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Would You Do This For Trump?

Yesterday, President Donald Trump made it clear in his video message that Joe Biden will be sworn in as President of the United States on January 20th. With that reality, many Trump supporters are hopeful that Trump will run again and be reelected in 2024.

Would you vote for Trump in 2024?

Please express your desire by taking our poll and sharing your thoughts on this page’s comment section.

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Would you vote for Donald Trump in the 2024 Presidential Election?


  1. Denise says:


  2. elaine says:

    2016, 2020, 2024 I’ll vote to make America great again and again and again!

  3. Joan says:

    Trump got my vote in 2016 he got my vote in 2016 he’ll get my vote n 2024!!! Any questions?!?

  4. Lorrie M HUNTER says:

    Shouldn’t have to be voting for Trump in 2024. he should be President now. He did nothing wrong. He has been the best President of all time. This election was stolen from him and everyone knows it. This government sucks and it sucks big time. They will get theirs in the end. cause what goes around comes around. Hang in there President Trump and hold your head up high. Thank you for fighting for us. As far as I’m concerned you are still my President.

  5. Katherine Emmert says:

    I am still a Trump Supporter.

  6. Steve Halsdorf says:

    I’ll follow Trump, he should go as an independent 2024, forget half of those republicans. The republicans that stayed with Trump are the true Americans that care for this country. The rest of them are the real traitors. They should all be brought up on charges and executed.

  7. Trumpster forever!!

  8. Aaron Hight says:

    We should not give the commies one second of rest.

  9. Denise Merrill says:

    Also just wanted to add NEWSMAX IS AN AWESOME SOURCE FOR OUR KIND OF NEWS, THE TRUTH!! Thanks again. I just love their attitude.

  10. Mark DeMent says:

    The vote was stolen and we are in for it if we do NOTHING and let ourselves become slaves to Islam. Biden is just a Trojan horse for the real Islamic republic they are planning.

  11. Samuel V. says:

    Trump loved and respected his fellow Americans by protecting 1st amendment. God bless him.

  12. Samuel Varughese says:

    Trump loved and respected his fellow Americans by protecting 1st amendment. God bless him.

  13. Denise Merrill says:

    Yes, Yes!!! I would vote for PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP again.My family and I would also live in a TRUMP only governed world. I believe he has done more for this country than any other president ever has. He tells it like it is, he got the job done, he belives in us, he made people start to stand up for our Military again. We have got to do something to help him. If we do not stand up for our country it is going to be a DEMOCRATIC RUN COUNTRY and it will not be good at all. I am not a traitor, I am an AMERICAN, born and breed, I value my freedom, my uncles fought for our freedom. That is not something I take lightly. He calls it like he sees it, stands up for the values. I was sooo proud when he won the election the 1st time and the 2nd time around, we all kmow it. They make rules they themselves cannot live by, and then they remake them as they go, only to benifit them. What does that say about them? YES I WILL VOTE FOR DONALD TRUMP AGAIN. I would live in a TRUMP LEAD WORLD and be happy in doing so. The democrats should be ashamed of themselves. They have everything and it will never be enough untill they have us all under they”er thumb. They think we are blind, OUR EYES ARE WIDE OPEN!!!! WE ARE NOT PUPPETS, WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS, TREAT US AS SUCH, STOP TAKING OUR RIGHTS AWAY.So many things people do not know about all of the hidden things behind the real people who secretly run the world… Please do your research people, do not be dim to this.I am THANKFUL FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP!! WAKE UP AMERICA AND LIVE AGAIN!!!

    • Lisa Price says:

      Amen, amen, amen!!!!!

    • Sharon says:

      You are CRAZY. Trump is CRAZY. You are not patriotic or not are you normal. You are a warped nutty guy. Get a grip

      • Robert A. Johnson says:

        Hey Sharon, get your head of your ass,
        Pres. Trump may be crazy, crazy like a fox. He knows all the crap that you dumbo crats are up to. When your book of life is opened, your life will be as blood red for the whole world to see,
        Then we will see you squirm like the worm that you are

        • Denise says:

          Just wanted to say THANK YOU. We have to stand together. So now Trump supporters as well as christians are all bundled together,{and thats fine with me} we are the bad people who need to be reprogramed. Where did these other people come from, they need to be sterilized, like they are going to do to us with the vaccine.They want to REPROGRAM US{ BRAINWASH US}. They will have control of us, we will be their puppets{ NOT ME} not getting this crap.I hope we wake up soon, this is a nightmare. The movie stars, singers,people with alot of money mostly democraps are standing behind this. I find it very hard to watch, listen to or even go on line anymore, it makes me sick to my stomach, to see the people I looked up to chastising me, someone they do not know for having an opinion. I just do not understand. Trump should be in office. They lie, steal,and change the Constitution to suit them, IT IS HITLER ALL OVER AGAIN, WHAT NOW?

  14. Richard Kevin Lindemann says:

    I will never again vote for Donald Trump.I’ve been trying to meet with him and tell him everything I know about election and voter fraud by Democratic Party since 1/5/20.He has lied to me on too many occasions.
    The reason why I know so much concerning the Democratic Party,is because I’m a Former Long-Time Democrat who knows their playbook inside and out.
    I have written letters and emails to Trump,McConnell,Cruz,Hawley,and Toomey telling them I know exactly how the Democratic Party was trying to steal this Presidential Election,who all is involved,and that I would gladly name names in front of either Senate Committee or Congressional Committee and that there is much more involved in this theft than what has been reported.I haven’t heard back from them.
    I’m a 58 yr.old “Desert Shield/Storm Veteran” who served in the U.S.ARMY from 1985-1993 and received an Honorable Discharge.Why would I lie? What do I get out of it? Nothing.
    It’s not too late to stop the Democratic Party.I want to testify before Congressional Committee and nation.I need everyone’s help.Please contact the guys I mentioned and DEMAND that I be allowed to testify either tomorrow or Monday.Democratic Party has been doing this since the Nationwide Primary Elections in 2015 and I know how and want everyone to know what I know.
    Richard K.Lindemann

  15. Darcy says:

    They will never allow us to vote for Trump again, they are trying to make that very clear to us. Trump was in their way for them to take us over. He was in their way and they knew how to do it with voter fraud. Too bad as he was the best we have had in a long long time. I guess Trump didn’t butter some of their bread good enough to speak. God help us these next 4 years as we True Americans are going to be in a world I never thought could be. Thank You, Resident Trump for serving as my President, as of Jan. 20th I will be living in a country that has a President that I do not accept.

  16. Donna Jones says:

    I am having a problem accepting all the vicious comments being said about President Trump, but nothing is ever done about the lies and criminal activity by the democrats. President Trump has improved so much for our country and its citizens and has suffered so much from the democrats, but still continues to do his best for us. He suffers with everything he has done to improve our living and country and the list goes on that the democrats will distroy if allowed.

    • dolores schaeffer says:

      President Trump I absolutely would vote for you in 2024 but we need you now. If they put Biden in we will lose our country and there will never be a fair election. I am so sorry for ALL the torment and suffering you and your family had to endure. It’s beyond disgraceful how much they hate our country. President Trump I know how much you love this country, your devoted patriots and your beautiful family and you would never let them get away with this. It’s hard to write since I am crying. I know you have a plan but the demons on the other side are so blinded by their evilness that they will do any thing to stop you and US. PLEASE PLEASE be safe. Millions of us haven’t lost faith in you. You have been the best PRESIDENT EVER. I’m very nervous about what is about to happen VERY SOON. Each and every day I search and search to check what words of encouragement my wonderful president is going to give us. We are praying for you and see you soon in the WHITE HOUSE again to continue being our wonderful PRESIDENT! Thanks so much for ALL you have done for our country. We LOVE you so much. GOD BLESS YOU REAL GOOD!!!!!

  17. minhnga says:

    I believe President Trump won 2020-2024. But the democrat party/ socialist party. deep state , Big Tech,” former Presidents?” stole electoral vote on 11/3/2022. It is too bad for Biden to handle his cabinets( one guy loose memory. talking mumble., weak person, stealing) American are waiting on 1/20/2021 at the moment putting his hand on Bible and give the oath. What he will be talk to God.

  18. Richard Molina says:

    It’s not enough to put president Trump back in office, we have to either replace 90% of the GOP or start a new party, the president can’t succeed without support. We have to stop supporting the swamp wall street, Amazon, Walmart, big tech ,big farma, pro sports, anything from China and Hollywood ect. if we want to save America going have to make some hard choices.
    Speak the truth, hold the line

    • Biden is a puppet of the Chinnese communist gov. He will be exposed

      • Lor says:

        Joe Biden and Hunter Biden WERE EXPOSED on Fox and OAN BEFORE the November 3rd election, but BIG TECH and FAKE NEWS MEDIA would not carry any of these TRUTHS because they want the Status Quo they had before President Trump. WHY would they expose Biden now? They won’t. Patriots lost America on November 3, 2020.

  19. Vincent says:

    2024 I would for him over and over again but he had the upper hand in this voting area to take control of it put the military in control of the ballot boxes make sure the.observers document the false.ballots and do away with voting machines and mail in ballots. Anyone voting has to show that states vslud id.
    Running in 2024 would be a waste of money the the new geration of nazis got away with voter fraud their are just going to keep doing it because the only guy that had the stones to put them in their place got screwed by his spineless
    Political party of cowards they will lose their jobs in upcoming elections either to voter fraud ot the voters they screwed over by not supporting Trump we dont forget. If you ever see a Rupublican president again it will be a miracle in my opinion

  20. anh v vu says:

    President Trump is the only President keeping America in liberty and freedom speech, religion, etc . Joe Biden will leads America to socialist country. President Trump is the president of the United States and the “president of the idealistic of the world” President made the peace in the world than any previous presidents.

  21. Agnes says:

    the only negative about Trump people is that someone keeps taking money from my credit card that I do not authoriize.I have been forced to ccancel a card because of that!

  22. Catherine Whorton says:

    I will absolutely vote for Trump if he runs in 2024. He is and always will be a great President. Let’s Go Trump!!! Let’s make America Great!!!

  23. Mary Lucchesi says:

    They say Trump is a traitor. How about Biden??? Did he commit treason using airforce1 with Hunter to get money in exchange for his name in Ukraine and China??
    How about investigating that? Don’t the American people have a right to know?

  24. Shakeem McCain says:

    I can admit I was skeptical about Trump, but I fell in love with him.

  25. Shirley J says:

    Trump 2024 for sure all the way, no other way.

  26. Jack Childress says:

    I can’t wait to vote for Trump in 20244

  27. Trump best President ever !

  28. Rebecca Brooks says:

    Looking forward to voting for Trump/Pence ticket in 2024!

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