballots. They were breaking the law, going against the Constitution, while local law enforcement stood by and let it proceed.

        • Mike S. Barter says:

          The Biden Crime Family needs to be dealt with ASAP. Eliminate it, and you will see an extremely happy 80 million US citizens, and hope for the USA future.

        • Robert D. Macky says:

          How that drug user freek got to be vice president (Biden), is beyond my comprehension. His brain was cooked along time ago.

        • Edward M. Parker says:

          I never realized how sick with power the politicians in the US could get, and are. Living in the US and observing what has happened to our election process, makes me very sad to see all the fraud, and the ignoring of the Constitution and the laws we have. Lack of honest leadership is gone, with the lack of patriotism. Lack of law enforcement is degrading,if not gone altogether in our justice system. When the FBI and the Department of justice is corrupt, purchased by China, then there’s no hope for our freedom, because we’re on the path to communism.

        • Bob T. Jones says:

          Everyday that I hear news about Beijing Biden, is one more day showing what a stupid idiot he is.

        • Mike D. Carter says:

          CCP Biden is equal to the same stuff I avoid stepping on in a cow pasture, but equal to a big pile of it.

        • Mark J. Franco says:

          I pray everyday that God will do the right thing to punish all those involved in the illegal allowance of the fraudulent voting. If God doesn’t do the right thing, maybe someone else will. Either way, whatever it takes. What’s happened in this last, and previous election, deplorable in this nation. I sometimes wish we were in the old days, when the majority of people took the law in their own hands when obvious dishonesty was present.

        • Anthony G. Parker says:

          Nasty Pelosi is an embarrassment to the Italian community. Someone that is so mentally sick, wouldn’t have even been accepted in the Mafia. She should be eliminated.

        • Sandy S. Farmer says:

          Beijing Biden would rather spend OUR tax money on other countries, because then he puts pressure on them to give him and his son a KICKBACK$$$ into THEIR POCKETBOOKS. He’s done in the past, he’ll do it again. They’re STEALING YOUR TAX MONEY, AND PUTTING IT IN THEIR POCKETS! Get wise quick you Dumocrates and Traitor Republicans.

        • Mark W. Rainie says:

          I pray that all the US Military mobilizes as one, to stop this countries takeover by the “Shadow Government” (the corrupt Democrates, big Tech, and other countries) set on crumbling the US to a socialistic government. They are the only ones as a whole that has the power to guide this country on a continuous path to democracy.

        • John B. Thomas says:

          I’ll bet there has never been a person hated in the US government more than the hate for Biden. He’ll go down in history as the WORST, MOST HATED, DISHONEST person running for the presidency in US history. He isn’t our president, and never will be. Harris will go down as the BIGGEST HIPOCRITICAL presidential running mate in US history. Everytime she talks, she brocasts her stupidity.

        • Michael P. Everet says:

          Everyone thinks the symbol for the Dumocrates is a donkey, but it’s actually a JACKASS. So appropriate!

        • Bimala Williams says:

          I think Joy Reid might be really a man, disguised as a woman. She’s built like a strong man! Was she not getting enough attention as a male?? Now as a woman, she can develop her looks and need to be a narcissistic bitch for attention!

        • Nancy Smith says:

          I hope Beijing Biden literally falls face first somewhere. That will put him away for awhile. Or maybe gets knocked out when he gropes Komalot Harris.

        • Bob D. Gardner says:

          The National Guard should storm the White House, get Beijing Biden, make that old fart sleep in a parking garage. How disrespectful can you be to be treated like sh _ t.

        • Nasty Pelosi says:

          Thank God my mute button on my TV works faithfully, because when I watch The Five on Fox News, I can mute Juan Williams when he speaks. You probably can trace allot of money in his bank accounts to the Chinese Communist Party. He’s another Jack Ass member of the Democratic Party.

        • Jackie R. Jones says:

          It’s so believable how much MORE CLASS President Trump has over Beijing Biden, and his criminal family. President has been the GREATEST PRESIDENT THE US HAS EVER HAD.

        • Robert J. Sneed says:

          “When laws are broken, and the keepers of the peace don’t obey them, they being corrupt, then the people need to take the law into their own hands, and act accordingly”.

        • Amy R. Radcliff says:

          Beijing Biden is a sick BASTARD!

        • Donny R. Michaelson says:

          There’s never been an ASSHOLE in the US history running for president until now. Thank goodness he will never my president, nor any Patriots president.

        • Francis G. Matos says:

          I can’t understand why the military doesn’t do something about the corruption in our government. Why don’t they see that President Trump was doing the right things to keep the USA secure and free. Are the military folks brain washed like Hitler’s army was. This is sickening.

        • Mark S. Tanner says:

          Good for the Dutch! They captured a China drug King, equal to El Chapo, in their country. This was a major bust!

        • Samuel J. Tanner says:

          It cracks me up about Amazon wanting their employees to vote in person on a vote to unionize or not. They were in favor of mail in voting for the presidential elections, but now wanting voters to vote in person. Why do you think this? If voters vote in person, Amazon can take videos or take pictures of the voters and how they voted, so Amazon can terminate those employees who vote to unionize. It’s a trap that some employees might not think about, but I hope they do.

        • John T. Samuelson says:

          I think that the first time in US history, we have two crazy people in the presidential office. Not only crazy, but stupid! They both are an embarrassment to this country. I am 70+ years old, a retired engineer, and never in my imagination would I have ever thought this country could be run by a bunch of non-patriots, liers, quacks. I imagine other countries are laughing at this big fiasco. Trump is the greatest President we’ve ever had, and I voted for him twice, even though I was a Democrat. But not anymore. If you’re a Democrat, you’re stupid also.

        • David F. Orozco says:

          We don’t have a “swamp” to drain, we have an “ocean” to drain, starting at the top with Beijing Biden.

        • Terry J. Jans says:

          Chuck Schumer is another mentality sick politician. Talk a about another non-patriot, he must of had a brain freeze that never defrosted. What a shame to have people like him involved in the wrong direction this countries going in.

        • Carl B. Hagerty says:

          When all these politicians that went against President Trump slowly die off from natural causes, what are the younger ones that continually live, going to do after they become a non-majority because of their following like sheep of their older members?

        • Arnold R. Nomolini says:

          When the US Constitution is not enforced, this will be the start of the fall of the USA. Very similar to the fall of the Roman Empire.

        • Abe Patterson says:

          There have been too many soldiers in history that have given their lives to protect America from foreign invasions. It seems that China has its eye on America to invade us internally or from external forces.

        • Harriet M. Williams says:

          The FBI and the DOJ have become useless in the US. Instead of spending time on fighting and curbing the blatant China invasion of the USA, they choose a political party side, and fail to be useful in making this country’s political, and voting system honest. They have both become biased, and are a threat to the future good of this country.

        • Andrew S. Markler says:

          I’m from California,and I just don’t understand how stupid the Liberals are in this State. 13.3% income tax rate, highest unemployment rate at 9% because of the stupid Governor Newsom’s lockdown we have. But it makes sense, he’s related to Nasty Pelosi, another idiot witch. They both should be kicked out of this State, and maybe these Liberals will aquire Common Sense, and quit being gullible thinking they are good for this State. This State is a good one, it’s the Liberals that make it a bad State to live in.

        • Harold F. Jorgenson says:

          It is very obvious that people get into politics to become professional politicians, just so they can get money “under the table”, kickbacks, favors, etc. They DON’T get into politics to help the citizens of the USA who voted them in. They become thieves with our help, as we become gullible people, and believe what they will do for us when they are running for a political office. It’s our fault that we vote these people into office, without weighing in what they have done for the good of this country.

        • John R. Potter says:

          The main goals of the Dumocrates is hipocrosity and socialism. Wake up people if you love this country. If not, go live elsewhere.

        • Amy S. Williams says:

          If you are a true American, a Patriot, and you like the freedom that you still have, you will never vote for any Democrat, in any office, anywhere you live, for the rest of your life.

        • Harry D. Thomson says:

          Don’t ever listen to Channel 3,10,13,31,40,58 news, in California. They are all controlled by Big Tech, and are very biased again President Trump. They state lies, fauls news.

        • Mary C. Hartford says:

          Stop Big Tech from controlling, accessing your life, free speech, your private messages, by stopping the money flow to them. This is “HOW YOU CAN CONTROL THEM!”

        • Audrey E. Samos says:

          Democrats fear what President Trump stands for, this is why they keep trying to impeach him, destroy his outstanding performance, because he doesn’t represent the “normal” politician. He is for the good of America, not for his pocketbook. Democrates are hungry for power, reek of dishonesty, and are the biggest tyrans now in American history. They are a loosing class, that lacks class.

        • Margaret T. Benton says:

          I agree. The Democratic Party has become a cult, bent on destroying American democracy, with Pelosi as the cult’s leader.

        • Ann C. Madigan says:

          I believe there is very little loyalty, if any, amongst the majority of the Democrats, and somewhat a diminishing amount amongst the Republicans. So sad to see this happening in my lifetime.

        • Carl G. Orozco says:

          The US Constitution was developed to bond the United States together. Since the US Constitution is not being honored as written, I can understand why some States are entertaining the idea of breaking away from the US. The bond is being broken, not to the liking of the majority of true Americans.

        • Pat C. Ching says:

          People don’t understand that the more products you purchase MADE IN CHINA, the more chance you have of getting, and spreading, the new strain of the Covid-19. Wake up, it’s on the products they sell to us. I know!

        • Kirk F. Harrington says:

          People around the Democratic world need to that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is operating in the mirror image of Hitler’s Nazi Regime. Wake up and see how they are infiltrating other nations as they have done to ours.

        • Kristopher M. Porter says:

          What the Democratic Party has done to this country, with the support of the Chinese Communist Party, is deplorable, beyond many Americans imagination. These times will go down in history as the start of the fall of USA Empire, the age of lies, greed, and tyranny.

        • Martin A. Patten says:

          Everyone should watch the documentary “Requiem of the American Dream”. Very good explanation of what is happening in our country now.

        • Susan D. Smith says:

          Californians need to vote out Nancy Pelosi. She is another politician not good for the health of California. Along with recalling Governor Newsom, California might have a chance of recovering from this socialistic trend.

        • Tammy G. Artesen says:

          Until BigTech power is broken up, they take big monetary losses, or they fail under their own doings, the US voting system is in jeopardy for every election.

        • Gerald D. Hancock says:

          If Biden had any class, he would concede his office, and let President Trump take his place. He would become someone famous in history as someone that listened to the US citizens, and did what was good for the country. Instead as it is, he will become the most hated presidential candidate in American History.

        • Parker F. Kirtland says:

          Adam Schaffer is a freek. Just look at his eyes, he is not all there mentally. Not fit to be in the public.. But it figures, he’s from California. Must be a common disease among the politicians there, i.e. Pelosi, Newsom…….

        • Tom D. Goldstein says:

          The Democratic Party is rotten to the core. It is so obvious! The Democratic Party has been majorly infiltrated by the China Communist Party (CCP). The FBI, DOJ, have also been infiltrated by the CCP. All you non-patriots better learn the Chinese language, or move to China!

        • Arthur E. Barker says:

          I had to laugh when I heard that the Republican Party lost so many voters. Why didn’t they mention how many 10’s of thousands that left the Democratic Party? The fact is more than 175,000 left the Democratic Party. But what do you expect with more fake news from the Democratic biased news agencies.

        • Solar Co. says:

          Beijing Biden wants trade oil for solar. Wait until we don’t have enough sun from smoke in the air from natural disasters such as fires, volcano eruptions. There won’t be enough sun to product anything. On cloudy days solar produces only 30% or less.

        • Angie S. Matson says:

          I heard that China is on the verge of collapse. Is this true? If so, thank God!

        • William B. Farnsworth says:

          With the creation of the new military branch named Space Force, the US needs to stop relying on satellites for the operation of their missles, military aircraft, drones, etc., because Russia, China, and other potential dangerous countries have developed satellites and missles than can destroy these satellites, therefore crippling our military potential. We need to have an underground communication system as a backup that works as good as the satellite/GPS system.

        • David G. Tohatsen says:

          Americans need to wake up to the big plan of the Chinese Communist Party. They deliberately let the Covid-19 out on purpose to start the weakening of the US. Then it funded the BLM, other organizations with violent intent, and manipulated our voting system, all to start the division of people. Then the CCP has dangled large amounts of money to our politicians, politicians of other countries, all to kiss there butts, while establishing themselves in more and more countries. Then their control of these countries will end up being permanent, and their military and communist regimen will make them more powerful, and there spread will continue It’s goal is succeeding!

        • Kirk B. Jans says:

          We can look for a weaker country with a weaker person like Biden heading it. Along with Biden and his son’s ties with China, we can only look forward to the US playing into the hands of the communists.

        • Amy Worthington says:

          Wow! I didn’t know Fact Checker was funded by the Chinese Communist Party. This makes sense to me now. Fact Checker has been wrong so many times, which has made me suspicious of where they were getting their information to validate news. They’re controlling your thoughts and the news which is biased and false news.

        • Everett R. Smith says:

          Witch-Bitch Nasty Pelosi is a mentally sick woman. How in this world could someone like this be a speaker of the house. China must get a laugh at everytime she opens her mouth. The Chinese Communist Party probably give each other a thumbs up at the success of their crumbling our government under their control with the Dumocrates at the helm.

        • Shaun M. Demarco says:

          Be aware of the Republicans that voted to impeach President Trump, because they are actually Democrats posing as Republicans. Also be aware of any democrats that change their party affiliation to Republican, they are the same imposters.

        • Jason V. Yates says:

          It amazes me how many mentally impaired politicians are a member of the Democratic Party. Bejing Biden, Chuck Schumer, Nasty Pelosi, Evelyn Farcus, Adam Shiff, are all mentally impaired. They also all have one thing in common, they all have WEARD EYES! They are all SOCIOPATHS. “Sociopaths are fast talkers. Their words are mostly, if not entirely false. But they use many, many words designed to cover their behavior. They may be a completely different person from who they say they are. Watch out for extremes–big promises; big stories, about the past or the future; and big plans, with no basis for them or experience at whatever they’re planning”. This definition taken from Psychology Today’s definition. They got it perfectly! Perfect description of the Democratic Party.

        • Timothy D. Mansfield says:

          John Kerry is a real “Walking Dead” person, typical of most Dumocrates. They are communist parading as Democrats, but as long as all the stupid Democrats exist, this country will become another China.

        • John F. Remey says:

          John Kerry, solar panels barely work during storms, cloudy days. Wake up you dumb ass! We have a mass of stupid Dumocratic people running this country. When the wind doesn’t blow, no energy will be produced, again, you stupid ass Dumocrates!

        • John M. Butler says:

          As you have noticed, Beijing Biden has to read everything he says for news conferences. But did you know who writes his speeches? The Chinese Communist Party!

        • Elmer G. Cranston says:

          It amazes me how many sheep-like Democrats their are in office. None of them can think for themselves, or let their conscience be their guide (if they gave a conscience??). They all follow like sheep, and as they say, “if one sheep goes over a cliff, the others will follow”. Perfect example!

        • Karl F. Kensington says:

          The Democrats and Republicans that voted to continue the illegal process to impeach President Trump, should all be sent to the gallows. They are all attempting to destroy the USA! Their names will go down in history books as conspirators to destroy our nation. There names will be embedded in their families for ever.

        • Emanuel G. Ramirez says:

          Democrats are deaf, dumb, and blind. They must all live in the cave of communism A bat probably has better senses than they do. Democrats are blind to what the real world is like. They all need to go!

        • Ann S. Sheridan says:

          The hipocracy in the Democratic Party is so unbelievable, it makes me sick that there are politicians in the USA that are actually trying to run this country. These people should be tried for these crimes, false statements, and outright lies. They are committing the crimes of this century.

        • Jose P. Morales says:

          The Democrats will be the cause of the USA to fall into foreign hands. They deaf, dumb, and blind to the China’s takeover.

        • John T. Rockerfelder says:

          Joe Canason is a lying deadhead asshole, typical of a deaf, dumb, and blind harden arteries Democratic politician. This person could never tell the truth about anything, as he is a DEMOCRATIC POLITICIAN. This is why the Dumocrates hate Trump, because he’s not a politician, doesn’t have pockets open to China’s money, he doesn’t need it, and is a true AMERICAN PATRIOT!

        • Hector E. Martinez says:

          Since the Supreme Court has either dismissed or refused to listen to legitimate cases on the 2020 voter fraud, that pretty much indicates that the Chinese Communist Party is running this country,and not by the American Patriots.

        • Andrew P. Cantor says:

          I cannot believe how corrupt the Supreme Court is. This country is turning into a communist country right before our eyes. I will never vote for any Democrat for the rest of my life!

        • Glenn V. Fong says:

          It sounds like the United Nations is being heavily influenced ($$$$$$) by the Chinese Communist Party.

        • Alfredo R. Dominguez says:

          THE TEN REPUBLICAN SENATORS THAT VOTED TO IMPEACH TRUMP/against Trump  —-  Rep. John Katko, R-N.Y.; Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill.; Rep. Jamie Herrera Beutler, R-Wash.; Rep. Dan Newhouse, R-Wash; Rep. David Valadao, R-Calif.; Rep. Peter Meijer, R-Mich.; Rep. Tom Rice, R-S.C.; Fred Upton, R-Mich.; Rep. Anthony Gonzalez, R-Ohio; Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., Jerry McNerny, Anna Eshoo; Xavier Becerra, Calif.; John Katko & Tom Reed, R- N. Y.; Brian Fitzpatrick, R- Pennsylvania;

        • Mark S. Johnson says:

          I sure home former press secretary for President Trump, Kayleigh McEnany, represents again President Trump in 2024, maybe be his Vice President! She is a mentally sharp person that can handle anybody.

      • jo says:

        We the people and we in God we trust,,let us not forget that…Have faith, let us all pray..

    • Robert Wynne says:

      Any government who gives 90% of the covid relief bill that American tax payers pay for to FOREIGN COUNTRIES

    • Ronald Curtiss says:

      All of those dirty basturds should be arrested charged with treason prosecuted and put in prison for life.

      • R says:

        Absolutely. The Beijing Bidens should be imprisoned immediately,then start with the other politicians. I can’t believe why Beijing Biden wouldn’t give up and concede. He will have to hide all the time like the Nazi Clinton’s for fear of their lives with 70+ million Patriots hating their guts.

    • WE will lose our freedom if we allow Socialist Democrats to totally take them away. We must support President Trump who was the best President ever for America.

  28. Steven M Walker says:

    Another attempt by big tech, media and Denocraps to try to silence people who do not agree with their agenda. WELCOME TO THE UNITED STATES SOCIALIST REPUBLIC

  29. Lenna Torino says:

    I thought we had a free country Google and others should not be able to shut down Americans when they let all other countries say what they want t thought we were a free country

    • P says:

      Stop using Google,Facebook,Instagram,Twitter, Amazon, because they are monitoring everything you do/say on their websites. There are alternatives that guarantee your privacy. Don’t make them richer so they can control you. If 70+ million people stop using them, we can control them!

  30. Ken Frazier says:

    You know, and the majority of the citizens of the United States of America know, that we will never allow ourselves to be muzzled and denied our freedom of speech. The fact of the matter is that President Trump won with a landslide majority of votes. His numbers will continue to grow and hopefully he will regain the office of the United States after the impeachment of Biden or whomever is in office by their impeachment.

    • Emily says:

      Absolutely! Dead people, non-residents, and over harvested ballots don’t count. How anyone can accept a Biden Harris win is beyond my comprehension and a disgrace to our country. And … NOT LEGAL !!!!

    • Emily says:

      It’s good against evil in our faces right now. It seems like evil is winning but we must have faith that there a plan and we are witnessing it play out before our eyes. Our faith is being tested. HOLD THE LINE, BE CALM, WE HAVE NOT BEEN FORSAKEN.

  31. rUTH says:

    What is happening to our country that we are losing our freedoms? The pandemic affected everyone in a negative way. The election has left more questions than answers and hatred is still obvious. Now the media is going to curtail our speech. Depression is on the rise and coping is becoming more difficult. It seems to me that 2021 is going to be even worse than 2020. This cannot continue.

  32. Scott Ohler says:

    Now since the demorats got what they wanted trying to impeach president Trump again. All republicans should return the favor by impeaching Joe Biden before his first 100 days are up. Trump never had a chance to govern Due too the cry baby democrats. So the Biden crime family should be held to the same standard of law. Let the country see how pure and noble the Bidens are like a son who rides on daddy’s coat tails and a wife who really isn’t a doctor or a baby brother who was enriched by his older brother’s name.

  33. floyd lane says:

    why is everyone give it back what they deserve. allowed free speech but the republicans? what is big teck and the democrats trying to hide/why cant biden be arrested for treason and theft in office,

  34. More of the same. These people are trying to take our freedoms away. If we let them our country is gone. I hope Levin,, Bongino and Shapiro continue to tell it like it is. Don’t let these big wigs win.

  35. Elaine Saul says:

    I can’t understand how this craziness is happening to our country and our President. We want the truth and silencing it won’t make us believe there was no election fraud. It happened. Prove it didn’t.

  36. Lynette Wheeler says:

    We need to be praying for all. God is in control and we must not forget this. At this point I feel our freedom has been take away from us all

  37. Richard Morello says:


  38. Sherri says:

    I believe and know that they are violating our constitutional rights to the freedom of speech! No one has the right to control another’s freedoms! We have all been given a mind to think, feel, and speak with! It is inside of every individuals head! It is their personal right (and God given) to do so! These political companies are way over stepping the boundaries! They need to be shut down-permanently and yesterday wasn’t soon enough!

  39. It was antifa who storm into the Capitol last week on Wednesday not Trump Supporters. The Democrats did this to blame the president and take him down. Biden bought the votes from the Georgians. Biden offered each one $2,000.00 to vote for what he wanted. Georgians sold themselves for a drop of water. BIG TRAITORS.

    • Elizabeth says:

      What happened to “freedom of speech”? Is Biden going to take that away too? The left already bought the White house, now what else do they want? Our souls? No way!!

  40. Jeanne Hathaway says:

    Truth and Freedom are critical to me. I watch these 3 men for their voice on these topics. When they decide truth and freedom are no longer important enough to speak out about, They make themselves unimportant to listen to.

  41. Doris` says:

    Truth doesn’t seem to matter anymore to those bent on suppressing individual freedom. I wonder when they will decide we need to remove the word “good-bye” from our language, because its root is “God be with ye.” Or even the word “good” because it’s root is God. Time for the people to refuse to obey.

    • Herb Stabb says:

      Some day in the not to distance the truth will come out…. when this
      Happen the words of in God we shall always trust….the likes of what
      We have now God will say name your name and state you’re deed & you
      Shall be judged

    • Preston says:

      True! The Marxist Democrats along with the elites like George Soros have been attacking Democracy for years. They brainwash our children in schools. They tear down our History and infringe on our Constitutional rights like freedom of speech and Religion and 2A. They only obey laws they want and actively subvert the ones they don’t. Look at California, they condone Riots. Looting, illegal immigrants theft. Even if people get arrested they get released very quickly so they can commit more crimes. In California the people voted twice for Capital Punishment but the Marxist Democrats Governor and Attorneys General won’t use it. Every day our Republic is under attack by these lunatics. The most disgusting thing is they are getting paid on the Taxpayers dime!!

      • Jarogan says:

        All Americans should be concerned about losing their Constitutional rights. We need to start to clean up our governmental system by putting on the ballot Term Limits and Voter ID. Let the American people decide theses issues not the politicians being who are running for office.

        • jo says:

          true, we are now losing our freedom to vote and speech what is next? Let us not loss hope and trust in Jesus and God the Father

      • Denise says:

        We should never allow anyone to take over the United States of America!!! Especially, anyone from our own country…not the demonic democratic congress!!! Absolutely no one!!! May God watch over, guide and protect everyone that is trying to do the right thing for us and for our nation… In Jesus’s name I pray… Thank you dear guy… Amen…

  42. Alex Lim says:

    Let the TRUTH speak for itself. Do NOT attempt to muzzle ANYBODY for
    God’s wrath will in the end prevail.

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